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  • MC: I don't know what to give my parents for Christmas...
  • 707: Give them me as a son-in-law. ;)

So this is the very late Day 6 of 8 days of Malec Gifts! This is for the amazing @lecrit Love you babe  <3

Sometimes someone comes along and throws you of your life path. And sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.

Malec Single Parents AU fic full of fluff and feels with a side of Simon :)

And Then I Met You, in Ao3

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DIY Toys You Can Make For Your Kids (Guaranteed To Be A Big Hit)

Present shopping is an expensive business, particularly when you’ve got multiple children to buy for. But some of the best presents don’t have to cost a lot - especially when you make them.

Cardboard Rocket

Forget a playhouse: You’ll be a big hit if you build your tot a rocket to wile away in the hours in. Instructions here. [Photo: Craig Work]

Superhero Cape

C’mon, every budding superhero needs one of these. Instructions here. [Photo: Jolly Mom]

Play Tent

You can make a play tent in whatever fabric you have lying around the house - and you don’t have to be a expert at sewing either. Instructions here. [Photo: The Feminist Housewife]

Dinosaur Tail

How adorable are these dinosaur tails? A must-have in every child’s dressing up box. Instructions here. [Photo: Running With Scissors]

Cardboard Washing Machine

If your little one loves helping you out around the house, this cardboard washing machine is a brilliant present idea. Instructions here. [Photo: Belles Bebes]

Hot Air Balloons

Whether you create these hot air balloons to decorate your tot’s room with or to house his or her cuddly toys in, they’re bound to be a hit. Instructions here. [Photo: Fabric Paper Glue]

Mouse In A Tin House

Perfect for taking on holiday or playing with on long car journeys, these tiny mouse homes are a great idea. Instructions here. [Photo: Peas In A Pod]

Toy Workbench

Got an old bedside table or chest of drawers lying around? Convert it into an epic toy workbench for your little one. Instructions here. [Photo: The Frugal Granny]

Jet Pack

Another great addition to your tot’s dressing up box. Instructions here. [Photo: The Pinning Mama]

Newspaper Fort

This is so simple to make and completely free (if you’ve got some old newspapers lying around). Instructions here. [Photo: Modern Parents Messy Kids]


A seesaw provides house of fun and can be painted and decorated in any style you like. Instructions here. [Photo: My Fix It Up Life]

Dolls House

This dolls house is fashioned from an old CD stand. Clever, right? Instructions here. [Photo: Sew She Sews]

Play Table

This is a project that will appeal to everyone in the family: Kids get a special surface (three of them, in fact) to play on, and adults can clean up faster because toys will be confined to one area, not scattered all over the house. Instructions here. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

the end of the new year is coming

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Wow, this is like a fic made into a movie. Can’t help imagining Seb as the teacher though ;)

I am the daughter of immigrants

We aren’t who he says we are.

We came to this country to look for a better life, because opportunities in our home countries weren’t good. My dad was born in an adobe home in rural Mexico with no lights, air conditioning, or a door. My mom lived the first few years of her life in a house made of broken pieces of wood, cardboard, and glue. They were brought to America because there was nothing left for them in Mexico. No chances, no opportunities.

But in America, there were opportunities. For my dad’s family, there were open jobs for farmhands. For my mom’s family, jobs in canned food factories. Jobs that were quickly becoming unpopular as more and more Americans started going to college and moving up the status line. So my grandparents on both sides, and my parents, filled up the blue collar jobs.

For the first time, my parents could receive Christmas gifts. For the first time, my parents could afford food, clothes, and toys. For the first time, my parents got to experience electricity. For the first time, my parents could go to school, college.

These are things I grew up from birth, I’ve never known any other life. I’ve always lived happy and comfortably. But still my parents always remind me of the life they came from, and where my grandparents came from. America is not a perfect nation, but it offers so many blessings that most Americans take for granted. People around the world dream of those blessings, and that’s why they come.

Mr. Trump, don’t take our blessings away.