pardon all the inconsistency


Summary: During Deanna’s party.  There were so many gaps from what transpired there, and I know Rick and Michonne interacted or at the very least looked at each other.  Where did it all go wrong?  Well…

Note: Pardon any inconsistencies; I typed this out in a rush on my lunch break, cause, obsessions, blah blah blah.

Rick had been skeptical about coming, but everyone had to put their best foot forward in making this place work.  Or at the very least, he would.  He would.  

Michonne had told him and Carl to go ahead, and that she would be along in a bit.  Carol was already there, exchanging cooking notes, and he was pretty sure Daryl wasn’t going to come at all.

Still, he passed the time making polite conversation with Reg and Deanna.  He thought it’d be like riding a bike, but it was a bit harder than he had imagined.  God, he needed a break.  As Reg took his glass to refill his drink, he looked up and saw her enter the room.  Michonne.  She looked just as lovely as ever, even though the dress was totally not her style.  He had imagined her in something more fitted and flowy. Vibrant.  Still, it was a sight to behold.  He smiled at her, and she averted her eyes, smiling back.  When she looked back up at him, Rick’s view was suddenly blocked by the broad back of Spencer, who decided to chat her up.

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