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on a scale from “heck off, sportaflop” to “oh, hi robbie!”, how well do you handle your crushes?

“ p.s. keep an eye out for a good gift for Remus from the lot of us!! xo ”

dgraymanweek  || Day 2: Lonely Boy

↳ Option A: Favorite Character: Allen Walker 

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OH MY GOODNESS I love your art SO much! Have you ever drawn smol padawan Obi-wan with his master Qui-gon? I just love those two together >0<

“And the atmosphere here is thinner than on Coruscant,” Obi-Wan observed, studying his datapad as they walked. “But then, I expect you’re accustomed to that,” he added, before he could stop himself.

Qui-Gon stopped abruptly and Obi-Wan almost collided with his dark-cloaked back. His heart sank. What was Master Jinn’s idea of punishment for insolence going to be?

“Padawan, did you just crack the galaxy’s oldest joke about my height?”

“I did, Master,” he admitted miserably.

For a moment he thought it was a sound of choked outrage, but…. Master Jinn was… chuckling?

“And they told me you were so serious!” He draped his arm lightly over Obi-Wan’s shoulders.

Grinning, Obi-Wan lengthened his stride to keep in step with his Master.


AU where everyone is actor and they were having hard time to get that faint smile from Arima.  :’D

I’m sorry for this random idea. I can’t help it. /_\

And this is extra panel for anyone who misses them (sorry for not including all those missed characters I drew this in hurry orz):

“Countless people passed this castle, yet no one dare to come near. Too afraid to come closer, afraid they will be eaten by the Beast living inside it.

And one cold day, there was this scrawny kid, looking up at the castle with those cornflower blue eyes. As if he was daring whatever inside it to come and get him.

I’ve never seen something so Beautiful before.”

I just can’t get enough of this AU :”D more here and here!