parent and son

Me:  I don’t have the time, energy, brainpower, or ability to actually write this thing, I should just let it sit dormant in my head where it’s sat for the last year+.

Also me:  So then Poe sweet-talks his butch Rodian spy friend into helping and she smuggles Finn onto his homeworld by pretending to be a financier with him as her cyborg market monitor so they fit him up with a fake Lobot-Tech headpiece and some kind of eye thing to obscure his face, and once they’re through customs…

  • MC: I don't know what to give my parents for Christmas...
  • 707: Give them me as a son-in-law. ;)

turn: washington’s spies + fancasts
                                   ↳ tom holland as thomas “sprout” woodhull

I know the prop design and little allusions to the books are amazing in the show, but look at this. We see Beatrice’s letter to Lemony in TMM pt2:

it reads as follows:

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