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I... dont know how to feel about zayn's tweet. I dont know how to feel about Jay... its like this is all a nightmare, I cant believe this is happening:(

I’m not a fan of Zayn and his actions, I’m not at all. 

But he and Louis were once close friends, and Louis deserves all the love and support he can get this moment. I think that Zayn’s gesture was nice. It shows that, despite everything that happened, they were once best friends, and he’s showing his respect, it’s admirable. That’s it. I know the mixed feelings, but really, it’s a sweet gesture on his behalf, and I’m glad he did it. 

And I agree, this feels like an eternal nightmare. I’ve been reblogging posts nonstop because I feel speechless and shocked and a bit angry and I don’t know how to feel. I’m just so sad and so sorry for Louis and his family. They all deserve so much better than this, and Jay was such a beautiful human being, filled with light and love. She was gone too soon, this is so unfair, so fucking unfair.

I can only wish them all the love right now, all the support they can get. I wish for them to stay strong in this harsh, horrible time, they’ll need each other a lot. There are no words to soothe the pain now, and there won’t be any words to soothe any pain in a very long time, but I hope that Jay’s brightness and love for life carry on, and that all the great memories of her become enough to keep them going and standing. 

It is just me or someone at Sega make her assets progressively larger with each new character model.

Much more and she’ll have a rack like Dolly Pardon.

Like, not that I’m complaining but it’s like they don’t even try to hide she was designed for sex appeal anymore

There’s even a sticker design where that angled the camera to look right down her cleavage

Inner Universe

Characters: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 6,977

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst

“Pardon me.”

Turning your head towards the source of the voice, you steadily shifted your body away from the man, intending to let him pass if you were blocking his path. You tried not to take offense, since the speaker probably didn’t know the situation at hand, but before you could scoot away even more, your friend’s arm linked in yours held you firmly in place, preventing you from moving. Confused, it crossed your mind that perhaps the man’s request wasn’t directed towards you two, but you didn’t have the chance to ask her what was going on.

“I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re heading to room 302?” the deep voice resonated again, and it was like you could feel the quality of his tone slice through the rest of the sounds in the bustling university hallway. “I actually have the same class right now, and I was wondering if maybe you’d like to walk together?”

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Wait wait wait, I just read with mine own eyes a post from a tumblr user who thinks Stevey isn’t in love with his best friend Buckaroo because he’s an old-fashioned kinda guy.

Because queerness didn’t exist before Lady Gaga invented it, I guess? Because the neighbourhood Stevey and Buckaroo grew up in wasn’t historically queer and home to a bar that was extremely popular with the queer luminaries of the day? Because it’s not like he’s been seen adjusting to the modern world with ease???

Well, I guess that means the ship’s over, guys. Everybody go home.

misswhizzy replied to your post“Saw your post about LOTUS. There were things I liked, but there were…”

Agree about it not being up to par. Dean using the phrase “knocked up” to a struggling, frightened woman really chapped my hide. Writers listen up: Dean is sensitive to hurting people; he’s only crass with the douchbags.

Also - run when you know the Feds are going to descend on the president…

The writers are not thinking. Not thinking at all.

I agree on all points!

I kept thinking, “Umm… Cas is running. The ANGEL is running. He can teleport! The humans should be running!”

That ending was a clusterfuck. (pardon the phrase)

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My girlfriend wants me to shave my happy trail but I really like it. It took me a long time to be comfortable with it and I told her that but she still wants me to get rid of it and idk what to do about it

Pardon my temporary hostility but,

She can get the fuck over it. Keep it if you want to. It’s your body not hers.
The FBI Investigation into Gamergate is Closed - Game Objective
A FOIA request reveals threats, trolls abound. Also, the FBI referred to Twitter as “Tweeter” twice. [Continue]

Apologies if I’m informing the informed. …I’m more shocked it took ‘em that fucking long.

@gamergate-news @takashi0 @anti-ignorancegamer and any other gamergater who wants to pick this up.

Watch the regressive left spin this because idk we supported Trump or some shit. Bet you a copy of Atari’s E.T. that they’ll just dismiss it as Trump pardoning us.

- Mod Disgruntled Clown


Has there ever been another occurrence of a demon teleporting someone else along with them? Because, unless I’m forgetting something, I thought only angels could “travel” people, and that was only back when they had wings.

I only ask because Crowley was apparently suddenly able to teleport Kelly out of the mansion and to the Winchesters just kinda out of the blue.

Please pardon the terrible gif. 

Plus, I’m pretty damn sure there’s an episode or two where Crowley complains about how he can’t just teleport somewhere cuz he’s got Dean with him or whatever.

Anyway, that part bothered me a bit. A little too convenient a solution, I think. Bucklemming got lazy.

okay so i don’t post movie things here very often but i feel like it’s worth noting the commentary on the kiss scene that ben chaplin (aka basil) made in an interview:

Shooting your homosexual love scene with Ben Barnes, how was that?
Poor Ben was dreading it a bit I think but for me the thing is I’m an old slag, I’ve done it before and it’s never as hard as the first time, if you pardon the pun. (…) I’ve definitely kissed less attractive people so it was perfectly pleasant. Not the best kiss I’ve ever had but certainly not the worst. He’s got such soft puffy lips it’s like kissing the marshmallow man, it’s like an airbag, you could fall from a great height onto his lips and still survive [laughing], so it’s not a problem!

two things: the fact that the interviewer called it the ‘homosexual love scene’ another thing – b en chaplin said it wasn’t the best kiss he’s had but still went on to enclose detail on ben barnes’s lips and i’m

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We always see Clarke in trouble and Bellamy looking and fighting for her. I would love to see the opposite. Bellamy in trouble and Clarke coming after him. Nothing too dangerous tho, he already suffer enough.

We’ve seen Bellamy in danger plenty. 

I think she saved him when she got Jaha to pardon him. Oh and from Dax. The whole armies at the front gate of the mountain was to save him, or keep the eyes off of him. 

My favorite was when he was hurting over Octavia and Clarke came after him on the beach. Maybe that’s not what you mean but I think it’s even more valuable. He’s always got the team or his own heroism to rescue him from danger, but people don’t pay attention to his emotional well being. And she does. I really liked that about season 3. 

But I know, you’re talking about Clarke being the one who saves him from physical danger. Or maybe caring for him when he’s sick or something. That would be nice. 

I’m jonesing for any Bellarke action we can get at all. And delinquents. All my favorites are delinquents now, no matter where they started off. 

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'Tis the season to be chummy with enemies XD Aomine and Nijimura (separate) caught under a mistletoe with a girl with whom they share a similar hate/dislike?

I love mistletoe scenes and angry kisses *laughs evilly* I didn’t write Nijimura because I ran out of juice, I’m SO sorry, I will personally write one based off this prompt later today! I just wanted to post this one first LOL. 

Aomine: You both ran into each other at the Akashi residence’s annual Christmas party. Quite literally, it was very much running into each other. You were carrying a bag filled with velvet ribbons for Momoi that you had picked up on your way to Akashi’s mansion, and you were rushed. Your long dress billowed behind your frame elegantly, and he — the most irredeemable, annoying person alive — was simply sauntering about in his tight navy-blue suit, without a care in the world. 

“Pardon me,” you responded icily, your eyes interlocking his. The velvet ribbons spilled on the marble floor around you both, but neither of you made a move to reach down and gather them. It was an intrinsic game of you first between you and him. Being Momoi’s best friend, you despised Aomine’s careless nature, his lacking sense of compassion and common sense. He had developed a similar dislike for you, one you were sure of after you heard him comment with his teammate on the small size of your breasts. 

He refused to respond or indicate any half-hearted sign of apology, and you were about to gather up your ribbons and leave his obnoxious presence, when he muttered, “I didn’t expect you here, looking like this.” 

You scoffed, clasping your arms together in front of your dress. “I hope you’re not referencing to how much this dress reveals my nonexistent breasts.” You saw his eyes widen momentarily, then narrow — his thin mouth about to angrily retort back. 

Suddenly, you felt a gentle flurry of white powder fall on your body, and you both looked up to see Imayoshi sprinkle what resembled fake snow above your heads. In his left hand, he held a salt shaker that disseminated the snow, and in his right hand: a branch with a mistletoe. 

“You’re the first lucky couple caught underneath the mistletoe!” Imayoshi shrieked, as Aomine flashed him an angry glare.

“Imayoshi, shut up!” you angrily whispered, but the point guard kept causing an even larger commotion. You locked eyes with Aomine, and your heartbeat spiked up as you realized there was only one way out of this unfortunate situation. 

“Kiss me,” you growled, stepping closer to his cologne-infused body. He did, and as much as you wanted to regret thinking about it, it was a damn good kiss. It was a classic, lean-the-girl back kiss: something you didn’t know he was capable of.  His body pressed against your small breasts and you stiffened at the movement until you felt the whiskers on his lower chin, and his teeth clashed angrily against yours. He daringly pushed his tongue into yours, but you bit on his lower lip, rejecting it. 

Within ten seconds, you pulled back hastily and smoothed out your dress, glaring at Imayoshi to see if he was satisfied. To your surprise, Aomine looked a little disheveled, out of his cool and cocky element - his dark cheeks slightly tinted red. Without looking at you, he leaned down to quickly grab all your velvet ribbons, stuffing them within the bag. 

He handed it to you, about to quickly stride away, but he turned back one last time: his cool and confident facade back and obnoxious as ever. “Let’s do that again sometime,” he drawled.