Tri-tip Pizza

I don’t eat pizza very often, the average pizza shop here in Melbourne doesn’t offer anything terribly exciting, so one night when we had a couple of pizza bases hanging around I thought I’d make something a bit more interesting than a Capriciossa, Hawaiian or marinara.

I had cooked a nice big tri-tip roast the day earlier and still had some in the fridge so I got it out and sliced enough for a good coverage and set about building the pizza.

I started with a barbecue sauce covering instead of a tomato sauce and the added the slices of smoked tri-tip, thinly sliced white onion, julienne capsicum and fresh corn.

I added some grated mozzarella cheese, a big swirl of barbecue sauce then sprinkled some parmesan cheese over the top and sliced half a dozen pickled tobacco peppers and scattered them about the pizza.

After fifteen minutes in the oven the base was crispy, the cheese melted and it was ready to eat.

Verdict: Excellent, highly recommended for lovers of pizza with a spicy kick!


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