Trollcops (Cover) [Redux]
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Remember my old Trollcops cover? Well, I’ve decided to redo it, not only because I want to see how it compares to my old one, but also as a thanks for 255 followers! Thank you all! You all are wonderful bless you all :’D

It’s amazing how much my voice has matured and my mixing has improved! :D The new, not-as-bad mic definitely helps too, I must say. Anyways, I hope this cover does Terezi and horizon (the lyricist) JUST1C3.

Original song by Eric “Jit” Scheele.

Lyrics by the insanely talented horizon.

Album art by my extremely wonderful friend Gilwing.

TinDeck / Download here.


On the outskirts of Alternian society, 

there is a troll known for her reliability 

She’ll search up high, 

she’ll look down low 

she goes wherever justice needs to go 

You won’t find out why, ‘cause nobody knows, 

but she’s the one who gets the truth exposed 

She may be blind, but oh, she’s sure to find you 

she’s got a mind designed to catch your kind 

If you’ve done wrong it won’t be long before she’s found you 

She is renowned, all around, for bringing people like you to the ground 

It’s quite the job, but someone’s got to do it – 

a man or a mob; she’s the one who will pursue it 

if you’ve got a problem, there’s one girl to call – 

Terezi the trollcop; the best of them all 

There’s no double jeopardy; no way to escape 

when she’s got you in custody, make no mistake – 

you’re headed to jail, with no chance of bail; 

Terezi the trollcop always prevails! 

Thanks for listening!