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the fact alison, rachel and helena all got detailed flashback episodes into their history just proves to me more and more how much of an outlier cosima’s episode was. what did we learn about her life other than the fact that she grew up on a boat and her parents “gene” and “sally” weren’t around much in her youth, but they definitely love her.

i know people are saying “just enjoy the last season” but it’s honestly such a disservice to cosima’s character that we should find out about her past this way. this character, by the way, who upfront told leekie “show, don’t tell” – and yet we, as an audience, are very clearly told about her backstory, as opposed to shown.

we were shown young helena. we were shown young rachel. we were shown alison with aynsley and chad again and we got to see her reaction to discovering she was a clone we got to see helena’s reaction to that too poor thing and yet all we get for cosima is an extended scene to something we saw in season 1. a scene that fic writers probably already had done justice to many times over. we didn’t need to be shown that. we needed to be shown cosima’s past. she grew up on boats? show us her mom teaching her how to tie knots. show us cosima having to resort to books (because wifi is spotty on a houseboat, i’d imagine) when her mom’s not around much. show us her other mom (because i love the “jean” not “gene” headcanon) teaching her how to change the oil or however boats work when they dock. show us the proof of their love that cosima says she believes in, show us why she believed in it. 

i mean, obviously this is all irrelevant now and there’s no point since the entire show is over this saturday D: but i will never get over how they tried to shoehorn cosima’s backstory in like that, when they gave actual backstories to alison, rachel and helena in the series.


AU where everyone is actor and they were having hard time to get that faint smile from Arima.  :’D

I’m sorry for this random idea. I can’t help it. /_\

And this is extra panel for anyone who misses them (sorry for not including all those missed characters I drew this in hurry orz):


Alternative title: I tried.mp4

Mycroft and John are literally the mirrored image of each other at their first meeting. The lighting made one side of their faces remain in the shadow, and they hold their cane/umbrella on the same (right) side (but reversed when they face each other).

Time to choose a side, Dr. Watson…… 

And John did abandon his cane. So.

  • Akashi: Tetsuya, what are you thinking right now?
  • Kuroko: Excuse me?
  • Akashi: It's just hard to predict what you are thinking.
  • Aomine: That's a shadow for you. It's so unpredictable.
  • Akashi: That's true. But we like to know what you are thinking.
  • Kuroko: Well.
  • Kise: Hold on! I know what we should do! Let's guess what he is thinking!
  • Everyone: What?
  • Kise: Whoever guess it right, can have a nice date with Kurokocchi!
  • Kuroko: Kise-kun...
  • Aomine: Rice cakes!
  • Kagami: Basketball!
  • Akashi: Akashi Seijuro.
  • Midorima: Oha Asa.
  • Murasakibara: Cake.
  • Takao: HAHAHAHA.
  • Kise: .... You guys aren't taking this seriously.
  • Aomine: What about you? Guess it.
  • Kise: Well, it could be related to his drink. You know, the vanilla milkshake.
  • Midorima: Could be accurate. And Takao, why are you laughing?
  • Takao: No, no. That's my answer, Shin-chan! He might be laughing right now.
  • Midorima: Nonsense. Why would he laugh in his mind?
  • Takao: He doesn't want to offend you all.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: No one is even right, though.
  • Everyone: !!!
  • Kuroko: I'm thinking about how many hard boiled eggs should I bring for the party tomorrow.

Flint/Hamilton Appreciation Week:

Day 6 -   Fix-it Day: Peter doesn’t sell them out, instead Thomas manages to obtain his pardons and is made governor of Nassau. James is reassigned to help rebuild the colony. Nothing bad ever happened and no one was sad ever again :))))) (also: Miranda becomes some sort of surrogate mother to teenage Eleanor :3)

RFA as Sexy Songs

Jumin - Versace on the Floor(Bruno Mars)

  •  Yes Jumin,it’s obvious

Zen - Smilky(Sud)

  • fluffy’s personal favorite;; I really think Zen is that kind of guy <3

Yoosung - I’ll make love to you( Boyz II Men) 

  • too sweet; what have we done to deserve this bby

Seven - Come on get Higher(Matt Nathanson)

  • also fluffy’s fav;; plus I can really imagine Seven just by listening to it, the words just fit in like crazy.

Jaehee - Body on Me(Rita Ora) *Gayle Nerva Cover <3

  •  coz y not? *winks* Baehee would rock the lyrics if she’s gonna sing it to MC. ;)

Okay, so please pardon me for this random post. It’s almost 1am here and I’m still hyped up. I’m listening to music while doing match ups when this idea came out of my restless brain.xD (omg cozy, please forgive meeeeh;;)

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To all of my favorite writers out there [!!!! PLAGIARISM]

⚠ pardon my random tagging but I think you need to be aware, my precious writers.

Yesterday, I stumbled on a blog by starryoongs (i blocked her now) I praised her “work” entitled ‘SLEEPINGWALKING TO YOU’ (J HOPE X READER) only to find out that her posted works were STOLEN FROM ASIAN FANFICS.
I don’t have an account there but @madrabbit15 sent me a private message here on Tumblr and sent me this post regarding that starryoongs

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In honor of the anniversary of the Tales series today (yesterday for some in later timezones), what was your first experience with the series? Mine was seeing Tales of the Abyss in an AMV on Youtube, which interested me enough that I decided to pick up the game. I thought Jade was a woman until the game introduced him and my favorite character in the beginning was Guy, but by the end it was EVERYONE. Then I found out there were more Tales games…years later…and now it’s my goal to play them all!

Write in the tags or reply with what your first experience was!

ringing in my twenty-fifth with my favorite neapolitan pudding pop and some of my favorite humans in my favorite shop of all time, randall’s. or ralph’s. same shit, different name. pardon the random lady whose cart i just casually sat and had a photoshoot on. also. can you tell i took a page out of my gf’s wardrobe to dress myself today? and by that i mean stole an entire outfit? anyways, anyone want a neapolitan pop?


And we would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids and that stupid wombat!

Half Full - Beast Boy/Raven (Friendship)

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. This is a work of fanfiction, and I am not making any money off of this.

A/N: This has been on my mind for the last two weeks. Pardon my random!

By the way, I wrote this over the weekend and totally forgot to post this! >.< 

“I’m stupid.” She sighed, slamming the shot glass on the nightstand. “So stupid.”

He chuckled, refilling their glasses with tequila. “Again.” He commanded gently, handing her the shot. The changeling picked up his glasses, raising it to the air with a tilt of his head. “You’re not stupid. You’re drunk.”

She nodded, clinking her glass to his and downing the shot. “I’m not drunk.”

“When have you ever used the word ‘stupid’ while you were sober?” He asked, placing the glass down.

Falling against the soft mattress, her eyes closed and fingers stretched overhead in thought. Her shoulders gave a little shrug. “Don’t know.”

“The Raven I know,” He started, resting against the headboard. “Doesn’t use the word stupid. She uses imbecile, asinine, cretin, or halfwit. Only drunk Raven would use the word ‘stupid’.”

“Well, Raven isn’t drunk.” She sighed, giving her arms a little stretch as she sunk into the mattress comfortably. “Raven, unfortunately, is half demon and that means she has a pretty high alcohol tolerance.”

“So, keep drinking?” Changeling suggested, pouring another shot for the pair. He was pretty sober as well.

“As completely embarrassing as this is to admit,” She sighed, opening her eyes as she brought the phone before her face. “I don’t want to miss his text message.”

“That’s not embarrassing.” He shrugged. “That’s cute.”

“I swear to whatever god you believe in I will disembowel you.”

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I’m not really against live-action adaptation, I made this mostly just for fun and partly because I don’t quite understand whether  if Lionsgate being serious or not.

Since it’s Hollywood, I bet the trailer (or movie) itself will be generic as hell. I use a hella lot cheesiest lines and some most overused movie tropes because I believe  they will do the same thing so pardon the randomness lol.

As for the casts, I choose them randomly (but you can see they’re the mainstream ones ha)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3