pardon me if the translation is wrong

fun fact: in the Chinese-speaking Fannibals community, they call Hugh/Will little tea cup (If you don’t know why please rewatch S1E1 XD) and Mads/Hannibal Uncle Bal (the bal in Hannibal).

And the Will/Hannibal pairing is called Pluck(ing) Cup, ‘cup’ obviously refers to Will, pluck refers to Hannibal, because (Hanni)bal sounds similar to the word pluck in Chinese (拔: pluck, extract, pull out).

How do other fannibals around the world call this pairing? Do Hannibal and Will have other nickname in other language? 
please tell me, I’m interested! 😋

Hey there! I’m happy to tell you that THERE ARE COUNTLESS SAIAKA/SAIEDE MOMENTS IN THE GAME!!// Although I think it’s usually saihara>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<akamatsu in the main game(and we all know the reason why right: Hint: what happens in chapter 1) 

in the omake mode kaede invites shuuichi to her piano concert and she gives him a ticket, he says he would love to see kaede play the piano and she says wait you’re coming to see me, not just to listen to the piano? and blushes and he says yes? Is that strange? I would also like to listen to you play too.. he also asks what’d be right to wear are school uniforms okay and shes says yes anyway she ends with saying there are lots of songs I want to play to you saihara-kun they’re just really cute and pure aren’t they dating??? I think they are?? isn’t that something like a date??

Also she keeps telling him she’d like to show him to her family?? in the bonus modes in the game I found that adorable.. they’re really happy when they’re talking together there Ahh there’s also the love hotel bit and their one is super pure.. that one is about the only (romantic) one where saihara is actively engaging, he leads in the end.. in the other ones he’s relatively just going along with the flow

In the main game there’s chapter 1 for sure. They stick around together and there are so many cute moments where kaede makes the guy blush. He kind of reacts and blushes around her every single time whenever there’s a chance to;; Chapter 1 throws in a whole ton of cute situations between them. For example, there are many saiaka fanarts being drawn about this one part in ch.1 where they’re investigating the school together, and kaede finds an adult video in the shelves by mistake.. she freaks out and saihara comes right to her and asks if she’s found something important, and she freaks out even more: This moment right here. Um.. I’ll add really broad translations for it from memory (pardon me if it’s not 100% accurate!) 

..what kind of film is that?

..what’s wrong? Did you find something?

I, I said, this is really nothing to be concerned of!

The reactions that you’re showing…

But mustn’t that mean you’ve seen something important from it !?

S, Stop, wait! D, don’t come any closer-!

(after finding what the video’s contents were)

Really.. I told you so.

…le, let’s search somewhere else, shall we.

There is a reason why saiaka is my favorite ship. I usually go along with the ships that make sense in terms of the story and are implied and I say saihara definitely likes kaede a whole LOT (romantic or not, but it does suggest he has strong feelings for her and I dare say it’s really likely he’s had a crush on her)

The reason why he took off his cap after the first chapter is because what kaede said to him too. Take a look at this scene:

“and, it’s a waste to have your hat on? Saihara-kun… you look so much better with your hats off. (the word here is “kakkoii” so I guess it means she thinks he looks more cool? or handsome with the caps off??// that’s sweet)”

“W,what.. was that(phrase)…”

There are plenty, plenty more. I really suggest you either play the game or at least watch chapter 1??? There is no wonder that this ship has gotten really popular. There are cute moments, heartbreaking moments, really sweet stuff and also the pain. I still can’t get over it hhaha;; To be fair, maybe you could still call all this friendship, it could happen between friends too, but.. this next bit that I wanna show, I think that’s something that could imply the feelings saihara’s had that’s more than just friendship?

Considering how his personality is (a bit of an introvert and bit awkward around girls and a blushy mess sometimes) he’s being.. pretty direct about his feelings towards her here. I brought some screenshots of this one specific moment where he doesn’t deny it when somebody asks him if he liked akamatsu.

That one, I’ll place beneath the cut, because it might-no, would-have spoilers.

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About the Mystic Messenger ban...cheating is wrong.

Ok, pardon me but I must say it…
This petition is so disrespectful towards Cheritz. As much as using the cheat itself, in my opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their problems and real life issues preventing to join all chats at night or day, me included, but…

People cheating on a game, making the company lose money (yes, the company that brought YOU the game, took the time to translate it in english, probably paying more employers because of it while they could have just released it in Korea seeing that people don’t buy the regular items anyway, they would rather cheat) when they worked so hard on it, and then complaing about being permanently banned?
People at Cheritz don’t work for free, they put their time into making the game for our entertainment, to make us happy.

They had so many problems during the release of Mystic Messenger for Android (even more for IOS), and they gave to all their players TONS of free hourglasses to help us get thought all the bugs/glitches! They released at least 30 fix/updates to give us a better experience, working hard every day, giving updates to the fans via twitter and tumblr. But this probably isn’t enough, people still had the need to cheat.
Imagine how many players received free items. Imagine how much money Cheritz lost just to give us a reward for being patient.

The amount of items they gave us for FREE since the first day of release, was at least worth +25$.

Cheating is ALWAYS WRONG, whatever the reasons could be.

People say “what if I don’t have the money to spend to buy hourglasses?”…well, if you don’t have the money to, I don’t know, buy a dress or get a coffee, what do you do? You just go there and take it anyway because otherwise you couldn’t have it?
That’s what your doing with their in game currency. You’re just taking part in the games for free, when Cheritz decided to have people pay if they missed their chats. It’s their choice, those are their rules, and players should respect them.

You either play as a free to play gamer, otherwise you simply buy the items they give you - it is totally possible to play Mystic Messenger as a free game, even with such strange hours and zero compensations. It just takes time and if you are too busy to play, maybe Mystic Messenger just isn’t for you. This is NOT AN EXCUSE to complain about being banned for cheating and making them lose money they could have obtained for in game purchases.

What if the company just decides to retire from selling games for the western audience, since people always find a way to get themselves free paid stuff? That’s basically what most otome producers are doing. I wouldn’t be happy, at all, to not be able to play their awesome games.

-But hey, I’m sorry. This is just my opinion.-

Instead of je suis desolé(e), here are a few other ways to express sorrow or make an apology, whether casual or serious. 

Note: I’ve picked these up from the French TV I’ve been binging these past couple weeks, so someone ***please*** tell me if I’m mistaken on any of these translations/usages. I’m making an attempt these days to vary my vocabulary and discern finer shades of meaning, so if my analyses of these phrases is wrong, I’d love some feedback! 

Pardon. - Most of you probably know this already, but just in case, this is a quick and easy way to say sorry for, say, bumping into someone on the subway. This would be pretty much synonymous with the abbreviated desolée

Je suis navré(e) - I’ve encountered this a few times and it seems to have the same meaning as je suis desolé(e), but maybe with an air a little more familiar. Je suis desolée is, I think, more common, but this is an alternative you could use from time to time. 

Faire ses excuses - This one is more formal and used when you’ve really messed up and want to express a more sincere apology. Here are some examples:

Tout d’abord, je voudrais faire mes excuses. - First, I’d like to apologize. 

S’il vous plaît, permettez-moi de vous faire mes excuses. - Please, allow me to apologize. 

This would be used for bigger screw-ups like forgetting your mom’s birthday or unintentionally blaming someone for something that isn’t their fault. It lends an air of seriousness. 

Présenter ses excuses - Basically a variation of the above. 

Je m’en veux - This one is somewhat synonymous with the idea of regret or being angry with yourself. 

Je m’en veux de l’avoir quitté. - I’m sorry that I left him / I’m kicking myself for leaving him. 

This one feels the most serious to me and most clearly represents the idea that you really are to blame for the situation and you’re feeling the effects. 

What British People Say And What They Actually Mean

When British people say one thing, they often really mean the exact opposite! Any Brit will recognize themselves in this list.

1. ‘I might join you later’ — Translation: I’m not leaving the house today unless it’s on fire.

2. ‘Excuse me, sorry, is anyone sitting here?’ — Translation: You have 3 seconds to move your bag before I get really annoyed.

3. ‘Not to worry.’ — Translation: I will never forget this!

4. Saying ‘Sorry’ as a way of introducing yourself.

5. ‘It’s a bit wet out there.’ — Translation: You’re going to need a snorkel because it’s absolutely pissing it down out there!

6. Ending an email with ‘Thanks’. — Translation: I’m perilously close to losing my temper!

7. ‘Right then, I really should start to think about possibly making a move.’ — Translation: Bye!

8. ‘It’s fine.’ — Translation: It really couldn’t get any worse, but it probably will do…

9. ‘Perfect.’ — Translation: Well that’s ruined then!

10. ‘A bit of a pickle.’ — Translation: A catastrophically bad situation with potentially fatal consequences.

11: ‘Not too bad, actually.’ — Translation: I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been.

12. ‘Honestly, it doesn’t matter.’ — Translation: Nothing has ever mattered more than this.

13. ‘You’ve caught the sun.’ — Translation: You look like you’ve been swimming in a volcano.

14. ‘That’s certainly one way of looking at it.’ — Translation: That’s certainly the wrong way of looking at it.

15. Saying ‘I have the 5p if it helps.’ and never knowing if it ever does help.

16. ‘If you say so.’ — Translation: I’m afraid that what you’re saying is the height of idiocy.

17. ‘With all due respect…’ — Translation: You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

18. Saying ‘You’re welcome’ as quietly as possible to people that don’t say thank you, but using it as a form of punishment.

19. Meanings of ‘I beg your pardon’ — Translation: a) I didn’t hear you; b) I apologise; c) What you’re saying is making me absolutely livid!

20. ‘It could be worse.’ — Translation: It couldn’t possibly be any worse.

21. ‘Each to their own.’ — Translation: You’re wrong, but never mind.

22. ‘Pop around anytime.’ — Translation: Please stay away from my house.

23. ‘I’m just popping out for lunch, does anyone else want anything?’ — Translation: I’m getting my own lunch now, please don’t ask me to get you anything!

24. Saying: ‘I might get some cash out, actually’, despite approaching the cash machine and being 100% certain of getting some cash out.

25. ‘No, no, honestly it was my fault.’ — Translation: It was absolutely your fault and we both know it!

26. ‘No, yeah, that’s very interesting!’ — Translation: You are boring me to death!

27. ‘No harm done.’ — Translation: You have ruined everything!

28. ‘Just whenever you get a minute…’ — Translation: Now!

29. ‘I’m sure it’ll be fine.’ — Translation: I fully expect the situation to deteriorate rapidly!

30. ‘Sorry, I think you might have dropped something…’ — Translation: You have definitely dropped that specific item!

Hopes of sakumoto bromance (WWG Kyocera Dome 07.06.2015)

Sho wanders through the ‘classroom’ with his handheld camera and chooses 21-year-old Chinen (to the squeals of HSJ fans around the Dome) to voice out his dreams to be achieved in the next decade.

Sho: [panning camera around the ‘class’] Who here is 31 years old?

Jun: I am.

Jun: [as Sho zooms in on Jun, then rapidly focuses on the latter’s features between his cheekbones and eyebrows] 俺好きじぇね? (isn’t this a sign) that you like me?

[Sho zooms out amid laughter in the Dome]

Note: I’m pretty sure that’s what Jun said, but if I’m wrong, blame it on this shipper’s hopes for bromance.