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Best parts of Moana:
-no love interest
-Moana had proportions like an actual human and wasn’t sexualized
-Disney princess set to inherit is actually depicted being trained in running her society
-no dead parents!
-bechdel test pass
-respectful depiction of source material and culture
-the music oh my god!!!!!
-Maui’s 4th wall breaks
-no actual villain
-closest thing to a villain was David Bowie crab
-Lin-Manuel Miranda
-the chicken
-only white in the cast voiced the chicken
-my giant green wife

kageyama bros fight!

Why is school the only part of my life you care about?
Why do you ask me about my test scores but not about my feelings?
Why do you tell your friends how you’re proud of my grades,
but not my kind heart or creative mind?
The fact that the first thing you ask me at dinner is
how my finals are going is so sickening
I almost stopped eating right then and there.
The night those college letters came,
you happily announced my PSAT scores to my father
before suggesting I go study some more,
then changing your mind and telling me to read
all the letters out loud to the family instead.
I still can’t believe that happened.
The whole thing was insane,
and I was the only one who could see that.
I’m more than a number.
I’m not just a bit of small talk you can
brag about to your friends.
You couldn’t hear the malice in my voice
as I read those letters.
You couldn’t tell I hated every syllable
printed on that crisp white paper.
All you can see are the numbers on my report card,
and those are mattering less and less to me every day.
—  sincerely, your straight A daughter // c.r.h.
dutch gothic
  • You go to HEMA for office supplies. You go to HEMA for bed sheets. You go to HEMA for bread. You go to HEMA always, for everything, every day. There is no other shop. There is only HEMA.

  • You cycle to school. You cycle to HEMA. You cycle to your friends. You cycle to the big city closest to your tiny town. You cycle to the train station. You cycle to your grandparents. Your bike has broken down more times than you can count, yet, you keep cycling.

  • You take public transport to somewhere too far away to cycle. You’re inexplicably unnerved by this fact. You look out the window and you spot a mill on green stretches of land. You see another mill and another mill and another. You’re approaching the city center. Still, you see mills. You accept this, as everyone seems to do.

  • You enter Utrecht central station. You wonder if you are on an airport. You walk along the platforms, heading for platform 1. You don’t notice 6 and 10 and 13 are missing: no one ever does. And if they do, they don’t question this. Hours pass. You’re still walking toward platform 1. You thank god NS makes sure the trains are always late, so you’ll make it just in time. You arrive at the platform. “+10” it days on the sign. You sigh. You wait another 10 minutes and look again. “+20”, it says.

  • At the end of the basis school you take The Test. Your parents are more nervous than you. They tell you this Test dictates your entire future. The news tells you the same in a grave, slightly more ominous voice. You’re twelve years old.

  • When you’re in middelbare school, you notice the seniors suddenly disappear for approximately two weeks each year to perform a secret ritual in the largest room of the building. There are signs outside of this room warning you not to enter. You are frightened as the years pass, senior year coming increasingly closer; your fate uncertain as you finally enter the Forbidden Room. You cry. It’s the two most nerve-wrecking weeks of your life.

  • Everyone wants to go on holiday to the united states. Only a few chosen (read: rich) go. You ask them how it was and they tell you strange tales of shops other than HEMA, such as “target” and “costco”; of guns on display in supermarkets; how no one owns a bike. You stare, shaken, in disbelief and shock.

  • It’s the first real day of summer. It’s 20°C and kind of cloudy. You go to the beach. Everyone goes to the beach. You’re stuck in traffic for hours: everyone is headed for the same beach.

  • When you get to the beach, the water is cold as ice and there are jellyfish in the water. There are jellyfish on the sand. There are jellyfish in that shallow pool over there. There are jellyfish everywhere. You come back the next day. The jellyfish have vanished.

  • You’re sitting in the sun under a half broken windscreen. A few meters away, a boy is digging a hole. This means that the boy is german, you’ve learned. You look to your left. There, another german man digging a hole. And another. You smile ruefully. What would the beach be without germans digging holes? This is all very normal.

  • You go on holiday to another country. People think you’re german. You’ve accepted this. People always think you’re german. I’m Dutch, you say. They don’t understand. They laugh. You’re from germany right? They ask.

  • Stroopwafels seem to have built an international reputation. Foreigners adore them. You don’t understand. They’re cookies. Very good ones, yes. But the adoration for anything Dutch is something you cannot grasp.

  • There is a song about a guy named Herman reading in the newspaper that the man he’d sold his car to has crashed it and died. Everyone think Herman is dead, though. This makes him very happy. No one questions this fact. No one wonders if he tells his family he’s alive. No one asks who identified the body. Everyone knows the lyrics to this song.

she had the world // panic! at the disco

Daily Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon, February 7, 1923

Has anyone heard of this before? Apparently it was a pretty common way for parents to test if their children had the mumps (or adults to test themselves). They’d give them a pickle to bite (or, I guess in this instance, smell) and it would affect the salivary glands. If you had a stronger than usual reaction - not just face contorting but almost yelling in pain - to the sour flavour, you probably had the mumps (or so the idea was). 

What if at the end of Reality Trip Danny hadn’t wiped his parents minds (which would’ve made hella more sense than what actually happened). What if the next season (or at least the beginning of it) was spent on focusing on Danny and his relationship with his parents after the whole thing and them having to come to terms with their son’s half ghost status and the fact that they’ve literally been hunting him like an animal the last two seasons.
The rest of that summer after Reality Trip where his parents are fixing their equipment so it won’t lock in on Danny anymore. They’re learning more and more about ghosts from their son and how not all ghosts are evil. They start taking family trips into the Ghost Zone for Danny to show them around and meet the nice ghosts. They’re all becoming closer as a family because now there’s not this huge ravine of fear.
However not everything is all well. Old habits do die hard. Sometimes his parents will test his abilities and the line between their tests and actually treating him like a lab rat starts to blur. They’re so fascinated by him that they start to see him as this puzzle that needs to be solved instead of their son. Danny who is very uncomfortable with this is too afraid to tell them to back off. He wants to show them what he can do and he wants them to be interested but they almost start to dehumanize him when they run their tests on him. Maybe at some point Maddie accidentally jabs Danny with something and he goes “ouch that hurt” and her instant reaction is “ghosts don’t feel pain” and right there they realize they’ve fucked up. Danny flies the fuck out of there and they feel ashamed.

There are so many other good directions this idea could’ve been taken as well!! It makes me so angry that this potential was ignored because for some stupid reason he always has to keep his secret from his parents even after they accepted him!! I’m anger

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so today some news channel reported on pauline hanson asking parents to test whether their children are allergic to vaccines and they got a vaccination expert or something on and she said "pauline hanson's obviously developed her own phd from the university of alternative facts" anD I FUCKING DIED

During her studies she took such units as:

  • Sample Bias 101: The Great Barrier Reef is Doing Just Fine if You Only Look at the Healthy Parts
  • Anecdotal Evidence: Totally Counts as Real Evidence, Right?
  • Intro to Fearmongering and Moral Panics: How ANYTHING You Don’t Understand Can Be The Enemy
  • Proper Toilet Use: Sit Not Squat
What people don't tell you about being a parent

In the beginning it’s waking every hour of the night to feed them, it’s lack of sleep and drifting in a sleepless/happy daze. The days blend together as you try to focus on adapting to the new life. Then it’s dressing them up and taking them out - you’re so over protective, even loud sounds set you off. You find yourself glaring at loud trucks and motorbikes while muttering angrily. Your baby wearing cute clothes is more important then getting yourself ready.

It’s their first bath, the stress of whether the water is too hot or too cold. Their every sound makes you panic. It’s pulling them out and wrapping them up snuggly in a fuzzy towel. It’s holding them close to your chest, you hand cradling their head. As soon as you get used to a routine, they grow and change again; with every new month comes a new challenge.

It’s showering with your little one in a chair babbling to themselves on the other side of the curtain. Peeking out every two seconds has become a habit. You get used to showering quickly because you’re never sure know how long the peace will last. 

And then comes their next milestone; a heartwarming smile and their first laugh, it makes your heart ache with happiness. It’s taking them for a walk and watching their eyes widen with the excitement around them, the trees loom overhead, the bright blue sky in the backround. They stare at them for a moment and then go back to examining their own fingers. It’s reading to them and having them babble along. Their first crawl stuns you as you watch breathless, filming it and encouraging them. First words catch you off guard because you’re never expecting them, your constant talking to them has finally paid off.

Their first steps - you watch cautiously with your arms open ready to catch them at any moment. Then it’s kissing little fingers, toes, knees and elbows better when they get hurt. It’s sleeping beside their crib holding their little hand because they’re scared. It’s colouring with them, watching them scribble and then observe your colouring only for them to get jealous and steal your crayon away.

It’s walking into their room in the morning, their bright smile and loud “Mum!” make you laugh in your groggy morning state. Making sure to encourage them is your number one priority, it’s squealing with excitement when they colour a full page in their colouring book, it’s telling them how smart they are when they point things out to you, it’s telling them how beautiful they are. Watching them learn and grow everyday gives you such joy. Eventually they grow even more. When you read them stories they yell out “Moon! Grass! Trees! Water! Puppy!” When you take them to the park they can play, when you go for a walk they’re silently observing, being sure to point out every puppy that crosses your path. It’s their laugh making you laugh. It’s watching their happiness expand yours as well.

It’s bath time, when splashing is a war you can never win, when they laugh at your reaction to them splashing around like a fish out of water. It’s pulling them out of the tub, wrapping them securely in a big towel, picking them up and hugging them to your chest for old times sake.

It’s holding them securely in your arms after their bath and right before bed, quiet time; cuddle time. Combing your fingers through their baby hair and planting kisses on their forehead. It’s telling them how much you love them but being careful not to kiss them too much because you don’t want them to squirm away.

Being a parent tests every aspect of your personality. What I can tell you though, is that I feel more like myself then I ever have. I have felt more love then I ever felt capable of and that feels pretty incredible.

-what I have learned so far, (0-2.5 years)

A reminder that Rebholzer Fort Knox, just shy of 10 months old, is still available! He cannot be shown in conformation due to a disqualifying white strip on his chest (~2in long, limit is .5in) but will make a nice working dog for the right home. Knox was returned through no fault of his own, so please only inquire if you are actually committed to wanting to keep him. Knox thus far has shown great drive and workability, should be a great dog for even a committed beginner! Knox comes from extensively titled and fully health tested parents and is Creed’s half brother.

goodbye, love | jeff atkins

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  • jeff atkins x y/n
  • 1.1k words 
  • not requested bc I’ve been on a year long hiatus lmao 
  • ( i might open requests again) 

[13 reasons why spoilers]

i almost went to the store with jeff that night.

it could’ve been both of us.

or maybe just me.

but it was him. 

they said the accident was due to drunk driving.

he was sober.

no one thought to run a toxicology test.

his parents think he died a drunk man.

his parents confide in me.

and i them.

i haven’t told them that he was sober.

i know something they don’t.

his parents asked me to speak at his funeral.

here we are.

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Meet-the-Fathers Dinner // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, family fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.4k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Fourteen-year-old Emily Lester has some big news for her parents.

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Words for a Weekend - Quantico Chapter 8

Dear everyone who asked - this has been a really loong time coming and I’m sorry for that! I debated for an age whether to do one long ending post or to subdivide into the end of Saturday and Sunday as the finale. In the end it divides best here. I have Sunday mostly written and am very excited and hopeful you will enjoy the ending and will try to get it up by the end of the week. This is a shorter chapter. But I like how it came out… I hope you will too.

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Saturday Afternoon

Scully wakes, confused but comfortable, in a room with white curtains, afternoon sun and a sea-scented breeze. She can hear the nearby ocean roaring, and while her current prone position hides it from her gaze, she’s not complaining about the view.

Through an open french window she can see Mulder, bare to the waist, with his skinny ankles poking out from plaid flannel pants that look childhood soft and are at least four inches too short. He’s looking seawards, his shoulders sloping and relaxed and the sun is catching gold flecks in his hair that glimmer like his eyes did when he pulled her and the blanket close at 6am and kissed her to sleep. Scully stretches extravagantly in the crisp sheets and, slipping on his shirt, pads over. She is pleased when he doesn’t hear her, too lost in his own private world to expect her arrival until she announces it by running her hands over the warm relief of his abdomen and stepping in to press her lips to his shoulder blade. Wordlessly he invites her into his happy place, spinning her in front of him to look out over the water, and she melts into the space between his body and his arms, fitting and filling a vacuum that could have been created to her exact measurements. For a few moments there is silence, stillness in the face of the endless, immense battle between land and sea ahead of them, and neither of them thinks about how easily their battle ended, how giving into one another feels somehow like a victory rather than a concession.

Even on the edge of paradise though, reality has a habit of creeping in, and as Mulder’s fingers hover possessively in the grooves of her ribs, Scully can’t help but wonder what this means beyond the present. Downstairs in a still unopened bag, the weighty tomes of her future lie unread, the unpaid balance of the last gamble she took. Her training at the FBI is barely underway and yet here she is, leveraging a precious free weekend against another unknown, investing in another instinctive choice.

She’s not aware of her shoulders stiffening, or the way she is chewing her lip until Mulder softly says.


Scully turns in towards him, her eyebrow already forming the question she hasn’t yet worked out how to verbalise and he doesn’t hesitate to caress her cheek, to reconnect them while he begs her,

‘Don’t think yet. Not today. You’re a brilliant scientist and I’m a conspiracy obsessed psychologist. We can both reason our way out of anything… but I don’t want to. Not yet. Be unreasonable with me. Just until tomorrow.’

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Danny arrives at the watchtower, injured and bloodied, looking absolutely terrified. The heroes keep asking who the enemy was. A new ghost? Should they help? When they finally managed to get the truth out of him, they don't know what to say. It was his parents, testing out a new weapon to destroy ghosts, and now he's too scared to go home. - Not Angsty

Wow. Just wow.