Time travel Elizabeth Midford

Because I’ve always loved time travel and parellel universes (I blame Doctor Who ;)) I really want to write a fanfic where an older, married, very happy and no longer in the dark about her husband Elizabeth Midford meeting the current her and the current Ciel. Lizzy is confused at first and I’d like ‘You’re so pretty and cool but aren’t you worried about not being cute?’ and older Lizzy just replies 'I don’t really care whether people see me as cute or not, Ciel loves me the way I am’ and Ciel is blushy and thinks 'Oh god she is gorgeous. And she’s so confident, is she really my Lizzy?’ and then older Lizzy gets beaten at a game of hopscotch by younger Lizzy and older Lizzy yells NO FAIR and Ciel smiles and thinks 'Yes, that’s my Lizzy’
Bonus: younger Lizzy giggles when Older Lizzy is out of the room and says AWWW CIEL YOU LOOK SO CUTE WHEN YOU BLUSH, you have a crush on her- well, um, me don’t you Ciel? And he just hangs his head in shame


I love this guy so much, lol

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has anyone made a parellel of riley saying yay multiple times like cory use 2 do? the episode corpanga shawn and angela go home from college 4 xmas he does it i never noticed that similarity

Not sure if there’s any gifs out there but I’ll post in case someone has seen them and/or wants to make some :)

Josefine's scar

Why are people freaking out over Josefine’s scar and acting like they don’t know what its from because they want to believe it’s a Liz parellel…like…I’m pretty sure it was made clear that it was from her fiancé…

Sometimes I wonder if reality splits…there are parellel universes in which different events have happened to the same people. An alternate choice has been made, or an accident has turned out differently. Everyone has duplicates of themselves in these other worlds. Different selves with different lives, different luck.
—  Cadence Sinclair Eastman, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Hange is probably the only character I’ll ever multiship, because normally when it comes to shipping I’m possessive so I’m NO THEY ARE TOGETHER. NO ONE ELSE but I honestly think Rico and Hange got along really well and then they began to develop feelings and act on those feelings (sexually too) but they had to break up because they were constantly worried about the other and realised it would be dangerous to worry because then you don’t think about yourself you think abput the one you love so they broke up on good terms but were both prone to nostalgic moments of them as a couple. They then made it a tradition to write letters to eachother whenever they could. A year after training, Levi came along and Hange found herself falling for him as soon as she saw him. But she felt conflicted, and as if she would betray Rico for wanting to be with Levi. So before anyone else found out her feelings, she poured her heart out in a letter to Rico, voicing her sadness over falling in love with him because she didn’t think she’d ever feel that way again but oh my god she loves him and yet she is so worried about Rico feeling betrayed and heartbroken. Rico writes that it’s completly fine, and for Hange to go for it becayse she’d heard about them from Mike and Irvin and she thinks they are a cute couple (like everyone else oops)
It was the first time Rico hadn’t told Hange everything: That part of her still loved her and she was gradually heartbroken.
She met Levi way before and they are actually very good friends, it’s just that Rico still has a soft spot for Hange and always will, but she knows her first love is in fantastic hands because anyone can tell that Levi really, really loves Hange the way she loves him, and Rico is happy for them

Preferisco che due rette diventino incidenti piuttosto che parallele tra loro. Così facendo si incontreranno in un dato momento della loro esistenza. Ma essere due linee parellele,significa viaggiare nella stessa direzione ma senza mai incrociare i propri sguardi…sfiorarsi le dita o apprezzare il sapore di un bacio.
—  Aforismi di un teenager pensatore

It’s funny. Back in 2002, just after the Bruce Wayne: Murderer story arc, DC published this 8-issue miniseries. The art clearly marks this as a early 2000s comic, but so many elements seem ripped from the headlines of today’s Gotham - the Owl imagery (though here part of a Greek/Athena motif, rather than the Court of Owls), a villain with parellels to Bruce’s mother - the more things change, the more they stay the same.