Woodrose myths :)))

(i just copied everything. hala that’s plagiarisim!! :)))) ) 

Span Prof:           Why do you want to take Spanish as an elective?

Cy:                        Coz we already took up Spanish in our school..

Span Prof:           Really? Where did you study?

Cy:                        In Woodrose

Span Prof            :           Ano yun?

Cy:                        School po..??


Classmate:          San ka ba ng aral?

Cy:                        Sa Woodrose

Classmate:          Aaaahh. [wow she knows my school] Yung Woodrose

                       International Academy!

Cy:                        Ha? Uh.. hmmmn. [Cadet Kelly?? Since when???]



1.    Woodrose is SOOO isolated. You keep hearing it but you don’t know where it is.     

>>> it’s that brick shool in a small lot.. hahaha

-          It’s that school with a lot of BRICKS inside Ayala Alabang Village.

2.    Your tuition is in dollars.

>>> ah whoa!!! I shouldn’t have studied at all then!!!

-          Of course not, you fool. We only transact in golden bars. > HELLO! this is crazy :))

3.    Your allowance ranges from 1,500- 3,000 per week.

>>> I remember my mom would give me 20 bucks a day back in grade 1 and I can’t buy that freakin french fries coz it was25 bucks! =(

-          How I wish! Haha! XD But most of us had 500 per week.

4.    Nuns and priests run the school.

>>> no!! we have priests but they don’t run the school. We have teachers who are numeraries.

-          That would be Assumption. HAHA! All Woodrose teachers are female, by the way. Haha! And just because they’re pious, it doesn’t mean they’re nuns.

5.    You have polo for Physical Education.  

~how I wish! Haha imagine that..saya nun! haha

>>> horses could barely run in our field if that’s the case!

6.    Each student has a prayer notebook, which the class advisers grade everyday.

- first thing that popped in mah mind: ms areola’s gratitude notebook hahah which is not graded! Only her advisory classes know what im talking about ahah

>>> we did but they don’t grade it!!!

7.    Woodrose teaches a subject called Motherhood.

>>> wahahaha. Like how to change diapers? Tie your husband’s necktie?? Whahaha. Wut duh!

8.    Woodrose Music Class trains you to be part of orchestra.

            ~K we made Gregorian chants and those tribal music thing. hahah

>>> yah.. a Filipino bamboo orchestra maybe?? Hahaha. Remember

                    music?? Our tribal stuff. I love that.. feel na feel ko ang bamboo

                    cylinders & kulintang!                                                                              

9.    You wear stockings as part of your uniform.

~oh crappers haha. Well, they told us to do so during dengue season! Hahah but no one did:D ahaha

>>> shyett! That’s freakin hottt!! We were only told not to wear ankle-length socks..

10.  Woodrose is a foreign exchange school!

>>> what? More of a Korean school!!

11.  Woodrose prom is about dating those from Southridge.

~hmmm..all I can say is hahahahaha

>>> well, I went to practically all the soirees.. woodrose with ateneo, woodrose with lsgh, woodrose with xavier… but I still ended up with a southridge date!! Haha

12.  You guys have Astrology and Navigation as your subjects.

>>> that would be soooo cool. But no.. sorry.. we just do star gazing during camp out!

13.  Woodrose girls are LEGALLY BLONDE girls.

~ hell noo!

>>> soooo not!! We’re not the perky arte legally blonde girls.. we’re in fact wild- sabog people!! Haha

-          Oh please! Most of us are allergic to the likes of Legally Blonde. Mrs. Carreon said it herself: “When I was in La Salle, all the girls there were so ayos; but in Woodrose, ang sabog ng mga buhok.”  HAHA! :D

14.   Woodrose? Diba parang Hogwarts yun?

>>> whaaat? Maybe because of our intrams!! The teams- green, blue, red and gold. Or does “woodrose” just sound sooo hogwartsy??!!

15.  You have to wear your gala uniform in your prom.

>>> oh noes.. that would just look like recognition day in a hotel??? Hahahahaha

-          HAHAHAH! cant wait to see the day they actually require that :)) 

16.  Confession is graded.

>>> NO!! why?? We just have confessions every other week. There’s a checklist if you went or not.. but it’s highly encouraged!

-          hahahahahahhahahah!!!


Other comments and added “myths”

*We have tea time during recess.

*”PAREF? Oh my! Hindi ba parang CULT yun?”

*What school are you from?” –“Woodrose. J” –“Isn’t that some socialite international school?”

*PAREF stands for…

P- Preparatory

A- Academy (for the)

R- Rich

E- Elitista (and)

F- Frivolous (or) Fashionista



A Southridge guy asked –

            “Diba when you pull the blue ribbon, the entire blouse will fall off?”

~hahahahahah! In my 3 years in high school, hindi pa naman nahuhulog yung blouse ko when I pull my ribbonK haha

SOUTHRIDGE MYTHS (I just copied this whole thing:D)

Southridge P.E has only two sports: golf and jet skiing.

JV says: Ohhhhlala… where oh where is the Southridge Bay? *saya namaaaaan!

All Southridge students must wear a green and blue necktie everyday.

I have no idea actually. *hahahaha

There are special days when students from Southridge wear SKORTS as a sign of respect.

HAHAHAHAHA WHAT?! *ireland vibe?

Southridge boys go to Woodrose every February. Purpose: to pick up their prom dates.

This is true actually! In our fourth year we made a killing selling Valentine’s stuff to them! *kahit kelan actually, but they HAVE to be biologically related to anyone from woodrose. haha

Southridge guys may only date Woodrose girls.

O_o  *social contruct.

Every ten years, Southridge and Northfield meet to celebrate their brotherhood.

JV says: Let me guess. They meet at the center!

HAHAHA! *hahahahhaha talaga

Southridge guys are good at ballroom dancing.

O RLY? *no one really danced at prom haha.

Southridge guys don’t know how to ride the bike.

JV says: Well, at least they know how to ride a jet ski and a golf car.

Southridge guys like climbing trees.

HAHAHAHA! I don’t know what this is about! *haha baket?

Southridge guys are gay.

Parang galit na galit yung nagsabi nito? Heh *my brother is NOT gay

Southridge guys can cross stitch.

O RLY????!! *this one’s funny