Its 1:30am and I just woke up from a fucking aweful nightmare. My insides feel liquified. Fuck. Nightmares hurt me physically. Need to recover before going back to sleep. I dream about the end of the world sometimes. And I dont mean like wow I watch too much TV. I ACTUALLY dream about it. It may not be in our universe it may be in a parellel one but anyways…stuff of the worst nightmares lemme tell u…

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So here is a parellel. In the story today, Jace was basically filling the same role as Ugin in the end of the Oath of the Gatewatch story. Especially with the "What have you done?" which was written and parsed to give the impression that they were said in the same tone as Ugin when he asked the members of the gatewatch the same thing. So either I am liking Ugin more than I did back then, or Jace less. Still not sure.

I can’t read this ask through my tears, what does it say

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What is your theory about Belle's and Regina's matching outfits?


*lol* No okay, I’ll be serious (sort of)

Season 5 was the FIRST season ever that Regina and Belle matched outfits in any way. It’s rather curious, don’t you think? They have matched three times already. One in Camelot as seen above, one in Storybrooke paralleling their match in Camelot and we also got one very distinctive parellel with young Regina and young Belle wearing their riding outfits-which are almost identical.

So it made me wonder, why now? And off course why green for Belle? Belle’s colors don’t match Regina’s in any way (expect the occasional blue). She usually wears pink, blue, brown and some yellow. Regina wears black, red, purple and some blue. Totally different pallettes. The explanation for green though is very easy, she matched Zelena, they switched places in 5A as Regina’s “sister” and Regina’s “captive” and it was used to foreshadow the connection Belle would have with Zelena in 5B (which was unexpected by many)

See? Very reminiscent of Belle’s maid outfit. Off course it’s not the same like Milah’s was since they weren’t trying to do a direct parallel, more a nuanced matching (they also shared identical cloaks in Camelot, each in her colors though since Zelena was “free”)

Which makes you think why on earth they would try to pull a direct parallel with Regina and Belle in their younger years right? What I see from this is that at that stage of their lives they were both heroes. I think the meaning for Regina is quite apparent, she has embraced the heroic part of herself. But for Belle? It’s rather curious. Perhaps Belle using unorthodox methods to reach her goals means a slight flip for both of them, reaching a point both never thought they could.

I also believe that the writers are trying to showcase that Regina and Belle care about each other after all so their outfits/intersts are alligned even for a short while (5A). How much this is successfull, well, it’s under debate. We’ll see in season 6 more clearly.

It’s extremelly funny though that they pull off that paralleling for the first time the season Rumbelle has very serious problems within their relationship. What I get from it is a gradual pull and connection for Regina and Belle in order to lead at a switch. If sb wanted to do Golden Queen, that’s the perfect laying ground, are we kidding? Not to mention that whenever Rumple is not with Belle in some way, oops, Regina just happens to be around. Rumple has a connection with both women that has lasted a very long time. He and Belle are a True Love’s couple (whose fate is undetermined) and he and Regina are practically twins. If we wanted to use the world soulmate appropriatelly, they would be it. Rumple continues to be in a relationship with Belle as he also continues to match and mirror Regina. Don’t you think that’s curious and telling? I do.

Okay, so.

Crystal Monsters.

A few things I notice right off the bat- this intro screen doesn’t look too bad, right? Well, it’s static, and the background music is midi-quality, despite this game being made for the Nintendo DSI. And I know the DSI didn’t have the best hardware, but The World Ends With You was made YEARS earlier for the DS and somehow manages to have an amazing ost.

Second thing I notice, the animation in the opening cutscene is choppier than SNES graphics and for 2010 that is unforgivable.

Third thing, there’s some weird ‘parellel universes’ thing and apparently when they merge they make these monsters and that’s where they come from???? I have no idea, the plot is stupid and there’s too much weird dialogue and technobabble and it is the OPENING CUTSCENE.


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This might be a weird question but do you have any advice on anatomy and proportions? I'm having a hard time trying to learn it and I know it is a very important thing in art. So far I can only draw people from and up. Every time I try and draw the lower half it looks all weird and out of place. So any advice?

It’s not a weird question at all!

I think my biggest piece of advice would be to just take a look at some refs of real people and practice drawing the real thing! The more you do that the more you’ll learn how the human figure works. I like to use this site:

Another thing I like to do is watch music videos and pause on cool poses and draw it haha

Also, a few basic rules I follow is that when arms are to the side, the wrist will generally be parellel to the crotch, and also hands are about the same size as the face. (for some reason arms and hands are the hardest for me lol)


car seat recline head rest plush envelope obliterate thought
parellel to minds run hearts floating together and wishing to touch
you sleep you wake further down the road
night shaped clouds hang dark over grey sky
pulsing fingers lose grasp
you sleep you wake further down the road
fog trickle in through cracked window colder than before
do you see your hands still do you see your man still
windshield breaks bugs infest weightless motionless
you wake further down the road
wheels removed float through eating highway miles
tarmac growing smaller before you you are between the clouds yes
you dip between stars you are the moon
you wake further down the road and suddenly
suddenly motion blurs to inevitable conclusion
and impressionist wisps of colour paint your skyline
his eyes trailing deep blue hues of baby pale shallow
the line a horizon his eyes the circumference of
you wake further down the road

all is still

you sleep

Which Boy Meets World Characters are the Girl Meets World characters really based off of?

Okay, so from day one, we have known this. Riley = Cory Maya = Shawn Auggie = Morgan In the very first episode we immediately thought the rest of the group went like this: Lucas = Topanga Farkle = Minkus… Well, I’ve done some analyzing and now I can say that this might not be true. Okay, let’s make some parellels. Riley is like Cory, because when Boy Meets World first started, Cory was more or less the one trying to fit in with his best friend, Shawn. When Girl Meets World started, you could see the same thing happening with Riley trying to fit in with Maya. I know this because, remember that scene where Maya was causig trouble in Mr. Matthew’s class? Riley turns around and says, “YEAH!” And then she looks at her dad and changes her mind. Kind of like when Cory was in Mr. Feeny’s class, and Cory was listening to a baseball game with Shawn, they’re all into it, and then Mr. Feeny comes up, and Cory get’s detention. Cory had a good heart, he just wanted to fit in. Just like Riley does. Now let’s take a trip back to when Lucas first came into a picture, I remember watching the show and trying to compare each of the characters… But with Lucas, something wasn’t adding up. I could see the good heart, like Topanga had, but I didn’t see the smartness, the tendency to help others, the maturnes, and somewhat weirdness… But when I saw Farkle, I saw a lot of Minkus, but I also saw a lot of Topanga. Minkus and Topanga were exactly alike. They were great partners, but they just didn’t click. (Just like Farkle and Smackle). You saw a quirkiness about Cory (Also seen with Riley), that you didn’t see with Topanga (Also seen with Farkle.) The fact that in season 1, Farkle was considered a geek, but by season 2, he was quite the good looking guy, just like how Topanga was at first considered a geek, but she grew up, matured, and caught the attention of Cory, makes me think of Farkle as more of a Topanga. The fact that Cory flirted with other girls, and Topanga rubbed it off just like Farkle did with Riley going after Lucas. Something that really caught my eye, was that Farkle, Maya, and Riley had all been friends since they were little, just like Topanga, Shawn, and Cory. In a flashback episode, Topanga saved Cory on the monkey bars, while Shawn didn’t make a move, the same way that Farkle saved Riley with she was bobbing for apples, while Maya just told her to lift her head up. You see, Maya and Farkle are complete opposites, just like Shawn and Topanga were, but Riley and Farkle, have some things in common, and they are different in some ways, but in the end, they work together and get it done. My point is that, even though Smackle and Farkle seem like the perfect couple, being the same gets boring after a while. You see him look at Smackle like, ‘Yeah, she’s great.’ And then, you see him look at Riley, like ‘I love her.’ Farkle is apparently caught up in some mixed feelings as well. He acts hurt about the fact that Riley went for two guys, but yet, he is always there for her. He loves her, and who knows? Maybe that New Years secret revealing was for the best, but after he said it, he seemed almost relieved, like maybe she could move on because she is now accepting her own feelings? Now I’m sure that y'all are wondering “Wait, then… Who is Lucas?” Remember the Semi-Formal episode? Where Eric and Jack appeared? Well, they were talking about how they were best friends, but they both had a crush on a girl? Well, maybe that girl is Rachel. She reminded me of Lucas in a way. She was great looking, tall, but she really only liked one guy, and that guy was Jack. Or Lucas could be Angela (Shawn’s old girlfriend). But like when we shipped Auslly, all of us had our suspicions! We all new they were meant to be, but we didn’t know if the writers were gonna go with us. Some people liked Dallas and Ally. Some liked Elliot and Ally. Some liked Gavin and Ally. But we all loved Auslly. Honestly, it could go either way for Girl Meets World! But for now, I am still hoping that the plot twist that GMWwriters on Twitter are talking about has something to do with #riarkle. Because they did say that the 'Love Triangle’ isn’t really a triangle at all… Maybe Riley likes Lucas less than she thinks, and maybe she actually likes Farkle more, she just hasn’t realized it? I don’t know, but I do know, that I can’t wait to see what happens for Riley and the rest of her friends as they go through a journey of finding love, living life, facing heartbreak, and truly finding themselves! Thank you!

Description of the photo:
The photo shows an illuminated filament of an incandescent bulb. Along with the filament, its reflection is visible in the glass of the bulb at the right side and left side of image.

Story behind it:
One day this particular bulb was illuminated as usual and suddenly the voltage dropped. As the voltage dropped, the current through the filament (probably tungsten) dropped and thus the reduced heating led to reduction of light generated by the bulb. And I got an opportunity to see the filament of the bulb in its glowing glory. It was a transcendental view. The glowing filament along with its two reflections - one on the front glass and one on the rear glass of the bulb. A parellel arrangement of filaments. I grabbed the Camera and froze this moment in this photo.

Photo captured using: Lumia™ 730