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Best parts of Moana:
-no love interest
-Moana had proportions like an actual human and wasn’t sexualized
-Disney princess set to inherit is actually depicted being trained in running her society
-no dead parents!
-bechdel test pass
-respectful depiction of source material and culture
-the music oh my god!!!!!
-Maui’s 4th wall breaks
-no actual villain
-closest thing to a villain was David Bowie crab
-Lin-Manuel Miranda
-the chicken
-only white in the cast voiced the chicken
-my giant green wife

kageyama bros fight!

Why is school the only part of my life you care about?
Why do you ask me about my test scores but not about my feelings?
Why do you tell your friends how you’re proud of my grades,
but not my kind heart or creative mind?
The fact that the first thing you ask me at dinner is
how my finals are going is so sickening
I almost stopped eating right then and there.
The night those college letters came,
you happily announced my PSAT scores to my father
before suggesting I go study some more,
then changing your mind and telling me to read
all the letters out loud to the family instead.
I still can’t believe that happened.
The whole thing was insane,
and I was the only one who could see that.
I’m more than a number.
I’m not just a bit of small talk you can
brag about to your friends.
You couldn’t hear the malice in my voice
as I read those letters.
You couldn’t tell I hated every syllable
printed on that crisp white paper.
All you can see are the numbers on my report card,
and those are mattering less and less to me every day.
—  sincerely, your straight A daughter // c.r.h.

34. We should not pretend to go into a coma when we have a test coming up we would prefer not to take.

I wasn’t expecting them to call my parents and tell them to come. - JP

I love your mum, but she is one of the most frightening woman I have ever met in my entire life. And I lived with an old purist hag who ate children’s souls for breakfast. - SB

I thought she was a lovely woman. - RL

That’s cause you’ve never been on the other end of her wrath. - JP

Nor do I intend to. Ever. - RL

December 1st was World AIDS day. Don’t forget to get tested - that includes STI’s. A lot of clinics are offering consultations for free this month so check your area if there’s no free clinics already. You also don’t need parental consent for a test.
I got tested today and my results were all negative. It’s literally just a prick on the finger and/or urine sample and Pap smear with results in less than an hour. There’s overwhelmingly advanced treatment for everything and it’s always better to know your status

So I’d like to think that Keith’s turning into a galra [or starting to look like one] is a slow thing that starts when he finds out he is one

[And finds out through flustered modesty that he has some worthwhile potential as a druid if he managed to keep a human form for so long and unknowingly] and start changing himself back unconsciously 

Like: It starts out small, like the elongation and sharpening of his nails and constantly pricking his tongue on sharper teeth. Then his ears start changing slowly, starting out elfish and consistently enlarging and a fine sheen of fur growing along with it

The one change the team finds most unnerving is the slow disappearance of his pupils and iris [his strange violet irises slowly being blurred out by an eerie yellow]  

And the dummy doesn’t seem to notice the change - sure! he knows he’s 100% galra and has the parents and DNA test to prove it - but it’s like that where he expects it to end. Until he wakes up one morning and surprise surprise [for once looking in the mirror] he finds a galra looking back at him

And Thace is so confused like [after a moment of elation cause “you have your mother’s ears”] “Did you honestly expect you were born human?” and proceeds to take a baby picture out [fluffy and chubbiness and cuteness to max]  cause what doting caring father doesn’t have a picture of his child? 

I hate it when I see posts that say “If you watched these, your childhood was terrible” or “These shows were your childhood”

Like, WHO CARES if we didn’t watch Dragon Ball Z, Kim Possible, or Rugrats? WHO CARES if we watched Yin Yang Yo, Johnny Test, or Hero 108? It’s still OUR childhood, so therefore, the internet has no right to say that it was terrible.

So what if certain shows sucked? I still enjoyed them nonetheless. WHO CARES if YOU think my childhood sucked?

Our childhoods may not be ‘awesome’ to a lot of people, but it’s really only us who’ll be the judge of that.

My childhood was awesome, and yours was too.


Title: Party
Beta: onesmallchord
Gifset: missdestinys
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski/Liam Dunbar
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Series: Parenting Skills Tested
Rating: K
Words: 2,052
Links: Fanfiction/AO3
Summary: AU to 5x02, with some of the timeline switched around. Scott doesn’t approve of Stiles and Liam following Theo into the woods, but, to be safe, he tags along anyway. Scott accuses Stiles of being distrustful, while Stiles accuses Scott of being too trustful. Or the one where Liam doesn’t like it when his pack parents are fighting and constantly needs to check if they’re okay.

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Fun story: FTF came out when I was 13. There was a promo at local Oldsmobile dealerships that if you test drove an Olds Intrigue, they'd give you a free ticket to FTF. I made my parents test drive Intrigues six times.


I can just see the guys at the dealership looking out the window at your parents and being like, “JFC NOT AGAIN.  JUST GIVE THEM ALL THE TICKETS.”

The Daily God/dess - Post 1

Goddess Damara (Celtic)

Damara is the Celtic Goddess of fertility, health, family, youth, luck, kindness and abundance. The best time to invoke Damara is during Beltane as she is associated with Beltane and the month of May.  Damara means “gentle”. Her symbols are flowers, leaves, and anything green. Call on Damara when you need help keeping motivated during spring cleaning, lost touch with your inner child, when you need help planning and planting your garden, when your going through a divorce, or when your parenting skills are being tested. She helps bring peace and harmony in quarrelsome households.                                                                                                                                                                    ==Moonlight Academy==