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Make sure to read @stardustandrobotlionsfanfic that was inspired by this on AO3!! It’s lovely, I promise. <3

*COUGH*ask her to dance*COUGH*

If there’s anything I want more than a beach episode, it’s an episode where Team Voltron gets to relax and dance at a banquet or something after liberating a planet. Until then, I read all the fanfics where that happens instead. Please recommend some. Pfft. 

I need more of Allura in beautiful gowns. Maybe simultaneously kicking ass in one. I’d die. 

Shiro and Allura for @wittyy-name‘s upcoming fic Shut Up and Dance With Me.
They’ve been partners for a long time. Shiro still has his prosthetic arm which they’ve learned to dance around with. 


Me, about 30 minutes ago:

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Me, after watching the P3 and P5 dancing game trailers, the P5 anime trailer, and seeing that PQ2 was confirmed:

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little things to love about chan
  • maknae on top!!!!!!!!
  • little giant! 
  • super loveable ;;
  • talented dancer!
  • loves mj from the bottom of his heart 
  • very good rapper
  • and singer!
  • overall, a talented lil one
  • can’t escape from jeonghan from claiming him as his baby 
  • but pls save him omg
  • super super dedicated in everything 
  • puts incredible effort, especially when it comes to dancing 
  • grew up with dancing parents. 
  • his dad taught him how to dance
  • appeared in korea’s got talent!!!!!!!!!!
  • “you have two options: you can eat it, or throw it away”
  • chanshine
  • when svt realized dino’s voice is decreased by 3 octaves 
  • always so happy and boncey and!!! just overall cute 
  • stage presense is always oN POINT 
  • very charismatic on stage 
  • can change facial expressions from a blink of an eye 
  • cute to cool in a matter of seconds like ??? h oW?? 
  • always does mj versions of dances 
  • dino was the lead choreographer for his part in “chuck” !!! so proud
  • his laugh is very very very very contagious
  • often throws himself backwards and lets out a bellowing laugh and honestly it’s the best thing
  • he may be the youngest, but he will bring you down with his comebacks
  • cute lil vocalist!
  • he recently graduated!!! #classof2017
  • pls love chan, the brightest child in the world!!!!


Master Post: Scenarios


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A fallen bookmark on a Thursday afternoon

Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: ANGST, Fluff and soft Smut
Word Count: 19k

He came to you like the air comes into the train station after the fast arriving of the machine.

It comes fast and unexpected, making you hoist your head to look at the long vehicle and the people inside. It is so fast you can’t even distinguish the different wagons.

As the train comes to a stop, the wind that it creates plays with your hair, leaving you breathless.

That’s how Jeon Jungkook came into your life.

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College Personalities Masterpost

[This is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, and I get that everyone will have a different opinion. No offense intended!]



Harvard: The Stanford of the East. They go to Harvard, sweaty :))), and will make sure you know it. Senator’s sons: brash, smart, and never loved enough as children. Marxists who will graduate only to become CEOs. High School Salutatorians.

Yale: Power gays and hyperfocused law students. Secret societies, a housing system like Hogwarts’s, and a fistful of adderall in every pocket. High School Valedictorians.

Dartmouth: Frat guys, athletic stoners, and upper middle class mountaineers. Imagine a Penn student who spends their summer semester at Brown, vaping their way through business school.

Penn: Future opioid abusing bankers, who party hard but have enough connections to compensate for their academic performance. Like Dartmouth but not as chill; like Princeton but not as prissy.

Brown: They would have went to Berkeley, but Mother insisted on an Ivy. Blue hair, red flannel, white skin. They’ve got universal pass fail but it’s taboo to take advantage of the system. The creative version of every subject–their CompSci students go to Pixar and their Biomed students go to Calico.

Cornell: Engineers from old money families and Conrad Hilton fanboys. Are they depressed because they live in Ithaca or because of their crushing workloads? Teenage Kurt Vonneguts. Wealthy, but it’s not always obvious.

Columbia: In a one sided dick measuring contest with Yale. Heavy workloads, heavy drinking. Erudite, ambitious (and they know it). The angel to NYU’s devil. A fast track to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Princeton: Secretly thinks Harvard is for the impoverished. Eating clubs. Well developed Econ and Math departments, but UChicago is catching up. Great undergraduate teaching, especially if you fit in with the culture.

Stanford: They’d have gone to Harvard, but California is the closest thing Earth’s got to Eden and Massachusetts is…clammy. Massive startup culture. Duck syndrome and stress culture. Elitist, especially about class and status, but somehow gets a pass.

Caltech: “Hey MIT, we’re you but stronger.” Pretends that test scores trump all other metrics of success, because they’re *Number One at the SAT, baby.* Something of a male dominated culture, lighthearted.

MIT: Robotics, engineering, business, and math. 90s computer nerd aesthetic but in an ironic way. Sunlight averse. 1) study hard 2) ??? 3) profit

Duke: Beautifully gothic. Has successfully implemented a caste system, albeit informally. Intelligent, southern socialites. United by basketball, divided by highschool-esque cliques.

UChicago: Will fight the Ivies on sight. Very good at Econ and Law with an intense classical “core” curriculum. Have your weekly panic attack in a stunning glass egg-inspired library. “If you study hard enough you can become God.”

Vanderbilt: The scent of Tennessee honey in the trees. Frat culture. Los Angeles’s beauty standards, Mississippi’s snark.

Johns Hopkins: Students are required to duel you if you call it “John Hopkin’s.” People who have been premed since third grade. Academically intense without being prestige obsessed–I’d cautiously call it “well balanced.” They’re there to become doctors and medical researchers, period.

Berkeley: Study while a riot between Trump Supporters and Antifa rages outside. If Calculus III has you down and depressed, pick up a can of mace and assault somebody. Competes with Stanford, is the champion of Public Universities. Insanely expensive area to live in. Most students are too absorbed in their academics (read: 3.3 GPA CompSci qualifier) to worry about much else.

UMich: Berkeley but with snow. Ann Arbor is as good as college towns get, but has almost dangerous levels of school spirit. International students with $4k apartments and $850 winter coats. “Harvard waitlisted me but I’m not even mad.”

UCLA: Everyone is a former premed. Valley girls and the Asian students they make problematic comments about. Frat guys lost in a scary world where you can’t pass a midterm with a hangover. Cal’s politically stable cousin.

USC: “The University of Spoiled Children” still rings true sometimes, but not as much anymore. There are some seriously competitive academic programs hidden behind Los Angeles’s gauzy party culture. Loyal alumni.

WUSTL: Cooperative with a competitive biology program. Low school spirit, largely because their last star athlete graduated in 1943. Prominent STEM culture, but not exactly nerdy. A midwestern fusion of Brown and Columbia.

Carnegie Mellon: UPitt’s smaller, bourgeois sister. Cliquey nerds–a Drama student would rather die than speak with an Engineer, and visa versa. CompSci champions.

Northwestern: Nerdwestern and Northwasted. They went to private high schools and it’s obvious. Show up to your Art History final drunk on rosé. A version of UChicago where you won’t get mugged on campus.

UWash: Architecture designed by Athena herself. The premed children of Microsoft engineers. White boys wearing colored socks and Nike sandals. Washington rains endlessly with the tears of tormented Amazon employees.

Rice: A refreshing dose of New England in the depths of Texas. “Hmm, Rice? I’ve never heard of it!” Spanish architecture, conquistador vibes. You’ve got a fair chance of finding the library packed at 1am, depending on what week it is. The MIT of the South.

Penn State: Drinking school with a football problem. Parties harder than Miami U. Not really bothered that they get confused with UPenn. Mild frat culture.

Boston University: Rich girls and self centered frat bros. Hipsters and hipster engineers. Athletes in the CGS (“Crayons, Glue, and Scissors”) school. Wealthy slackers who will regale you with tales of Martha’s Vineyard over break.

UVA: Preppy but not on purpose. Public school snobs. Southern-ish and definitely conservative. DC kids with a seemingly endless flow of money from home. The wealthiest, whitest school that’s not called Harvard.


Williams: Oxford and Harvard’s laid back son. Amherst can suck a dick. The bourgeois version of outdoorsy. Sports culture despite not being in a major division.

Amherst: Prelaw or business. Pastel polos, party drugs, and a general Gilded Age aesthetic. General distaste for the hoi polloi.

Swarthmore: “Swatkward.” Highly academic atmosphere, no time for social skills. Beautiful leafy campus. UPenn students aren’t shit compared to us. Stress culture so intense it would make a UChicago student weep.

Tufts: Don’t ask us if we got denied at the Ivies. Friendly, midsize school that maintains the atmosphere of an LAC. Very good International Relations and Philosophy (Dr. Daniel Dennett!) programs.

Reed: Swarthmore but with a lot of LSD. Atheism, communism, and free love. No one here knows a goddamn thing about sex ed. Nuclear reactor that students can train to work at.

Grinnell: Brown’s midwestern cousin. Concrete, glass, and corn. Well developed STEM programs, especially for an LAC. Close knit community, extreme hookup culture. Quirky. Emphasis on writing skill. Gigantic per-student endowment.

Carleton: Trimester system that intensifies the academic culture. Cold winters, warm hearts. Parties more than a typical LAC but there’s still a sense of awkwardness. The smart version of eccentric. Mini Northwestern.

Bowdoin: Not a single person here has ever known a moment of hardship. Dining hall food that could earn a Michelin star. Rich, white, and cliquey. A pretty significant “old sport” culture. Everyone pays full tuition.

Pomona: Like a university packaged as an LAC. All the benefits of California, located next to the Greatest American City—Los Angeles. Large endowment, lots of opportunities. Flagship of the Claremont colleges. Mini Stanford.

Harvey Mudd: A tiny population of quirky engineers. The one true STEM LAC. Mini MIT. Male dominated, socially awkward, highly academic.

Middlebury: Bourgeoisie teenagers in the wilderness. Has a reputation for excellent language programs despite that fame stemming largely from summer specific programs. Quirky, in a reserved way. An amalgam of Dartmouth and Columbia.

Oberlin: What conservatives think liberals are like. A dot of blue in a sea of red. Theatre, music, and dance. “My parents are making me double major in Econ.”

Descendants 2 Re-watch


-Music, still on point
-Lonnie still a badass and my hero (probably ace too, which makes me love her even more)
-Mal and Carlos, you poor babies, struggling to either fit in or confess to the girl
-Ok, but Harry Hook, tho, is a definite hug sub and Uma is his dom and no one can ever convince me otherwise (also, Harry is pansexual as fuck)
-Ben and Mal, still such cuties, buy that’s too much pressure on my babies, they’re literally only kids😭 and they’re both trying so hard
-Also, is it just me or does Mal look skinnier? Cause I know it’s probably just Dove loosing weight or something but that Mal, who should be eating better now that she has proper food in Auradon, is skinnier than when she was in the Isle says a lot about how stressed she’s been
-also, why are the special effects still so bad? You could’ve splurged a bit, Disney
-Ben calling loosing his temper going “beast on her” though
-Thomas Doherty definitely studied cptn jack sparrow because that hip sway and walk is unmistakable…
-Ben, you’re too nice, baby, just channel your inner beast, although I’m honestly impressed with how easily and how fast he stole their stuff
-Gil, my precious idiot
-“please come home” aww Ben, sweet baby
-“I love you, don’t you love me?” 😭😭
-ok, you three are terrible babysitters
-“I’m so flattered you dream of me, I haven’t given you a thought since I left” dang, burn girl, also, is everyone into Mal, cause it kinda seems so
-ok, but Evie and Mal being like, we need to talk about this hair even in the middle of the crisis is terrible cliched and sexist
-Evie and Dizzy are so precious
-Dude, no!
-Chad, wtf?!
-that Malvie song, so gayyyy!!! Love it!!
-Doug, sweetheart, no…
-Lonnie, yes!!!
-Harry, you so gayyyy
-Ben, you too diplomatic, such a king all the time
-Uma, do not curse my baby Ben with that necklace of yours!!!
-the girls when they see Lonnie be like, oh thank the Lord someone reasonable and badass came
-Mal and Uma are so extra tho, rap battling it out in a hostage exchange situation…
-ok but test the wand inside the barrier…. isn’t not supposed to work there? Or is it that because the wand made the barrier the barrier cannot stop it? Or is the barrier still weekend from the first movie… so many questions…
-badass fight scene, finally
-Evie, Lonnie, and Mal, literal Queens!!!😍
-Harry going after the hook, tho 😂
-and they leave the spell book behind, well that won’t bite them in the ass later
-ok, but seriously, Ben is too nice and I’m sure already cursed by this point, although I’m not sure how that worked given the barrier but.. (tots agree with a post I saw earlier talking about this)
-VK AA meetings
-I love the VKs friendship, also especially the fact that we can see Mal’s and Jay’s from the books
-Dude, truly man’s best friend
-Doug, sweetheart no!
-Janelos are so cute, you dorks!
-subterfuge thy name is Jay
-I love the fact that Belle and Adam are nice to Mal now, like about time bro
-those pants and that jacket? a huge fashion no-no, Ben, how did Evie even let you wear that?
-nobody puts baby in the corner, Uma!
-are they seriously dancing to kiss the girl?
-Belle and Beast looking so heartbroken and Adam even defending Mal and going against his own son to do so
-Fairy Godmother being like, I ain’t doing that bitch, Hell no, you ain’t the boss of me
-“I didn’t tell you I loved you because I thought I wasn’t good enough” my poor baby 😭
-true love’s kiss 😍
-Baby’s a dragon!!! 🙌
-I legit thought Ben was going to turn into a Beast the first time I saw this
-Ben you self righteous idiot, I love you
-her dress is the one on the stained glass, like to the smallest detail, the hair is different though
-Belle and Beast commentary in the bg during the second kiss
-yeah, Evie, just like I’ve been saying bring the kids to Auradon, they deserve a chance, all of them
-how come every girl has dress that can be made shorter? Like, can I get one of those?
-also, still can’t get over Belle’s and Adam’s parent dancing and Ben shaking his wet hair like a dog at them 😂
-I can die happy now

PS. Still sticking by my initial brief summary…. everyone is gay and collectively dating in this sequel, like I swear
Coming out was never an option in their high school

But Cosette really wanted to date Eponine. She wanted to go to movies with her and go out to dinner. It wasn’t just get either. Her brother had fallen hopelessly in love with Grantaire
So she and Enjolras came up with a plan.
For their next school dance, Cosettes parents got wider full pictures of their kids along with their dates.
Didn’t Enjolras look so handsome with Eponine?
And Grantaire was so gentlemanly towards their daughter!
The two couples became the most stable couples in the high school. Every girl was jealous of Grantaire’s loyalty to Cosette. And Eponine was so understanding when Enjolras was busy and distracted.
Everyone agreed that they were #goals.

They kept the farce up for nearly three years.
They came out at graduation. The two couples suddenly switching and kissing in front of everyone.
And then they were gone, off to the apartment they’d secured in another city with Grantaire’s old friend Bossuet.