pardon the messiness

The depth of my newfound obsession should be evident by the amount of fanart I’ve scribbled in the past few days.
@thepenumbrapodcast 💜


does costests 2 days before con
but yea! super excited for this year! pardon my messy room and shitty lighting

saturday is summer cirno
friday is yuyuko
and sunday is my paintra gijinka

cirno gets an extra pic bc of the wings and how heckin nice they turned out ’:3


Me too tsukki, me too… Started off as a doodle and it escalated to this lmao. Click to see it in a better quality orz tumblr why

Also thank you for 300 followers! I’m so surprised tbh and very happy ( ´ ▽ ` )/

anonymous asked:

I really want that whatever A.D. makes Ali remember this week has something to do with Beach Hottie or whoever gave her the bloody lip on the flashback of S3. Tho, it could also be something from the time she was on the run, because we actually don't know anything about it.

I think it’s going to be about that time this season when she was in the hospital and they rolled her into a separate room and we never heard what happened there, but those are also things I’d very much like to know.