“Can you crack it?”

“Can I crack… nate…Steranko’s is like Mount Everest you don’t just jump on it. You gotta train, muscle up”

“No no no no,  Hardison, No, for Parker, can you crack it”


Juror #6

Hardison and Sophie are so compassionate and patient with Parker in The Juror #6 Job. I mean they always are. They’re just caring people in general and they both love Parker because who wouldn’t? But it really stands out in that episode because Parker is so out of her element and the others don’t understand how much they’re actually asking of her.

Also, let’s all just take a moment to look at Parker’s proud face when Hardison just absolutely crushes being a lawyer because he’s just that smart.

I love that Hardison’s very obvious feelings for Parker are accompanied by unwavering patience.

Like, I think back to him referring to Parker’s “sexiness” to Nate in the SECOND EPISODE of the series and how he says “just between us”, like he’s not going to shower her with adoration and sweet nothings at almost every turn between them, I think about how he tells her that he likes how she turned out when she’s crying her eyes out, broken, knowing she’s different and weird and possibly even a lost cause at this point, I think about how from the moment he met her, he was already interested and how her quirks - while sometimes frustrating - never pushed/scared him away, I think about how he spends three seasons being a major leg and arm and lung in her growing support system and when she finally DOES tell him that she’s been having “feelings [for pretzels]”, he just smiles even though his heart is probably in his throat at this overwhelming progress they’ve made and he sits down and tells her kindly, lovingly, that they’re there when she’s ready to have them.

He will always be there when she is ready for him.

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OKAY SOMEONE HASN’T DONE PARKER/HARDISON YET. But now I will! I might throw some Eliot in there too, because @dorothyoz39 requested that. :-)

  • Drinks all of the coffee: I don’t think Parker or Hardison are big coffee drinkers, so…Eliot, maybe? I guess he’s shown drinking coffee a few times.
  • Brings up adopting a pet: Hardison. Parker barely knew what to do with a plant.
  • Kills the bugs: Parker.
  • Cooks the meals: Eliot. Parker would live on cold cereal if they let her, and Hardison can cook but usually gets so into whatever project he’s working on that he forgets to eat, let alone cook. If it weren’t for him, Eliot grumbles, they’d probably both have rickets or some shit. And if he didn’t cook for them, they’d just steal his sandwiches anyway, Hardison. Yeah, that’s right, he knows about that.
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Parker.
  • Initiates the couple selfies: Hardison.
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Parker doesn’t forget them, but they’re not as important to her as they are to Hardison, and she feels awkward about things like anniversaries and birthdays because she didn’t celebrate stuff like that growing up. Hardison totally gets that, though, and he basically tells Parker early on that he doesn’t care if she makes a big deal about his birthday – and he really means it. He plans his own birthday celebrations, and involves Parker in the planning, and that works out pretty well for them both. (Eliot quietly makes them both their favorite meals and a cake on both their birthdays every year, just like he does for Nate and Sophie, when they’re all in the same place.)
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Let’s just say their house is well-stocked with orange soda, gummy frogs, and a wide variety of breakfast cereals, and they regularly get donuts from their favorite bakery. (They don’t worry too much about things like vegetables and fiber. That’s why they have Eliot, who stomps around complaining about grown-ass adults who eat like 10-year-olds while he cuts up fruit and measures out yogurt and chia seeds to make freezer smoothie packs for them, and then cooks them “a real meal with actual protein and vegetables, and you’re gonna eat it so you aren’t the first two cases of goddamn scurvy in modern-day Portland”. This arrangement works out really well for Parker and Hardison, who’d both rather do things other than cook, and for Eliot, who loves cooking for them.)
  • Nicknames the other: Hardison has at least a dozen nicknames for Parker. (Hardison has at least a dozen nicknames for everyone he loves, actually, but not everyone is as cool with him using them as Parker is, Eliot – man, you really need to relax.) Parker mostly just calls him Hardison around other people. When it’s just the two of them, she calls him Alec about half the time, and the way she says it makes Hardison feel like it’s an endearment. 

Send me a ship (romantic or platonic or family) and I’ll tell you who…

Parker, Hardison and Pretzels

Parker: So, I have to tell you something.
Hardison: Okay. Did–did you want to talk now?
Parker: Yeah. Okay. So, the thing is, I think that maybe I might be having feelings. Like weird, weird feelings… f-for…
Parker: …Pretzels.
Hardison: Pretzels. Okay.  Well, they’re right here, when you want them.

We all have a lot of feelings about this scene and I needed to make a post just about it and my feelings for it. Because this scene is about so much more than just Parker confessing that she likes Hardison. So let’s talk about that.

Parker is not good at emotions. Parker isn’t good with people. When a guy hits on Parker, she literally stabs him in the leg with a fork. She was raised on the street, never have a proper family, she bounced around foster care, had an abusive foster father, was abandoned by her car jacking team, was raised then by a professional thief who decided to make her his protege and the perfect thief. Archie cared more about how she would be his legacy than about ever learning to exist in the world as a person. She was basically a tool. (I mean, when he saw the way Nate & Co helped her grow, he said, “You took her and you broke her.”) 

Parker does not know how to be around people let alone how to be in a relationship. She’s emotionally broken and the only way of life she understood was how to be a thief. She’s quirky and weird when she met the team. She thinks nothing of things like changing clothes in front of other people or kissing Hardison or anything like that, because it’s just part of the con. She does what she has to for the heist and doesn’t ever look at any of it with an emotional or personal lens. But she gradually realizes that she likes Hardison. She realizes it without even understanding it. She’s mad when someone else is close to Hardison, but she doesn’t know why.

So when she finally understands it, she needs to talk about it. But just because she understands that she likes Hardison, it does not mean she’s ready to deal with those feelings. She’s not even really ready to admit those feelings out loud. Thus, pretzels. She has feelings, weird, weird feelings for pretzels.

And Hardison looks at her, looks at the pretzels, and then understands perfectly. Because Hardison does understand people. He’s charismatic and kind and warm and welcoming. He’s easy to love and loves easily. He bounced around foster care as well, but he was lucky enough to fall into the home of “Nana” – not his actual grandma, but the woman who raised him and his foster siblings. She taught him how to talk to people, how to be friendly, how to understand other people and read them. For everything that Parker didn’t have, Hardison did. 

So when Hardison sees Parker’s stress and struggle to admit her feelings, he instantly knows that she is not ready to deal with these feelings, even though she’s ready to tell him about them. And what does he do in that situation?

He says okay. He nods, he smiles, he accepts it, and then he gently informs her that the pretzels will be there waiting for her when she’s ready for them. He’s there for her. He’s always there for her, he always supports her. He clearly likes Parker very much, he has since episode one. They’ve been working together for two years at this point. They’ve kissed, they’ve danced, they’ve had each other’s backs. Hardison’s feelings for her have only grown this entire time, but he never once ever pressured her. He never pushed her farther than she was comfortable with. And now, even knowing that his feelings for her are now reciprocated, all he does is say, “I’m here for you when you’re ready for me.”

He leaves the ball in her court. He lets her know that he’s open to this in the best way he can and leaves her feeling calmer than she started. He leaves her smiling and confident and happy. He shows her that he likes her without forcing her into something she’s not ready for.

Hardison is the absolute perfect gentleman. He gave her just what she needed, just when she needed it. I have so much respect for him in that scene, because he has so much respect for Parker.

In fact, it’s not until 10 episodes later when she finally takes him up on that offer. The first line is in episode 5 of season 3, The Double Blind Job. In the second to last episode of the season, episode 15, The Big Bang Job, Parker and Hardison are on a train and nearly blow themselves up trying to disarm a bomb. At the end of the episode, all is well, of course, because Hardison is very good at what he does. And this exchange happens:

Parker: You know what I’m in the mood for?
Hardison: What?
Parker: Pretzels.

It’s such a brief exchange that if you’re not paying attention, you could easily miss it. It was a reference to a line ten episodes ago, and even if the audience doesn’t catch the reference, Hardison definitely does. He takes a moment to register what she says, then smiles and does his trademark “heeeey.” And that’s it. 

But you know what? Not once during those ten episodes between the two pretzel lines did Hardison do anything but respect Parker’s emotional space. And that makes me so, so happy. 

I just really love this scene. I love it so much. It’s so much more than just an “otp: pretzels” tag (which, lbr, is the perfect otp tag for them). It’s such a meaningful reference. Because it was the moment that you really saw what kind of man Hardison was. And how much he absolutely cares about Parker. It makes everything about their relationship matter so much more, for me.

Lines like, “I got you girl, I got you” and “thanks for not hanging up the phone” and “Do you hear me, Alec? I need you” and “kiss for luck” and all the rest, mean so much more when they’re all based on this amazing relationship that the both of them have. This is why I love Parker and Hardison. This is why I love Leverage. 

Thank you for listening, have a nice day.

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i can't remember if hardison's nana is still alive in the show or not but how about parker meeting nana?

(she is, I think I remember Parker once actually saying “I should meet your Nana.”, also thank you that’s an awesome prompt. here goes nothing)


“She’s going to love you.” Alec assures her for the sixth time that week.

“You don’t know that.” Parker says with a glare and within a moment is swiftly turning around to march back to the car (for the third time in the past two minutes). Alec grins and softly grabs her by her shoulders again, steering her back around and making her face their destination once more.

She’s the one who wanted to meet his nana, but since the moment it turned into an actual plan Parker’s been a mess of contradictions. Gleeful one minute and biting her nails the next. On their way here she’d been almost bouncing in place with the kind of excitement usually only reserved for falling off buildings and chocolate, but now that they’re standing in front of his childhood home she looks more nervous than Alec has ever seen her.

Well… that’s not entirely true, now that he thinks about it she looks about the same she did when they had their very first ‘pretzels’ conversation.

The thought immediately makes him slow down and step around Parker so he can look her in the eye.

She’s biting her lip, her eyes fluttering around and avoiding his. He cups her face gently with his palm, starting to run his thumb over her cheek and waits for a few moments until the strain in Parker’s shoulders starts to ease.

“She’s going to love you Parker!”  He repeats himself. “Because I love you. And because you’re amazing, and because Nana’s been waiting to embarrass the hell out of me since I started talking her ear off about you. Believe me, the woman has stories. And if one of us has any reason to be worried that this night is going to be hell, believe me, it’s gonna be me, girl.”

That catches her attention, her nose scrunching up in that adorable way that always makes Alec’s heart do the salsa.

“What kind of stories?” Parker asks, her face having turned from uncertain and vulnerable to curious faster than Hardison could have hacked into a surveillance camera (well… faster than most other people in their line of work could hack into a surveillance camera anyways).

Alec grimaces, his mind immediately going to all the things he’s pulled that his nana might have a mind to bring out and share with a toothy grin and no mercy, and suddenly he’s the one who kinda wants to turn around and high-tale it to safety.

Parker obviously catches his expression because her mouth is already pulling into a wide smile again and her eyes are sparkling like one of those priceless gems she likes to decorate the team’s Christmas trees with.

She grabs his hand and starts pulling him toward the front door, her steps sure and fast and eager.

He almost digs his heels in, mind going back to a number of dinners he’s been a part of where one of his foster-siblings brought around a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Oh, hell.

But in a moment they’re at the door and Parker’s ringing the bell and there’s Nana in all her glory smiling at them both and pulling them into warm hugs. He really has missed Nana’s hugs, and with Parker right there beside him the feeling of home blooms in his chest even brighter than usual.

“Well, come in, come in, dinner’s almost ready.” Nana says as loud and boisterous as ever. “Shoes by the door.”

“Hardison said there’s gonna be Alec stories.” Parker says as soon as they’re inside and Alec gives into his fate, head dropping forward and seemingly suddenly fascinated by the patterns of the carpet as he follows Nana’s instructions. “I’ll trade you mine for yours.”

Nana grins, eyeing Parker with absolute interest and Alec groans. This was a mistake, he’s made a huge, huge mistake.

“Oh, I think I’m going to like you.”

He looks sideways at Parker, sees her eyes light up as the last traces of nervousness flee her expression and takes back his last thought at once. 

Steps of watching Leverage

1. Watch all the episodes
2. Knowing how many episodes and
seasons there are
3. Knowing the names of all the
4. Knowing the season and episode
number (example: The Nigerian Job
is season 1, episode 1)
5. Knowing detailed information about
the actors/characters
7. Knowing what episode each victim is
8. Knowing all of the outfits and what
episode it is from
9. Hearing 10 seconds of an episode
and knowing what episode it is
10. Being able to read someone’s mind
and know what episode they are
thinking of
11. Be Leverage
12. Watch Leverage until your dying day