pardon the manip

*pray silence for a few uplifting words on the subject of this sacred image* 

imagine Will turning to his right and meaningfully catching Hanni’s eye, then leaning slowly over, (the creak of his shoes, the synthetic rustle of his jacket), and Hanni looking at him all politely, close-up, thinking he’s just trying to whisper something in his ear (so Mason can’t catch it), but instead Will is actually going in for a kiss, and Hanni doesn’t even realise until the fuzz of his beard is tickling his cheek as Will nuzzles his way into it kind of tentatively/asking for permission and the second Hanni twigs what’s happening he clamps a hand onto the back of Will’s neck and drops his jaw for the most fucking obscene pneumatic open-mouthed saliva-smacking tongue-kiss (like if we were actually watching it in the ep we’d be going ’omG he actually stuck his TONGUE IN THERE ??*jfc mads there’s gotta be an easier way of getting hugh’s tonsils out* etc) and it’s just a case of murder husbands being so turned on by each other and what they’re doing that they temporarily forget that Mason is sitting right fucking there 

*for thine is the kitchen, the power and the gory, forever and ever amen*