pardon the messiness


Me too tsukki, me too… Started off as a doodle and it escalated to this lmao. Click to see it in a better quality orz tumblr why

Also thank you for 300 followers! I’m so surprised tbh and very happy ( ´ ▽ ` )/

I almost wore a crop top out of the house today. Almost.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

It isn’t technically Valentine’s Day yet where I am but I figured I’d post these early for my friends in Britain and Beijing. I’ve been doing these sketches for a while now during classes when I’m not allowed to have my phone or laptop out. Here are some kisses for all of the people that Felix has been shipped with so far, and a kiss for all of my followers, too! I love you guys!

A smooch a day will NOT keep the doctor away. The doctor is the one smooching you. *wink wink*

Pardon my messy handwriting.


I’m not sure if these count as OFFICIAL^TM ships yet due to their strange circumstances but I love them anyway

(PS this post doesn’t show up too well on mobile)