pardon me while i cry forever

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Pardon me while I drown in my tears after crying over how CUTE and SWEET and WONDERFUL that johnny fic was!!! I could've read it forever, you could've written a whole book and I would be so happy. And it's funny cuz the part where he needs to be cheered up so she kisses him lots was my fave part and then I realized that's cuz I requested that part. My dream is real! So THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT it made my heart swell and almost EXPLODE from how warm and sweet and good it was. Luuuv you sheep!!

oh my god so many people apparently cried and shit and were super soft yall are gross oh my god

but i’m glad you liked it lovely <3 i was legit thinking “i could just go on” when i was finished but had to stop myself so i wasn’t over 5k like nah johnny you don’t get my first 5k fic

i’m glad you liked the part you requested lovely! you’re welcome for making your heart almost explode blessed your face <333

i started thinking abt how im actually graduating at the end of next month and im fucking sobbing because i never thought i would ever graduate. i never thought i’d go to college. i had so many people my entire life telling me i’d never make it and telling me that i was stupid. i came so close to dropping out. i never fucking thought i’d ever make it this far.