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How many girls do you think Alex accidentally flirted with before she realized she was gay? Like she was SO flirting with Maggie before she realized but like how often do you think that happened and she just thought she was being nice or whatever? Fucking oblivious gay nerd.

She’s six and the girl’s brothers had left her all alone in the sand as they dashed into the ocean, yelping and shoving and splashing each other as they barrel deeper into the water.

The girl looks lonely and the girl looks listless, and Alex knows the feeling.

“You don’t like the ocean?” she asks without preamble, because six year old social code permits so much more direct communication than older codes will.

The girl turns to her and sighs. Her face is pretty, even when it’s sad, and Alex bites the inside of her cheek. “I’ll just slow my brothers down,” she says, and Alex holds out an open hand.

“You won’t slow me down.”

They take each wave together, the girl never letting go of Alex’s hand, and Alex never wanting her to.

Eliza, watching from their balcony overlooking the beach, is proud that her shy little Alexandra is finally making a friend.

She’s ten and the pretty girl from homeroom has the best science fair poster in the whole lunchroom.

Except for Alex’s, of course, but Alex doesn’t mention that when she tells her that it looks great, and how did she get such clear images of a monthly progression of sunspots from a homemade pinhole camera?

Alex thinks the girl blushes, but it must be because she’s shy, or maybe she doesn’t like talking in such a crowded, bustling space. Or it’s Alex’s imagination.

Either way, she decides that the best course of action is to keep complimenting the girl, because she deserves it, and if Alex’s life as a professional ten year old nerd is any indication, the girl can use all the compliments she can get.

She’s fourteen, and her newest surf instructor is eighteen, and Alex has never been nervous before classes before, but she almost throws up each time, now, because what if she messes up, and what if her instructor decides that Alex has only been accelerated to an advanced class by luck, and she demotes her back down to surfing with the other fourteen year olds, and – 

“Nice job, Danvers!” she calls, and Alex nearly spills off her board at the way her heart leaps, at the way she says her name.

When her boyfriend picks her up after class – her instructor’s boyfriend, not Alex’s, because who would ever want to date her, anyway? – Alex stands a little bit straighter, gets her instructor to laugh a little bit louder.

“Make sure he takes you somewhere nice: you only deserve the best places, you know?” she tells her, and she thinks she’s smooth, thinks she’s putting the college boy in his place, even though she’s not quite sure why she wants to.

She’s sixteen and Vicky Donahue is always on her mind. And that’s okay – they’re best friends, and best friends are supposed to always be on each other’s minds, right? – and Vicky is nice to Kara and Vicky smells so damn good and Alex wants to be just like her and she usually loves school but god the days before the nights she gets to sleep over at Vicky’s are horribly, horribly long.

Because Vicky’s mother keeps offering to set up an air mattress in Vicky’s room, and Alex keeps telling her, “It’s alright, Mrs. Donahue, you don’t have to go out of your way, I don’t mind the tight space, honest.” Because it is a tight space, sharing Vicky’s bed, but it means that Vicky’s body is close to hers, and best friends snuggle all the time, right?

And friends play dress up, too, even in high school, right, and when Vicky goes through her parents’ closets and tosses her top off without thinking to try on something new, Alex gulps extra hard and she blushes like she’s Kara and she stammers but she obeys when Vicky tells her to come zip her up, and she nearly kisses the back of her neck because friends are affectionate with each other, right, and she’s sincere when she tells her that she’s beautiful, that she’s the prettiest girl in the whole school, the whole town, and Vicky gives her something of a strange look, and she turns her back to Alex before she changes again.

She’s nineteen and she doesn’t have much use for English class, but that girl who sits across from her makes great drawings in her notebook and Alex has to tell her, right, because who doesn’t want to be complimented?

“Hey – I really like your uh… art.”

The girl giggles. “They’re just doodles.”

“No, but they’re really good! You’re really good.”

The girl shrugs, her eyes lingering on Alex’s face a beat too long. But not long enough.

She starts doodling for Alex, nudging her and edging her notebook toward her, sometimes ripping out the sketches and gifting them to a spluttering Alex. She keeps every one of them and she takes them out during long days in the lab, and she chews on the inside of her cheek, and she fantasizes about what the girl’s boyfriend probably likes to do to her in bed, because some of the doodles are a bit sexual, so it’s only natural for the mind to wander, right?

She’s twenty-three and she’s partying way too hard, because college was too easy and grad school is easy but what’s not easy is Eliza’s voice in the back of her head, is the constant guilt of having gone off to Stanford without Kara, is the constant confusion and loneliness because she can get everything else right, but not dating, not men, and Eliza is starting to ask uncomfortable questions.

She goes home with men with clumsy hands and overeager tongues, but she dances with women with scintillating touches and vodka on their breath. She smiles and sometimes, she winks, and sometimes, she puts her hands on hips that aren’t hers, and sometimes, her blood rushes through her veins so fast she can barely breathe because her body will go home with a guy, but her mind will stay here on the dance floor.

She’s twenty-seven and it’s been too long, and that’s okay, because the DEO keeps her busy, the DEO keeps her focused. The DEO saved her life.

But she’s twenty-seven and Lucy Lane walks in and Kara isn’t wrong about how nice she smells and how smart she is and how date-able she is, but she’s the enemy because of who her father is and she’s the enemy because of who her ex-boyfriend-sort-of-still-boyfriend is and she’s the enemy because she almost sends Alex and J’onn off to Cadmus, but suddenly she’s not the enemy because she rescues them and fights for them and she throws everything on the line for them and Alex thinks of that thing she felt during her interrogation, correcting Lucy from calling her Alexandra, Lucy’s piercing eyes when she called out that Alex was lying, Lucy’s uncomfortable shifting when what’s his face was going on yet another xenophobic rant, and Alex can’t think about any of this now because now, she’s on the run, and sure, she’ll always have Lucy to thank for that, but later, later, later.

She’s twenty-eight and it’s her crime scene, dammit, not some arrogant detective’s with gorgeous eyes and gorgeous hair and a confident smirk and god, god, god, how is she that smart, how is anyone that sharp?

She’s twenty-eight and it’s innocent, it’s pool, they’re friends, and of course she’s not jealous when she says she’s got a hot date, because sure, whatever woman has a hot date with Maggie Sawyer is probably the luckiest woman in the world, but Alex is just excited to finally meet someone that can go toe-to-toe with her, that can challenge her, that can change her. And if her stomach flips a little bit when she saunters off in those jeans and that tank top to that date, it’s just because she’d hoped maybe they could go for a drink, because it’s been so long since Alex has had a friend outside of work.

She’s twenty-eight and she’s up all night, because she’s twenty-eight and she’s falling in love. In gay love. Lesbian love. 

God, god, god, how has she not seen it before?

She’s falling in love with a woman, and memories are exploding out of her like water bursting out of a dam, and she’s terrified and she’s confused and she’s never felt more… herself.

And Maggie Sawyer is the reason why.

And so, there is this idea about an alien movie that has been floating in my head.

The movie starts with a black screen and a gunshoot. Fading in, you see a parent running away a gun in hand pulling their child behind them being scared the crap out as an alien (type AlienTM franchise) is stumbling outside their house, clutching their chest where the gunshot obviously hit them. The parent all but tosses the kid in the car and drives away from the isolated area they live in.

The alien doesn’t give up and starts following them.

The parent make contact with some special agents who take upon themselves to take the parent and child to a safe place. It’s when they start asking the kid questions to sympatise that flashbacks start to come in. At first, the flashbacks show the place the kid lives in from the outside. The kid plays in the garden but feels like they’re being watched. They don’t think much about it though and keep going with their game.

Back in the present, the kid is mostly silent and one agent is playing with their smartphone, using an app to register their voice and make it high pitch or low pitch. The parent is a bit annoyed by it and the other agent tells the first one to stop. The agent pockets their smartphone but winks at the child who gives their first smile in a while.

As they keep driving away, more flashbacks come on the screen, showing the child playing outside always alone and the alien eventually making contact with them. At first, the alien tries to avoid the contact but eventually warms up and touches the curious kid. It gets eventually shown that the brown shell on the alien body is actually a body armour and the skin under is pale and translucent. The child eventually asks the alien their name but the scene cuts before the alien replies.

In the present time, the alien manages to track and eventually gets back to the group and tries to attack as they make contact again. The parent panicks and out of anger, pushes the child off a cliff to a certain death. The kid screams a name.

As the alien jumps down after the kid, shoving the parent aside, we get to see the last flashback where the alien peeks in the house the child lives in and sees the parent beating them. The alien gets very angry and irrupts in the house, breaking a window. That’s when the parent grabs a gun and shots at the alien, breaking some device that is attached to their chest, linking to the first scene of the movie. As the kid is pulled away, we get to understand it’s of the parent it’s scared.

In the present, the agents bring the parent under control as they’re losinng their shit and pretty much say that wasn’t it for the child, they would have never had any problem. One of the agents looks down the cliff to see the alien slowly climbing up with the kid in their arms.

As they get on the top, the child starts talking to the alien and that’s the first time we get to hear the kid’s voice in present time and they tell the alien how they had been waiting for them. The child pauses as if listening to the alien but there is no sound. The child seems to be answering some questions and that confuses the agents. The parent is being delirious and says it’s because the kid’s crazy and the agents get fed up with them and locks them away in a car.

Then as the parent’s voice is muffled, some form of rumble can be heard from the alien and the smartphone agent realises it’s speaking on very low frequencies; the kind children can hear but adults loses the ability to. They take their smartphone out again and approaches the alien, turning on the recording. As they modulate the voice to higher pitch, they get to hear that the alien was saying it was sorry for being late. The kid answers it believed they’d come to get them.

The agents start discussing what really happened although they start to have a good idea from piecing stuff that happened while they were together. The alien explained that the gunshot damaged their comunication and modulation system but they managed to fix the device that calls the spaceship at least.

As said spaceship appears, the alien says they have to go and the kid asks if they’d ever see each-other again. The screen faddes to black as the alien answers they promises they will come back to get them.

After credit scene, we get to see a pre-adult teenager at school, looking bored. As the final bell rings, they get out and the smartphone agent is waiting for them outside. As they follow them in car and then in a large room, the teen doesn’t recognise the large white creature that is standing dressed in colorful clothes until the alien speaks up their name. They run to them hugging them and crying saying they always believed they’d come back.

This turned out longer than I expected…

But I mean, does the alien always have to be the bad guy?

Runaway : Jason Blossom Pt. 2

Part One  Part Three  Part Four

request: Omg I just read your jughead imagine and it haves me thinking, can you do a one shot thing of Jason Blossom not really being dead and sneaks into the reader’s bedroom in the middle of the night or something too explain to her why he faked his death (you can make up the reason because I’m not that clever) but yeah it’s just really sad and full of fluff idk I’m weird.

requested by: anonymous

A/N: Can you believe part 2 is finally here??? I can’t, but I am ecstatic to be posting this!! I loved writing the first part, but this part is going to be a little different. It is going to be written in first person!! Hopefully it is loved like the other one. okay, carry on. love you guys. xx, aubree (p.s. part three??)

warnings: fluffy as hell (I am not sorry.) 

word count: 1,802

(gif not mine) gif credit: x


The next morning was, well, quite easy. I had made sure Jason was hidden before I made my way to my father’s work. I needed to tell him that I was going to be testing out of school and then promptly leaving Riverdale, for good. 

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I saw the cute head-canons of some of the guys raising children so what about some of the girls with the same prompt? Maybe with Mei, Tracer, Sombra,Mercy or Pharah?

~Alright! Ladies raisin’ babies!


  • Her baby’s first word was ‘Hi’ They were bouncing in their crib looking at her and their little voice just said ‘Hi’. She was so stunned she didn’t know what to do before she picked them up and said ‘hi’ back with the biggest grin. 
  • As a baby, they loved to tug hair. They especially liked to put things in their mouth. They were a curious baby and it constantly put them in danger. Mei had to develop eyes in the back of her head quickly. 
  • Story Time is the best time. She loves to curl up with her kid just before bed and hold them close as she reads to them. Makes all the funny faces and voices so that they giggle. It usually only makes them more hyper so she ends up reading a few books before they fall asleep.
  • She loves to show them her new inventions. As they get older, she finds them hanging out in her lab more often than not. They even start keeping a little journal full of prototypes of their own and showing them shyly to her. She’s such a proud mother. 


  • She loves to put them on her back and pretend to be an airplane as she runs around the house. Their first word was ‘Zoom’ 
  • She’s just as hyperactive as her child. Neither of them are allowed to have sugar. They’re constantly bouncing off the walls playing games. Emily is stressed 24/7. 
  • She’s the parent that tosses their baby in the air and catches them. The higher up, the more they both giggle. Mercy is horrified. Emily nearly has a heart attack the first time.
  • The baby LOVES Winston. He was nervous the first time he came but the minute they saw him, they were really interested in the giant gorilla. Even more so when they found out how soft his fur was. He nearly started crying when they weren’t afraid of him. Tracer took pictures. 


  • Their first word was ‘Boop’ Sombra got into the habit of booping their nose and one day they reached out and tapped her nose and said ‘Boop’ She totally didn’t start crying from the cuteness. She did.
  • Her baby was definitely not an easy baby. She woke up at all hours of the night to get them to stop crying. She found out four weeks in that they could be lulled asleep by music. They especially loved soft Spanish music but that wasn’t a big surprise. They are their mother’s child. 
  • She’s the mom that leaves their kid at the supermarket by accident. She didn’t notice until she was backing out and they weren’t singing along to the radio. 
  • Also the mom that will move Heaven and raise Hell if you even dream of touching her child. She’ll steal your credit card, social security number, and put your phone number on Craigslist for a ‘fun time’ Do not provoke her. 


  • Their first word was ‘ma-ma’ while she was rocking in a rocking chair with them. She couldn’t stop kissing their face afterward. It made her so happy to hear them talking to her.
  • She went into Mom Mode immediately when she found out the baby was coming. She ordered thousands of toys, onesies, and parenting books. Everything was child proofed three months in. She was doing prenatal yoga regularly. She was the definition of a responsible adult/parent.
  • The kid does not like vegetables. It’s not up for negotiation. No vegetables. Mercy tries to reason with them because she’s a doctor and knows they need them. They’re just as stubborn as she is. It eventually calls for more drastic measures. She starts hiding the vegetables in other foods. 
  • Minivan Mom™ also Parenting Blog Mom™


  • Their first word was JUSTICE ‘teta’ which means grandmother. Ana was so over the moon she wouldn’t stop cooing at the baby until Pharah had to put them down for bed. 
  • Coach Mom™. She’s shouting encouragement from the side line. While on the team, she doesn’t treat them any differently from the other kids but she’s always so proud. There’s a whole trophy case dedicated to the kid’s accomplishments. 
  • Ana spoils them rotten. She’s constantly giving them things that Pharah says they can’t have.
  • She’s got a notch in the door frame for every year that they grew taller. She always measured them on their birthday up until they turned 18. It was a tradition. After they went off to college, she spent a lot of time looking at the door frame and running her fingers over the notches from the younger years. They all have to grow up eventually, right?

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Johan as a parent headcanons?

Daddy!Johan HCS:

  • He purees organic veg and fruits for the baby, none of that premade shit
  • by the time they adopt Nina has already given birth to child number 2 and Johan tries to get fresh milk out of her (claims its good for the baby)
  • He uses old fashion cloth diapers for gentle baby butts
  • He is pretty chill about his parenting though
  • he would toss his baby into a pool to get them ‘use to water’ or let their child eat dirt because its good to exercise their tactile function
  • He plays rainforest sounds whenever the baby is sleeping
  • He believes babies learn through trail and error so he doesn’t mind if their kid gets hurt once and a while
  • he may have picked up the wrong kid from day care once…or twice
  • hardcore judges parents who use kid leashes
  • buys the most expensive baby things, best cradle, best stroller, best high chair and all the best, 100% organic, cotton clothes. 
Summertime Sadness (Warren Worthington III)

Synopsis: Summertime is hard for you now, but Warren isn’t going to let you isolate yourself.

Warnings/Triggers: Minor cursing, parent death, mentions of suicide

Word Count: 3.2K

A/N: I know Mother’s Day can be painful for some. It is for me. So I got this idea and it was really cathartic to write. If you’ve struggled with loosing a mom, or either parent for that matter, I hope this might help you. But I will make this warning again, suicide is discussed so if you’re easily triggered then please use caution. Title credit goes to Lana Del Rey and her song “Summertime Sadness”, if you’ve never heard it I’d recommend it because her voice is just so hauntingly beautiful. GIF and photo do not belong to me.

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Hi there!  So.  I’m doing a thing.  And I do not want to make any promises about the thing.  I am not even sure I will finish the thing.  But this is the first chapter in what I hope will be a Matthew Morgan based, Past Gen fic about Matt, Joe, and Rachel (and probably a lot more special guests).  I’m excited about it.  I dont know how often Ill get to write it.  But if you’re interested in Matt like I am interested in Matt, then I hope you’ll join me.

Also available on Archive of Our Own

Chapter One

Everyone has three things.

Everyone has three things that pull at the heartstrings, that are engraved into their most primitive instincts, that make up the very air that they breathe.  Everyone has three things that define them in a way that is equal parts undeniable and unregretted, and once you know someone’s three things, you know them as well as they know themselves.  Sometimes you can even know them a little bit better.

For example:

  1. Matthew Morgan is, inexhaustibly, a mama’s boy.
  2. There exists, in the depths of his mother’s dustiest photo albums, a picture from Matthew Morgan’s very first birthday in which he grins at the camera, chocolate cake covering him from head, to fists, all the way down to his belly button.
  3. When the question is one of family and friends, Matthew Morgan’s answer is always, without exception, yes.

Of course, these are only guidelines.  Knowing a person’s three things can help you predict their behaviors, it can help you understand what they might be thinking, but it is never a certainty.  More than anything else in the world, it is people who posses the greatest capability to surprise.

Another example:

     4. One year ago, just before the summer of his junior year, Matthew Morgan spoke to a recruiter about enlisting in the United States Army.

It is an act that had surprised even himself.

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for @fiftyshadesofdes post on mm ocs :’)))

Name: Haneul-han, Jeong (Hangul:하늘한,정)
Nickname(s):  Han, Haneul. (much creative)
Online Username:  Haneul
Gender:  Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Age: 26
Birth Date: December 23
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 6'0.5" (184.15cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79kg)

Occupation: Part-time worker at his Uncle’s Barbecue Restaurant. Small time Bakery business

| Inexpressive | Candid | Dependable | Sympathetic | Adaptive | Laid back | Hot-Tempered | Self depreciating |

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tbh i see all of these mekakushi dan aus where they’re a ~real gang™~
and, like, just saying: tbh if there was a realistic kagepro au where there were no powers, they wouldn’t have a gang.
they’d have something else entirely. a family, of sorts. not much different from canon, in that respect.

instead of coming together over something like that, they’d come together to rescue each other. imagine no-one dying and getting powers. instead, kano continues to talk to the ‘park girl’. eventually, she finds out about his situation. and she vows to get him out of it. 

she helps him masquerade a way to escape his mom. but they don’t stop there. no way in hell. they vow to create a home for anyone like him.

the little rich bastard with the neglectful family. the unwanted bullied orphan. they find them both and take them away. ayano manages to find them a place to stay.

it grows and grows. 

the feral girl in the forest, with hair down to her toes, and mother slaughtered by rumors and superstition. the girl with more attention than she’d ever want, but no love for herself. the exhausted young woman, with parents  that have tossed her away, and only a grandmother to look after her. the unidealistic man, who’s taken to apathy instead of caring. the sick friendless boy, who still has his upcoming death looming over his head. the strange child from the country, staying there over the summer, who tells tales of a neglectful father. 

each one is welcomed.

the dan, at first, becomes a place to harbor the abused and neglected. the fox-eyed boy who was beaten by his mother. the child who was thrown to the wolves. the man who’s heard his own father’s words of “you won’t live past 16.”

quickly, it also becomes a home of sorts to the lonely. to the friendless. perhaps those in decent home situations: but outcasts from society and feeling loved. the strange popular girl, who can never sit still or seem to make real friends. the narcoleptic woman, chastised and made fun of by her peers. the lonely but apathetic boy, with no means to show how much he needed this.

some stay in the ‘base’ all the time. usually the one from bad home situations. the dan becomes a permanent place for them to stay. others, stay at their housings, but travel to the dan daily, to converse and be happy with people they never thought they’d be lucky enough to have. both groups find what they can only call a ‘home’. 

because you know what? the mekakushi dan’s vibe overall isn’t about being a gang. those were the rambles of excited children. what the mekakushi dan really is is first and foremost a family and a home. and even without powers or snakes, i feel that’s all it could ever be.

a safe space for the different; the outcasts; the abused; the lonely. that’s what the mekakushi dan is.

Rumbelle fic: Never Unwanted

Rumplestiltskin is about fed up with Belle babysitting the Charmings children night and day; Belle tells him her true reason behind the act of kindness.

Warning: anti-Charmings and anti-Zelena because I’m still salty about their behavior.

A03 Link.

Rumplestiltskin glared after Zelena as she smirked her way out of his shop, cooing a goodbye to her baby daughter as she let the door slam behind her, waking his own son who was asleep in his bassinet behind the counter.

The Dark One cursed the wicked witch for waking his son, but felt a wave of relief the second he had the babe in his arms, his light weight and scent soothing the nausea in his stomach from having his former captor in his shop.

It had been a month since the Black Fairy’s defeat. Storybrooke had entered an unnerving peaceful spell devoid of curses or new enemies. Many of the citizens who had been living each day waiting for the next crisis now had the opportunity to move forward, to travel and start families.

However, some things never changed. The second Gideon had been restored to his infant form the Charmings were back to shoving baby Neal back into Belle’s arms, and Belle was more than willing to be their unpaid babysitter despite the threats they had made to Gideon when he was under the Black Fairy’s control.

Quite frankly, it made Rumplestiltskin’s blood boil each time the high and mighty Snow White would waltz into his shop, put her baby boy into Belle’s arms with chirpy instructions and waltz out like Belle was her scullery maid. Did she really thing she was still a royal and that Belle was a submissive servant? If anything, Belle was above her, considering he was the one with the power and the status.

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  • *a crime scene*
  • Greg: *shaking his head* This is wrong.
  • John: *shrugs* I know but what can we do?
  • Baby Holmes: *trots past, waving Sherlock's magnifying glass; giggling madly*
  • Sherlock: *following; rambling about soil samples*
  • Greg: *rubs the back of his neck* Molly's going to kill him.
  • John: *nods* She's knows what she got into, though.
  • Baby Holmes: *points at the corpse* Deaded!
  • Sherlock: *beaming with pride, scoops her up and gives her a big kiss* That's my clever girl!
  • Greg: *sighs* He's not even sorry, is he?
  • John: Nope.
  • Sherlock: *approaching, his daughter now strapped to his chest; proud af* She found the blood, the weapon and the missing wallet. My little detective. Brilliant, isn't she?
  • Greg & John: *exchange glances*

@proto-kitteh thank you :’)

But yeah I mean I know cerebrally that this is how abuse works often - ppl say and do awful things that are just…so unlike the way decent people operate, then typically denying that they happened later or at least just acting like its how everyone is - its just…hard to believe it sometimes, even when it happens to you. Its like “everyone saw/heard that right? I’m not imagining this shit right??” or you make excuses bc there’s no way someone is just this casually terrible.


Partner Passing Warm or Simple Circuit Sets: This is one of my favorite partner passing Flows - The setup: Compete 30-60 seconds of each pattern for a 2-4 minute warm or circuit. Set 1: Partner 2 Ball Roll & Toss one parent rolls while one partner chest passes. Set 2: Partner Quick Hip Toss. Set 3: Squat and Pass. Set 4: Overhead Pass - We used 10lbs #dynamaxusa balls please scale the load as you need to. Now again this can be a great warm up or legit circuit based on the speed and load you and your partner select. Enjoy and tag me at #jeremyscottfitness if you and a buddy play a little pitch and catch with this. @bennovak.spire #workout #workouts #workoutmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #personaltrainer #fitspo #reebok #health #partnerworkout #warmup #sweat #menshealth #womenshealth #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #arizona #ritzcarlton #az #coach #onlinecoaching #47daytransformation #squat (at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain)

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what excites you about Christ?

he was, he is, human.

truly fully human, though truly fully God.


skin stretched taut over soul, too little for too much. sorrow painted on in life’s blood, scars, late nights up high crying over worry, wrinkles in a thousand dirt lines marking time spent living. hard-won memories of hard-fought days layering skin cells in stacks of nostalgia and forget. chest choked tight in no more breathing because life and laughter and suns and moons and stars and flowers and thorns and pain and painpainpainpainpain.

he came and breathed Emmanuel and left memories of God-in-flesh-and-stars-in-soul wherever he went, making history burn bridges for the proofs of his touch.

he lived and laughed and wept and watched people die and let people live and knew what he’d lost and knew what he’d gained and spent nights counting stars he’d already numbered, and he lived.

he lived he lived he really truly lived.

and he loved it. don’t tell me he didn’t. don’t tell me he didn’t choke out laughter to feel his chest stutter or cradle tears off his cheeks to marvel at them. he found galaxies of wonder in tiny thoughts of a creation gone dark. he hardly slept because life needed living and he had to make sure everyone could.

he lived humanity beginning to end, spreading arms he’d shrunk to fit and kneeling on earth he’d shaped from thought, seizing the day with the all the strength he had and that strength seized a universe and that universe swallowed comprehension, but he surrendered it all when his father called. though captivated with the joy of breathing he left his life for duty and for death.

for us.

he stopped the living and embraced the daily dying until death, for us.

he stood under world-wracking pain, he staggered around temptation, he sweated he laughed he gulped he panted he blessed he wept and he lived and he died and he did it all for us.

God became flesh, cloaked in humanity’s horrific wonders, and he did it just for us.

for such a God alone, who could bear to stoop so low, I burn in my very bones.

Torn To Pieces (Danny Rayburn x Reader) - A Bloodline Imagine Pt. 1

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The last thing you expected when you came to the Rayburn house to celebrate your parents 30th anniversary, was to fall head over heels with their oldest son, Danny. A man old enough to be your father…

A/N: The readers name is Rose Johnson, an accountant from Miami.

Part 2   Part 3

Warnings: Not much for this part, a bit of flirting, a little bit of implied sex.

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Special To Me

Imagine being on a date with your old man Chibs and you wind up running into your parents who are a nightmare, which is why Chibs has never met them. It’s completely embarrassing and Chibs takes you home to show you how wonderful you are.

Warning: Smut

Guys I suck at smut, I’m so sorry. XD

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You gasped at the inappropriate comment your old man had just made towards you over dinner, tossing a french fry at his face. He smirked, tossing one back at you, missing entirely and hitting the head of the elderly lady in the booth behind the two of you. 

“I hope you have better aim when you fire your gun,” you whispered, covering your face and trying to suppress the laughter threatening to escape your lips.

“I hope so too,” he replied, taking another bite of his hamburger.

This caused you to laugh even more as you admired your husband’s grinning face, cheeks packed with food. Tonight had been the first proper date night the two of you have had in nearly a year and you hadn’t realized just how much you missed it. Things had been hectic with the club, but now that they had space to breathe Jax had forced Filip to take a night off, promising to only call if some really serious shit went down and they absolutely needed him. You couldn’t thank Jax enough. 

More jokes were passed between you and your old man as time went by, and the two of you were now just sitting around with a cup of coffee, passing the time.

“(Y/N), is that you darling?”

You froze mid sentence, all of the blood draining from your face as you heard a voice you had never wanted to hear again.

“Don’t ignore your mother, (Y/N). That’s unbelievably rude.”

You forced down the remaining food in your mouth, placing your napkin on the table in front of you.

“Mother,” you acknowledged, nodding in her direction. “Father. What brings the two of you to Charming?”

“Business trip,” your mother chuckled nervously. “You almost sound unhappy to see us, dear.” 

You watched as both of your parents eyed Filip, disgust on their faces as they took in all of his scars and his leather. 

“Because I am,” you spat back, your blood boiling as they silently judged your old man. “There’s a reason you haven’t heard from nor seen me in 10 years.”

Your father took an angry step towards you, Filip rising out of his seat immediately, daring your father to take one more step towards you. Your mother placed a hand on his chest, patting it softly. “C’mon, dear. No need to make a scene.”

Your father reluctantly took a step back, and once Filip was sure he wouldn’t come any closer,  he slowly sat back down in his seat.

“Well, sweetheart, who’s your friend?” Your mother asked, clearly not taking the hint she was unwanted, and instead trying to dig into your personal life.

“This is my husband, Filip Telford. Filip, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, these are my parents.”

“Aye,” he replied. “Nice to meet you both.”

“Your husband!?” Your mother gasped, clutching her chest. “You can’t be serious! I- I heard nothing of a wedding! He’s nothing but a dirty, low life, biker criminal!”

“Don’t fucking speak about him that way,” you growled, standing from your seat to stare her directly in the eye.

“Do not speak to your mother with that language, you ungrateful brat,” your father spat, shoving you away from her.  Filip was up in a flash, his hands gripping your father’s suit as he shoved him into the diner counter. 

“Don’t you ever put your hands on her again,” you heard him growl over the chatter of the nosy folks in the diner, and your mother’s shrieking scream for help. “Next time you even try it, I’ll kill you.”

“Excuse me!” The manager, Marcus, shouted breaking through the crowd. He was a good friend of SAMCRO, so when he noticed it was Filip, he groaned. 

“C’mon Chibs,” he grumbled, pulling him away from your father. “Time to go, buddy.”

Filip backed away from your father, hands held high in surrender. Smirking towards both of your parents, he tossed a wad of cash on the table and grabbed your hand, tugging you along side of him.

 "You always have been, and always will be, a disgrace to this family, (Y/N),“ Your father called after you.

 Just as the two of you reached the door, Filip turned to face your parents, flipping both of them off. You could hear your mother’s gasp from where you stood, and you couldn’t help but chuckle.

 "C'mon,” your old man said, wrapping his arm around your waist and kissing your temple. “Let’s go home love.”


 "Well,“ Filip mumbled as the two of you entered your home, sliding his coat and kutte off, hanging them on the rack by the door. "I can see now why you never wanted me to meet your parents.”

 "I’m sorry,“ you mumbled, running your hands over your face. "I had no idea my father’s business had branched out into Charming. I didn’t think they’d ever find me here." 

 "And I had no idea you came from such a rich, uptight family. Why didn’t you ever tell me, lass?" 

 You sighed, flopping down on the couch as your old man leaned back against the counter across from you, arms folded over his chest. "When I left Eden and came to Charming, it was supposed to be a new start. I wanted out of that town’s grasp. Everyone there either wanted to know me, or avoid me as well as possible, all because of the money in my parent’s pocket. I never cared for that lifestyle. The social image you had to keep up , maintaining relationships with the right people and always getting special treatment; I absolutely hated it. So, when I moved here and met you I decided to exclude that part of my past. I knew you’d never give me second glance if you knew that deep down I was nothing more than a spoiled rich brat. And then when things got serious … I don’t know I was scared you’d leave me or something if you found out. So I just kept it hidden." 

 Chibs stood in silence, pondering his thoughts for a few moments while your legs started bouncing due to your nerves.  Finally he lifted his head, meeting your eyes and slowly approached you. You gulped as he knelt down in front of you, but relaxed slightly as he removed your heels and began feathering light kisses up your legs.

 "What are you doing?” You asked as his kisses reached your thighs, and he rolled up the edges of the dress you had slipped into for tonight’s date.

 He paused for a moment, looking up at you from in between your legs. “You aren’t some spoiled, rich brat, my love. You’re a strong, fierce, loyal, amazing woman. The shit you’ve dealt with for me and this club, the late nights and struggling with the bills when deals didn’t come through for SAMCRO… You’re all I could have ever asked for. You’ve loved me through all my shite, so don’t ever doubt for a moment that I won’t love you through yours." 

 Tears threatened to well up in your eyes at Fillip’s words, and he pressed a couple more light kisses to your inner thighs. 

 "I don’t tell you enough, so tonight I’m gonna show you just how wonderful you are,” he whispered.

 You let out a gasp as his fingers brushed against you, gripping the edges of your panties, sliding then down your legs. You pulled your feet out of them, and Filip tossed them across the room while you slid down onto the edge of the couch. Your old man smirked up at you, pushing the rest of your dress even higher up your waist, spreading your legs. 

 Teasingly, he attacked your thighs with more kisses, slowly making his way towards your sex. 

You gripped the edges of the couch as his tongue slowly traced your clit, his lips wrapping around the already swollen bud. He picked up the pace, his mouth moving a little faster and once you were wet enough he slid in one finger, another following right behind it. He began pumping them in and out of you at a quick pace, and you felt your legs begin to shake. Before long you were crying out his name, your back arched and your hands tangled in his hair.

 Once you orgasm had ended, and he’d given you a moment to recover he lifted you from the couch, effortlessly tossing you over his shoulder. You giggled as he dashed for the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind the two of you and gently laying you down on the bed.

 You peeled the rest of your dress off, as well as your bra and your old man worked on getting rid of his pants, shirt and boxers. Within a minute you were both completely naked, and he smirked at you, hovering over your body. “I love you,” he mumbled between kisses he attacked your neck with, sucking at the skin. You’d have quite a few love bites to cover up tomorrow

. “I love you,” you responded breathlessly.

 His lips trailed from your neck, down to your breast, taking one nipple in his mouth and attacking the other with his hand. You tossed your head back, moaning at his touch; a low groan escaping his throat at the sound of your voice.

 "I can’t wait anymore,“ he growled, moving in between your hips, adjusting your legs around his waist.

 You laughed at his urgency as he lined himself up with your entrance, positioning one hand above your head to keep him from falling on top of you. Your eyes closed in bliss as he slowly entered you, pulling in and out at a teasing pace. 

 "Look at me,” he demanded. “I want to see those gorgeous eyes.”

 Your eyes fluttered open to meet his, a small smile tugging at the corners of your lips as his pace quickened and your fingers raked down his back. Soon enough you were both riding out your highs together, Filip rolling over beside you, lacing his fingers in yours. You turned on your side, sliding the blanket up over you and resting your head on his shoulder. Leaving Eden behind was the best decision you had ever made. You had found your happily ever after right here in Charming, and your rugged biker made you feel like a queen.