pardon me if the translation is wrong

About the Mystic Messenger ban...cheating is wrong.

Ok, pardon me but I must say it…
This petition is so disrespectful towards Cheritz. As much as using the cheat itself, in my opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their problems and real life issues preventing to join all chats at night or day, me included, but…

People cheating on a game, making the company lose money (yes, the company that brought YOU the game, took the time to translate it in english, probably paying more employers because of it while they could have just released it in Korea seeing that people don’t buy the regular items anyway, they would rather cheat) when they worked so hard on it, and then complaing about being permanently banned?
People at Cheritz don’t work for free, they put their time into making the game for our entertainment, to make us happy.

They had so many problems during the release of Mystic Messenger for Android (even more for IOS), and they gave to all their players TONS of free hourglasses to help us get thought all the bugs/glitches! They released at least 30 fix/updates to give us a better experience, working hard every day, giving updates to the fans via twitter and tumblr. But this probably isn’t enough, people still had the need to cheat.
Imagine how many players received free items. Imagine how much money Cheritz lost just to give us a reward for being patient.

The amount of items they gave us for FREE since the first day of release, was at least worth +25$.

Cheating is ALWAYS WRONG, whatever the reasons could be.

People say “what if I don’t have the money to spend to buy hourglasses?”…well, if you don’t have the money to, I don’t know, buy a dress or get a coffee, what do you do? You just go there and take it anyway because otherwise you couldn’t have it?
That’s what your doing with their in game currency. You’re just taking part in the games for free, when Cheritz decided to have people pay if they missed their chats. It’s their choice, those are their rules, and players should respect them.

You either play as a free to play gamer, otherwise you simply buy the items they give you - it is totally possible to play Mystic Messenger as a free game, even with such strange hours and zero compensations. It just takes time and if you are too busy to play, maybe Mystic Messenger just isn’t for you. This is NOT AN EXCUSE to complain about being banned for cheating and making them lose money they could have obtained for in game purchases.

What if the company just decides to retire from selling games for the western audience, since people always find a way to get themselves free paid stuff? That’s basically what most otome producers are doing. I wouldn’t be happy, at all, to not be able to play their awesome games.

-But hey, I’m sorry. This is just my opinion.-