Children’s Drawings Are Transformed Into 3D Timeless Jewelry

Turkish company Tasarım Takarım (I Wear Design) convert’s tender and adorable children’s illustrations into gold and silver jewelry. The project first began two years ago when designers Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu (the sculptor and goldsmith) and Özgür Karavit (the painter)first transformed a child’s doodle into an ornament.

They encourage everybody to turn their child’s, sister’s, brother’s or baby cousin’s art into a timeless and unique piece of jewelry. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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How Disney Princesses Would Look If They Were Mothers

Artist Isaiah Stephens has created an illusory world, where he has transformed our beloved and innocent Disney Princess into mommy’s to be. Everyone from Princess Jasmine to Elsa are seen with a bun in the oven, spending quality time with their newborn are absolutely adorable.

Stephen confesses to Bored Panda: “I’m a 90s kid, so I’m absolutely a Disney princess fan! I think because Disney princesses are so varied, both appearance and personality wise, they are an easy group to garner inspiration from.

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I don’t remember Fairly Odd Parents being this lit


it can’t be easy for you. i mean, andy’s family, isn’t he? i guess, we’re just gonna have to wait for them to let him go. 

When I say I have repressed memories I think people tend to think I’m jumping to conclusions, and/or faking.

No, I have very real and detailed memories of SOME of my childhood abuse. But, even so I’m litteraly missing years upon years of memories.

I have huge gaps in my memory, and I’ve forgotten about a lot of my trauma. It’s not that “it wasn’t that bad” it’s that it was that bad, and then some, and my little brain couldn’t process all the trauma.
Writing Prompt #2 - Button Poetry
Choose an object that has a lot of sentimental value to you and an object you bought in the last week (or most recently). Write a letter...

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OTP where person A already has a kid and is trying to raise them on their own. One day the kid gets lost somewhere and makes friends with person B who delivers them to a weepy person A and then they exchange numbers because the kid wants to see person B again( and person A also wants to see them too but just a little)

Ok, I have to get something off my chest. It’s about a particular thing that Clexa shippers like to add to their callout posts of That One Blarke. Call her out for what she says if you feel the need, but please, please stop adding the bits about how she has kids that she’s probably neglecting.

Every time you do that, you’re also saying that I, an active Tumblr user with a child, am a shitty parent. That my kid is probably running rampant and uncontrollable. That my child should be taken away too. I know I’m not the only parent active in fandom. It is possible to be active in social media and not spend literally all your time here. It is possible to spend time with one’s child(ren) while also being active in fandom just like it is possible to have a full time job or three and still be a good parent who spends time with their kids.

It also borders on a few other things I take issue with. For one, the idea that there is an age limit to fandom. That it’s something you should grow out of when you become a Real Adult and that if you HAVE kids you shouldn’t be doing “kid things.” For another, the implication that a woman’s child should be the only priority in her life- that children should become the only thing a woman spends her time and effort on. 

So again, if you take offense to something she says, by all means, do what you feel you need to… but please leave her parenting out of it. 

Mr. Mom - Part 1

Pairing- Bucky x Reader

Words- 1.5k

FLUFF! Also, major story build-up, I will be posting this in parts so look forward to PART 2 coming soon.

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

You manage to get your suitcase down the stairs when you heard a knock at the door. A little six-year-old and a golden retriever zoomed past you almost toppling you and your bag over. Setting your suitcase upright, you walked over to get the door. Upon opening it you were greeted with a quick peck on the cheek as the man who stood in front of you slid inside.

“Buck thank you so much for doing this. You are one of the few people Sebastian can actually stand. I owe you.” He flashed a quick grin and helped you move your bags closer to the door. “Okay. I stocked the house with Sebastian’s favorites, you should be set for the rest of the week. Bedtime is 9 o’clock we usually read a story. Homework done by dinner, he needs a little help with subtraction but if you walk him through a few problems he can usually figure out the rest on his own. He is staying at his friend Parker’s house on Saturday, so you should have the weekend to yourself. All emergency numbers are listed on the fridge and if you need anything call me. I know you won’t want to bother me, being it’s my first mission in almost 6 years but please don’t hesitate to call.” Your mouth was moving a mile a minute until Bucky finally stopped you.

“Relax (Y/N), Sebastian and I will be fine.” He gave you a reassuring smile before pulling you into his arms for a hug.

When you broke apart you called into the living room for your son. “Sebastian come give your mother a hug!” You could hear little feet running across the hardwood. A full head of light brown hair bolted towards your legs and you scooped him up in your arms. “You be good for Bucky okay?” He gave you a quick nod. “I will be back in a week sweetie. I love you.” You set him down back on the floor and kissed the top of his head.

“I love you too mom.” He scrunched his face up at you, pretending to be grossed out that you kissed him. This made a small laugh escape your lips and put your mind at ease.

“Okay boys, have fun this week.” You called after Sebastian as he bolted back into the living room.

Bucky grabbed your bag, “Here (Y/N), let me help you out.” He followed you out to your car. “Be careful okay?”

“Of course, and Buck? Seriously thank you. Sebastian hasn’t had much male influence in his life, so you being there means so much to me.” You squeezed his hand before getting into the driver’s seat as he shut the door behind you. He waved as you pulled out of the driveway.

Steve had introduced you to Bucky a year before you had gotten pregnant with Sebastian, and instantly you became best friends. That was 8 years ago, you both had remained friends since that day. Bucky was there for you through most of the pregnancy, since unfortunately Sebastian’s father had been MIA since you got the news. A one night stand that ending up with you pregnant. But Bucky didn’t mind filling in, going to doctors appointments, helping satisfy cravings, rubbing your swollen feet, honestly he enjoyed it. He knew from the moment he had met you that he was in love but unfortunately, you were too preoccupied to see it. One month left into your pregnancy you left Stark tower and moved back in with your parents. You told him that living with the Avengers was not ideal for raising a child. Until 6 months ago, when you moved back to New York, you were now living down the street from the place you used to call home. Sebastian, on the other hand, had a hard time seeing his new house as a home.

Sebastian was never a “normal” kid, from a young age, he showed signs of social anxiety. His teachers called him shy, never speaking up in class and avoiding other children on the playground. You received phone calls often from concerned parents about Sebastian’s behavior, after he had spent most of his time at a birthday party in the corner reading. He had a hard time connecting with people. You knew this from day one, and this gave you a cause for concern taking your son to Stark tower to meet your old teammates. You knew social situations overwhelmed him, and the when you get the Avengers together they can be an exciting bunch. You gave Tony a heads up before you finally brought Sebastian over.

Sebastian held your hand tightly as you both left the elevator and reached the main lounge area of Stark Tower. He hid behind you has you approached a small group gathered on couches.

A tall man with a goatee greeted you both, with the rest of the Avengers following behind him. He pulled you in for a quick hug and held his hand out to your son. “Hey, Sebastian. I am Tony nice to meet you kiddo.” Tony gave his signature toothy grin as Sebastian hid further behind you.

You turned to your son, “It okay Sebastian, they are all our friends.” His eyes widened and he bolted out of the room.

You tried to take off after him but you lost your son after he rounded the corner. You sighed looking back at your friends you rubbed the back of your neck. “I’m sorry, he does this a lot.”

Steve gave you an encouraging smile. “Don’t worry (Y/N), the tower isn’t that big. We’ll find him.”

The all gave you a look of reassurance as they each broke apart to find your son.

Bucky eventually found Sebastian hiding under the wooden table in the kitchen. He breathed a sigh of relief as he shot you a text saying he found your son. He then crawled under the table joining him.

“Are you okay down here? I know they can all be a little intimidating, but they were just so excited to meet you.” His voice was soft and heartfelt. A voice that not many people heard from the man.

Sebastian looked up the panic in his eyes beginning to fade. “Really?”

“Of course buddy, your mom has told us all so much about you. You’re pretty famous around here.” Bucky watched as Sebastian tried to hide a smile, proud that a big group of superheroes was excited to meet him.

“This is a pretty good hiding place you got.” Bucky looked around and flashed a smile, which made Sebastian lighten up slightly. “You mind if I borrow it sometime?”

Nervous eyes became curious ones as Sebastian started to study Bucky noticing the small patch of metal peeking out from under  his sleeve. Bucky  became aware of what Sebastian was looking at and took off his glove.

His eyes lit up as he looked at the man and the arm. Bucky moved his hand as Sebastian examined slowly inching closer. Buck flexed his arm and the metal contracted with it, Sebastian became entranced. He looked up for a moment to ask Bucky a question. “Do you really have a metal arm?”

Bucky nodded.

The child went back to investigating, “I’m Sebastian.”

“Nice to meet you, Sebastian, I’m Bucky.”

Bucky smiled to himself, this was the first time anyone had actually taken any positive interest in his arm. Usually, it made other people uncomfortable, but not this little boy He watched as Sebastian’s little fingers grazed across the cool metal of his forearm. He looked so much like you. Everything Sebastian does mirrored you almost perfectly.

“How about we get some ice cream huh?” Bucky asked.

Sebastian’s attention immediately shifted as he eagerly shook his head.

You walked into the kitchen, your son sitting on the counter giggling while Bucky’s head was in the freezer.

“We’ve got chocolate, vanilla, and cookie dough.” Bucky poked his head out from behind the freezer door.

“Cookie Dough,” Sebastian grinned.

“I was thinking the same thing.” Bucky turned around with a pint of ice cream in his hands and a huge smile on his face.

“There are my favorite boys! Looks like you two have already gotten acquainted.” You beamed.

Both looked up at you innocently, with spoons hanging out of their mouths.

You walked over to your son who had ice cream all over his face and pulled him into your embrace. “How about we get you all cleaned up and we head home okay?”

Your son gave you a quick nod as you wiped the corners of his mouth with a wet washcloth

. Bucky took the bowls and set them in the sink. You mouthed a quick thank you to him as you lifted Sebastian and set him on the ground. Sebastian’s hand grasped on to Bucky’s metal one as you all walked out of the kitchen together.

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Close ya legs!

I say that extremely tongue-in-cheek. Do what you bloody like with them pins. 

I have been thinking about this for over 24 hours, so clearly it’s something that has caught my attention and made me consider many things for the now & in the future. 

There is an article going around: “it’s 2016 & women still can’t make their own  decisions about their bodies” or something to that effect. The article refers to a young Australian woman wanting her tubes tied or her husband to be able to get a vasectomy & the doctors/state/country laws won’t allow her to make that decision because she’s too young. She’s 22, and she has the 3rd one on the way. I will also add, she has conceived all 3 children while on contraception. Fertile Myrtle! The point is, she didn’t plan on 3 in 3 years, or maybe to be a mother at this point in her life but here she is & she seems to be a bloody good one, taking it all in her stride. The fact that a woman can’t sign a form on her own (some places will do tubal ligation as long as her husband gives his consent - gimme a fucking break). Any woman at any stage of her life, if she truly feels it is the right decision, and made use of all the information available, should be able to opt for this. What about woman who NEVER had nor wants children, & knows it through and through? or if her organs were causing her intense pain from endometriosis? She must wait in agony? 

It also made me think about women who breastfed their children and has lopsided, saggy tatas & feels self conscious; if she wants to get her breasts done, then have at it. People shame women on so many things these days. I must admit, if my beautiful daughter came to me as a grown adult in that position to tell me she wanted to get breast augmentation & it affected her self esteem, I’ll be honest: I would cry a bit only because I made that perfect little person and I don’t think she needs to mess with it ever, however, it would be her decision and I would make sure she knew I backed her 100% whatever she chose to do.

I am baffled that this bullshit exists in a first world westernized country… It angers me.