pardon the bad art


Okay but hear me out… Lotor with braids.

Some sketches I did tonight. I’m trying to figure out Lotor and some other things for a thing I want to draw later on. In fact I have a couple different Lotors I am working on for AUs and things…. but my Lotor now has braids! That is the Universal Muffin Law which I.. just came up with! … Woop woop! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙


Yo man, it a me-a, an extremely dead tumblr user! Just an entry to your Town of Salem event. I dunno if the quality of the drawing will drop or not, but oh well. Anyway, it’s literally her writing the entry out- I find bullet points on actual personality a bore, so why not spice things up and infer things for yourself? I honestly don’t care if she’s a contestant or an announcer; your choice. Enjoy!

gunkers  asked:

so if bignis is ~doin some naughty stuff~ to luna (and prompto) would he at first think he's hurting them? would he need to be reassured? he's just so big and cute lookin' i just dunno how much cuter he could getkafnsskfaf

)the latest reply i am so sorry) oh my gosh yes, precious monster man. 
but once he can tell the difference he decides their noises are rather adorable and uh, becomes rather encouraging. 

Pokemon 31-Day Drawing Challenge
Day 1: Favorite Normal Pokemon

Starting up a new drawing challenge! It’s been a while since I did one, so I thought it might be nice. Don’t expect a post every consecutive day though, I’m forgetful sometimes!

Day 1 is Helioptile! Puppy lizard. Little guy wouldn’t fit anywhere else, but I had to include him! <3

I’m sorry for the theft of your art…It truly does make me feel bad (pardon my english) I really am not confident about my art so I tried to make up for it by using others. I really hope you can forgive me? og give me another chance? This up there is my real art it’s not the best. You could think of it like my persona? I’m still very sorry especially to 

@sleepysheep-seany @sapphirescarletta123 @theartofthefart 

from whom I stole.

I’m sorry

[Just a warning, I’m probably going to be reblogging this post a lot]

“HAPPY TUESDAY!” Is an episodic concept I’ve had in my head for a while, got together with AvannaK and polished it up, and finally managed to complete a script for a pilot episode! 

In short, it’s the wacky everyday drama of a 14-year-old boy who has to deal with his childhood imaginary friend coming back…and not leaving. 

All of the disgustingly hard planning and whatnot is more or less complete and now I need a crew of people to help bring this idea to as much life as inexperienced tumblr users can.

Right now I’m looking for the next step in the pipeline which would be finding voice actors for the 4 lead roles and about 6 or 7 small roles. Thus that random post I made about “are you interested in voice acting?”.

Just to clear up something this will not be animated…more of a comic/storyboard panel type movement with voice accompaniment. But it’ll be preeeeeetty looking cause I’d like it to be in full color. That entails finding artists and stuff but we’re not on that part yet…right now it’s voice actors! 

So, if you’re interested spread the word and contact me in my ask box or email me ( and I’ll direct you to a place where you’ll learn more details on the roles available, a more in depth plot, and, of course, the pilot script.