pardon the blurry


This is my garden right now. I’ve been planting a lot more since the weather has been cool. Hoping they become established before the heat of summer arrives to swiftly murder them.

Please pardon the blurry pictures, until I get a good camera.

IN RESPONSE TO aura-alora

Hi, I was linked here by a person on gaiaonline, and I could use some help with pose references if you are able? I want to create a scene in my comic where somebody catches someone else, but then drops them because they are too heavy and I can’t get it right. Do you have any advice or tips for me? It would be much appreciated if you could help, thank you :)

OK, so this deals with two of the things I have the most difficulty with myself: character interaction and showing weight. Some thinking lead me to the conclusion that I don’t really know how to tackle this one. But luckily I have a younger sister who also studied art. She does a lot of carving and she’s taller and stronger than me and I know I can always count on her to help me figure out my art problems. So I tackled her instead.

Here’s what I learned: pardon the blurry lines, I couldn’t be bothered to change my brush.

When I try to hold up my sister, I lean way the hell back because I need to put my whole body into keeping her up. This puts my line of actions at a crazy acute angle to the ground. My sister may as well be catching a small puppy when I jump onto her. She remains upright and nearly perpendicular to the ground. But we both had crazy wide stances. If we had not been prepared, we’d have quickly stepped back to widen our stance anyways and try to save ourselves.

So you’ve watched the video but how do we show this in a non-moving sequence?
Honestly? I don’t know. I went into animation so I could just show it though I still have to sort it out in storyboards, I’m not going to pretend it the same thing. But here’s how I approach it as an animator. We can either surprise the audience with a drop in, or we can show the anticipation. Someone is going to fall, someone is going to catch them. We can try a few different approaches with the set up. Up to you.

But it’s the catch that’s obviously the problem. For that we need to determine what you think is important to show.

You could potentially show the entire sequence of action (I was too lazy to do that here). What kind of comic is it? Is it important that we see the character trying as hard as they can to hold them up? Is this a major part of the story that you want to spend time on? Or does the catch even matter? Is it meant to be funny, or maybe tragic? Sometimes the simplest is the easiest. When it comes to big actions, we don’t always have to see the action itself, just the after math.

Take a watch of my sister and I dropping each other like sacs of potatoes, pause it where you think you might see a useful pose, and adapt it to your needs :)


I was staying overnight in the hospital and got bored. There aren’t tables around so I have to draw this on my lap. I guess I did a reasonable job this time. In Saizo’s route, history repeats, but at least Hime opened up to darling Yuki in the end. Drew Hime a little older for convenience XD I took it with my phone so pardon for the blurry and horrible quality. Gomen!