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The only reason why Kira had gone out on the walk was to not feel claustrophobic; plus the post office wasn’t that far away from her home. Being in her own car makes her uneasy at times.

Hearing her name being called out in a familiar Scottish accent; Kira turns to see the Doctor. He’s looking what she is feeling; disbelief.



I love this guy so much, lol

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has anyone made a parellel of riley saying yay multiple times like cory use 2 do? the episode corpanga shawn and angela go home from college 4 xmas he does it i never noticed that similarity

Not sure if there’s any gifs out there but I’ll post in case someone has seen them and/or wants to make some :)

Josefine's scar

Why are people freaking out over Josefine’s scar and acting like they don’t know what its from because they want to believe it’s a Liz parellel…like…I’m pretty sure it was made clear that it was from her fiancé…

Sometimes I wonder if reality splits…there are parellel universes in which different events have happened to the same people. An alternate choice has been made, or an accident has turned out differently. Everyone has duplicates of themselves in these other worlds. Different selves with different lives, different luck.
—  Cadence Sinclair Eastman, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

I was tagged by @peoniespoppiesandowlsohmy  (told you I would do it eventually…) to post 5 favorite manga panels or anime screen shots from Fairy Tail and then tag other people.

It was really hard to choose, I don’t know if these are my fav but I love them for what they mean to me.

So in chronological order : 

Number one: The classic Lucy is falling and trust Natsu to catch her. Everyone knows it. It’s cheesy but this is the exact moment my Nalu ship sailed for good I think. 

Number two: It’s not really about this panel, even if I like it. It’s more about Edolas overall and its guild members. I loved this arc, I like the idea of parellel universes and meeting these new versions of characters we learnt to love. I hope to see them again someday, I read some crazy theories about it haha…

Number three: Lucy fire… hahaha I don’t know why I love this technique. Maybe because for a moment Lucy was a fire dragonslayer, one of my secret fantasies :o) ? Anyway, this chapter is very memorable to me (and not just because Natsu touches Lucy’s butt)

Number four: The whole GMG/Eclipse Gate arc is the best part of FT by far imo. And how it ends is the icing on the cake: future rogue and natsu fighting each other riding dragons? How can it be matched?

Number five : Ok I cheated, I used two panels for the last one. But I couldn’t choose. First Lucy breaking her key was, at the time (we know better now), surprising and overwhelming. Aquarius appeared in the very first chapter of FT after all, not seeing her again was shocking. Plus Lucy saving everyone’s ass was great to see for a change, some character development !

And then Igneel, another main theme. I waited a long time  for this reunion. Having him killed before having a proper discussion was frustrating (it’s a trend) but understandable. 

Tartaros arc was not perfect but it delivered. 

That’s all folks ! I’m not as chatty as you Brianna :p, but I tried my best !

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i hate when your friends pretend to be helpful and supportive but its a fucking facade and they answer your worries with a ‘well if it was me…i’d be grateful’ like fuck off. you’re not me, and you’re not in the situation so if we were in a parellel universe where my problems were yours u wouldn’t want me to hypothetically be you. im sorry but learn how to be decent because you’re so transparent just like brian griffin

Preferisco che due rette diventino incidenti piuttosto che parallele tra loro. Così facendo si incontreranno in un dato momento della loro esistenza. Ma essere due linee parellele,significa viaggiare nella stessa direzione ma senza mai incrociare i propri sguardi…sfiorarsi le dita o apprezzare il sapore di un bacio.
—  Aforismi di un teenager pensatore

It’s funny. Back in 2002, just after the Bruce Wayne: Murderer story arc, DC published this 8-issue miniseries. The art clearly marks this as a early 2000s comic, but so many elements seem ripped from the headlines of today’s Gotham - the Owl imagery (though here part of a Greek/Athena motif, rather than the Court of Owls), a villain with parellels to Bruce’s mother - the more things change, the more they stay the same.