parental guidance is advised

Parental Guidance Advised and Lacking:

Some prompts for villainous parents/older siblings/age discrepancies between villains and some younger heroes. I have tried to veer away from the cliche evil stepmother/step-sister/stepfather stereotypes.

bloglizziekamiya said:

Hey! I love your villain prompts they’re amazing. Could I have some about a villain parent and their hero child who still kind of care about each other? Some angst but some humor? Thanks!

Anonymous said:
prompts for a villian and a hero who’s much younger/a minor? I’m having trouble writing interactions

Anonymous said:
Omg, I just discovered your blog and I love it! I was wondering if you could do prompts about a female villain who has to fight against her younger hero brother but deep down is still willingly to do anything she can to keep him safe.

Anonymous said:
Any prompts for a child of a Dark Lord or somebody being the one who has the power to overthrow them? But they’re very conflicted, obviously. Thank you!!!!

1) “I think it is pitiful,” the villain said. “If the best defence the so called good-side have is a child. Now that is a sign of desperation.”
“So is that cape.”

2) “Please, just come home.”
“Why? You never do.”

3) “You’re a child, you shouldn’t have to fight.”
“Then stop fighting me.”

4) “Before you turn this into a fight,” the Dark Lord said. “Remember who taught you. Who protected you, and fed you. I don’t want to hurt you.
The hero wavered. It had always been easier to obey, to be loved and protected from all of this, to not have to know or hurt or hurt anyone else. They wished they could be five years old again, the world simple, more than anything. They wanted to go home. This wasn’t fun, it was hungry and cold and they missed their own bed.
“But you want to hurt other people, my friends.”

5) “You’re clearly not eating all your greens, if that’s the best you can do.”
“It’s got nothing to do with my greens!”
“Try swinging your weight more in that direction.”
“Oh my god, stop trying to coach me.”

6) Having your parent be the most dangerous being on the whole planet had enough challenges without the sheer horror that was parent’s evening. Everyone was staring at them.

7) “You think I want to fight you? I hate fighting you! But you’re the one who always taught me to fight for what I believe in and I don’t think I believe in you anymore.”

8) “Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to wander the streets at night? There are dangerous people around. You might get hurt.”
“Didn’t your parents ever tell you that murder is bad?”

9) “You always were an annoying little brat.”
“Then why,” the hero dared. “Don’t you finish it?”

10) “You fight for a cause you’re not even old enough to understand. At least I don’t recruit children.”
“No, you just kill their families instead. You probably don’t get a sticker for that.”

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I want to do science in college but its 500 points on the LC and im really nervous i wont get it, any tips?? Thanks💫

Don’t worry I was feeling the same way! 

  • Try your best. You will have to put a lot of effort in but remind yourself why you’re studying. 
  • Talk to a parent/teacher/ or your school’s guidance counsellor, who can advise you on what they think.
  • Consider other options, some colleges in different parts of the country have lower points because they’re not in Dublin, the courses are similar, just the points are lower because of less demand. If you’re willing to move away from home, these can be great options.
  • Fill in your level 7′s & level 8′s. See if there are 1 or 2-year courses that you can do in case you don’t get what you want. These can be a great platform to get you into the course you want to do. 

If you haven’t done the lc yet some tips for that would be:

  • Put some more work into your not so best subjects. There are so many online resources for some of the more difficult courses you’ll find something that can help you!
  • In saying that, don’t neglect a subject just because you’re naturally good at it. 
  • Use your time wisely. Check through past papers or talk to your teachers to see what comes up often or what hasn’t come up in awhile & is likely.
  • Also, use your weekends & breaks to study in the mornings & then relax in the afternoon evening.
  • Come up with a study plan. The lc can be difficult because there are so many subjects to study but if you have a good study plan, that’s realistic & efficient, you’ll be well capable of managing everything!

Good luck!! 


Tumblr flagged my last post as not suitable for work… I’m sorry if my ages 3+ coloring book contains mature content. Parental guidance is advised.

Dear Follower,

i do regret to inform you that this blog contains explicit materials and cursing followed by VIOlent thoughts. looking through this blog would cause you nausea, diarrhea, and some other exaggerated disease you can think of like the black plague, which was a pandemic that wiped out hundreds of millions. so please, for your utter safety do look at other blogs instead. 

With all due respect,



Parental Guidance advised…

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I'm in recovery for an eating disorder and we're covering mental health in my health class now. I'm afraid that a lot of the stuff we talk about will be really triggering so I talked to my health teacher about getting excused absences but she said that it wasn't a good enough reason to miss class time. I don't know what to do about this because I really don't want to go against my teacher but I really can't be in the class when we're talking about something so triggering for me

I would get your parents involved and have them talk to your guidance counselor/adviser/someone higher up. If that doesn’t work and you’re forced to sit through class, I would go to someone (social worker maybe?) who is more qualified to give you advice than I am. I wish you the best!