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🐰Omg, so - FinalLy - I received my parcel today and I’m so happy about it! Now I have even more washi tapes (never enough actually), a Lot of various stickers, adorable ruler and a water brush (so excited to start using it)🐰 ☕️And now - when I know my order arrived safe and sound - I’m going to order even more, now from Etsy and AliExpress🙈 (risky girl, huh)☕️ ~So, yeah, have a good time everyone~

A New Addition To The Family - A Lapidot Fanfic

Chapter Two: A Bed Fit For A Queen

A week had passed since Lapis and Peridot delivered their big news to the Crystal Gems, and Steven just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It’s no surprise, then, that the conversation quickly turned to the two barn mates when Steven paid his father a visit.

Greg still couldn’t quite believe it.  As he sat listening to his son excitedly talking about “a Gemling”, a thought occurred to Greg.

“Is there anything we can do to help them both?” he pondered aloud.

“I think Peridot has it all under control, Dad” Steven replied.

“No, but…” Greg continued, “Do they need us to buy anything for them?  I can’t imagine Peridot walking into a store with a handful of dollars!  What about a bed for the baby?  Or even a new bed for the happy couple themselves?”

“Hmmm…. Peridot doesn’t sleep, I think… and Lapis has the hammock, so –”

“Lapis is sleeping in a hammock?!” Greg interrupted, completely horrified by this.

“Huh?” Steven looked questioningly at his Dad.

“We can’t let a pregnant woman sleep in a hammock! It’s too dangerous, kiddo” Greg explained, a worried frown now sitting on his forehead.  After a brief moment of thinking to himself, Greg got to his feet, an idea planted firmly in his mind.

“C’mon, Shtoo-ball,” he said with a smile, “Let’s go and buy a bed!”

Lapis’ snores rang out loudly through the barn as she lay fast asleep in her hammock.  Somehow, much to Peridot’s amazement, Pumpkin was able to sleep through all this din – the little veggie was also in the hammock, snuggled up to her Mom as the pair of them slept soundly.

“I swear the tractor makes less noise than that…” Peridot quietly mumbled to herself as she lifted another box of assorted items, “It’s a good job I love you, Laz.”

She glanced over at her sleeping partner with a loving smile, and quietly carried the box outside.  Once she was out, she began to tape the box closed and scribbled an address onto its side, checking the details on her limb enhancer’s screen which she had rigged-up to access the internet.  The enhancers, which she and Lapis had recovered from the ocean floor a few months prior, were supposed to be for “emergencies only”.  Peridot had become accustomed to not wearing them, after all, but sometimes they still had their uses regardless.

Peridot heard a familiar sound approaching – and looked up to see a van emblazoned with the words “Mr. Universe”, which could only mean one thing…

The green technician grinned as she greeted Greg and Steven.

Steven quickly spotted the roll of parcel tape in the small Gem’s hand.  “What are you doing with that, Peridot?” he asked her.

“I’m raising money for the Gemling!” Peridot enthusiastically answered, “I found an incredibly useful website called eBid!  It’s a place where you can advertise your old junk for other people to buy from you!”  She allowed herself a small cackle before proudly continuing, “So, I’m selling some of our spare stuff!  I’m boxing it up to send out now.  I’ve actually raised ten dollars from all this!”

She beamed at Greg and Steven, who both smiled back.

“That’s great, Peridot!” Steven told her, making the green Gem grin even more.

“In the meantime, before you go spending all that money, we’ve bought a gift for you and Lapis,” said Greg, “We just need to fetch it out of the van.”

Greg walked back over to the van and opened its doors. Sat inside was a partially-assembled bed as well as an assortment of blue blankets and pillows, a mattress, and… a rather large whale plush.

“Oh, that was Steven’s idea,” explained Greg with a smirk when he spotted Peridot eyeing the plush, “I chose the rest.  It’s a queen-sized bed, so it should work for the both of you!”

“Wow, thanks!” Peridot exclaimed, “Lapis is gonna love this!”

“Shall we take it into the barn and put it together?” Steven asked excitedly.

“No, we’ll need to assemble it outside.  Lapis is sleeping and I don’t want to wake her…” Peridot replied, slightly nervously, “She’s been getting a little… angry… these past few days.”

Steven looked at his Dad in horror.

“Don’t worry, Steven!  It’s just what happens sometimes during pregnancy,” an upbeat Greg told his son as he put a caring hand on his shoulder, “Could you just do me a quick favour and grab the toolkit from out of the van?”

“Sure thing, Dad” he replied and hurried off to collect the tools.

Greg moved much closer to Peridot, a warm expression written across his face.

“It’ll be Lapis’ hormones, Peridot” Greg quietly told her once Steven was out of earshot.

Hormones?!” a puzzled Peridot asked, “But… that’s for organic life-forms, not for Gems.”

“Isn’t pregnancy also something that Gem’s don’t usually experience, though?  And yet…”

Peridot nodded in agreement.

“She might snap at you a bit, and she might get upset – and even be really happy the next minute… but she won’t mean it,” he explained, “Please try not to take it to heart.  I know how you feel though, I’ve been there…”

“Thank you, Greg,” Peridot said with a small smile, somewhat relieved by Greg’s words, “I appreciate your advice.”

Just then, Steven came bounding back up to them, a toolbox in his hand.

“Right then, let’s get this bed put together!” exclaimed Greg, quickly changing the subject in order to keep his son in the dark about his conversation with Peridot.  He looked at the green Gem and nodded, before climbing into the back of the van to begin retrieving the bed.

The bed was fully assembled in no time, thanks to Greg and Peridot’s joint effort.  They stood back to admire their handiwork.  The metal bed frame was silver in colour, with a bright blue headboard to match the blue bedding.  Steven had proudly sat the whale plush in the centre of the bed so that Lapis wouldn’t miss it.

“Let me help you carry it in, Peridot…” Greg said.

“It’s okay, I’ve got this!” Peridot proclaimed, “I can get it inside silently…”

She lifted her hands and the bed began to float above the floor.  Slowly but surely, she started quietly moving towards her home, carefully levitating the bed in front of her.  She was going to put the bed against the back wall, underneath the picture of Uncle Andy’s parents that still hung in pride of place in the barn, now that Lapis and Peridot’s “Occupied” morp (comprised of several toilets) had been moved out of the away.  

“Easy, Peridot…” she whispered to herself as she lined the bed up.

She hadn’t been quiet enough, though.  Pumpkin awoke behind her and jumped down from the hammock. Not realising quite why a large bed was floating way above the floor, the small vegetable instinctively barked at it. Peridot leapt into the air in shock – breaking her concentration and causing the bed to slam loudly onto the floor.

“PUMPKIN!” she yelled angrily, “What’s the big idea?!”

PERIDOT! I could ask you the same thing!” came an even angrier voice from behind the green Gem.  Lapis was awake, and she was furious.

“L-lapis!  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, it was Pumpkin, she-”

“I can’t get a moment’s peace around here!” Lapis fumed as she glared at Peridot.  The technician took a step back from her partner, and her face fell.  

“Lapis!” Steven called as he gingerly entered the barn, “Please don’t be mad at Peridot, she was just trying to bring you a gift from my Dad.”

Lapis looked at Steven in horror, and then at the bed that was in front of her.  The realisation that she’d once again been unnecessarily harsh on poor Peridot began to sink in.

“Peridot… I’m so sorry,” Lapis said softly, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”  She walked towards Peridot, who immediately grabbed her into a loving hug.

“It’s your hormones, Lapis,” she mumbled in the ocean Gem’s ear, “It’s okay.  But please, just try to calm down a little, it’s not good for you to get angry like this…”

Lapis pulled out of the hug and nodded sadly, wiping a tear away from her eye.  She looked down at the bed in front of her and began to smile weakly.

“Thanks Greg, Steven,” she told them, “This was really kind of you.”

“It’s no problem!” Greg replied, “Any time!  You know where I am!  And you too, Peridot” he added, giving the green technician a knowing smile.

Lapis sat on the bed, admiring how comfortable it was. She allowed herself a little smirk as she looked at the whale plush that was sitting neatly in the centre.  She picked it up just as Pumpkin leapt onto the bed to join her.  The veggie took one look at the whale and then immediately tried to knock it out of her Mom’s arms.

“Pumpkin! There’s no need to get jealous of the whale!” she laughed as she set the plush back down again.  The others laughed along with her as they watched Pumpkin force herself onto Lapis’ knee, looking very proud of herself as she did so.

Once their guests had left, Peridot and Lapis sat back down on the bed together.  Peridot slipped her limb enhancers off and ran her hand through her hair with a deep sigh. She felt exhausted.

“Peridot… I’m really sorry,” Lapis said again, gently taking Peridot’s free hand in her own, “I’m so bad at this…”

“No no no, Lapis, it’s okay,” Peridot answered her.

“No, it’s not okay!” the ocean Gem exclaimed, “Hormones or no hormones, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that!”

Peridot smiled at her.  “Lapis, please don’t worry about it…”

They sat looking at each other for a moment, when Lapis noticed something about her partner.

“Peridot – you look so tired,” Lapis said with concern, “You should get some rest.”

She leaned over to the small green Gem and kissed her cheek.  Peridot felt her face burning up slightly, her obvious blushing causing Lapis to let out a little snort of laughter.  They’d been together for so long, but even after all this time Lapis’ kisses never failed to make Peridot blush.

“C’mon, Peri, please try to get some sleep…”

Peridot couldn’t argue with Lapis.  She hated sleeping, but knew it would be for the best this time.  She lay down next to her girlfriend, who gently placed the whale plush into the sleepy Gem’s arms with a wry smile.

Peridot closed her weary eyes and began to drift into a deep sleep.  Lapis sat next to her whilst she fell asleep, watching over her and caringly stroking her blonde hair.  Once the technician was sound asleep, Lapis slowly got up from the bed.  She gently kissed Peridot’s forehead and smiled warmly at her.

“Goodnight, Peridot” she whispered as she tiptoed away from the bed, Pumpkin following along behind her.

Strictly Professional - Chapter 8

Everything almost seemed normal again. Jon had made his admission that he had feared any weird tension between them and that had been his reasoning for staying away from the apartment. Sansa assured him that there wasn’t. 

There’s still that funny little belly flip thing though. Especially when I catch him giving me those weird looks……it’ll go away - he’ll get used to the idea of what we did, Sansa mused on her commute home.

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MCM is less than a week away and I’ve been bothered by how I’m going to see out of my cosplay:

My mask does not fit when I’m wearing glasses, I can’t wear contacts and without my glasses I’d just have an unpleasant, disorienting time and would miss out on being able to see much of what was going on around me! Google searches all resulted in unhelpful results that mainly went down the “suck it up and get contacts” route, which for a lot of us is just not doable or is too expensive!

So I came up with a solution.

What you need:

  • An old pair of glasses that you don’t mind taking apart and can still see reasonably well out of.
  • A sturdy mouse mat (the kind that stays rigid if you hold it up, not the kind that flops). Helps if it’s a plain, solid colour and one that you can draw on!
  • Scissors
  • A razorblade/boxcutter/stanley knife/etc.
  • Parcel tape
  • Patience.

1. Take the glasses apart and remove the lenses. You shouldn’t have to destroy them to do this if they’re normal full frames, just unscrew the little screw on the outer edge of each lens and they will pop open. They will also go back together when you’re done with your cosplay. Glasses in solid plastic frames or partially rimless ones where the lenses are glued in will not go back together, so make sure you definitely want to do this before you pull them apart!

2. Get your mousemat and a pen or pencil and trace around the top and bottom of your lenses, like so:

Extend the traced lines into two shapes, like I’ve done in the picture above. Cut these out.

3. On the inside of each shape (the part that will be touching the lens), cut a slit from beginning to end with your blade. Make this deep enough so the lens can snugly sit inside without wobbling or falling out, but not too deep that it obscures your vision or protrudes and is visible through the eyehole!

4. Position the lens in the right place over the eyehole of your mask, and tape in place. This part is frustrating and a bit awkward so take your time and get it right. Keep checking to make sure you can see with the lens position before securing it. You should end up with something like this when you’re done:

You can see if you look carefully, two little marks either side of the nose. To make sure the lenses sat where my actual glasses would sit, I took the ones I’m wearing right now off and put them inside the mask, then made the markers as a guide to myself.

The tape looks pretty flimsy but I’ve given it a firm shake, tapped the lenses from the front, pushed the mask off my face and onto my head and vice versa a few times and it’s held firm. The piece at the side seems to help this! 

You could also use something more permanent like glue if you don’t wish to remove the lenses. I don’t want this to be permanent so I needed something removable.

AND YOU’RE DONE! Happy being able to see!

Just Sneak Out, and Don't Tell a Soul Goodbye

a/n: soooo a few of you may know that i’ve been meaning to base some kind of fic on the song check yes juliet due to the fact it’s my all time favourite song in the history of ever and beyond 

this certainly isn’t the most original of plotlines but whatever

i guess this is it. i hope it’s okay

summary: the famous arch-rivalry between the howell and lester family dates back to an era no-one has any remembrance of. but the sons of the parent enemies, dan and phil, share feelings towards eachother so different from their family, that the move of the howells to edinburgh is anything but ‘delightful’ for dan. but he has an idea. (based on the song check yes juliet by we the kings)

word count: 7,781


“Stop looking so glum, Daniel.” His mother pulls a face, sealing the final box with brown parcel tape. “Anyone would think you don’t want to take such a fantastic opportunity.”

“I don’t.” Dan mumbles monotonously, keeping his eyes fixed on a bare rectangle of wall where his favourite Monet painting of the bridge once lay. “I thought I made that clear enough.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She mutters, stacking the cardboard on top of one another in the only corner of the lounge where a box wasn’t, meaning Dan couldn’t look anywhere without being attacked by “FRAGILE” and “THIS WAY UP” in aggressive red capital lettering.

I’m being ridiculous?!” Dan suddenly retaliates, finding the strength to tear his eyes away from the painting and at anything that wasn’t a wall. In which case, settling for a fierce glare at his mother who continued to make an effort to look as nonchalant as possible. “You’re the one who decided to suddenly chuck the house on the market last month without thinking anything through! You didn’t even tell your own mother until last week.”

“Grandma didn’t need to know until I felt I was ready to tell her.” She defends weakly.

“Yeah, so you didn’t give her enough chance to convince you to stay.” Dan mutters through gritted teeth indignantly, having had enough experience with his notorious family to be able to read his mother like a book. And she knows it.

“There’s no need to stay.” She gestures around the room which, to be honest, did look pretty damn shabby without their paintings, family photos and ornaments to colour up the atmosphere. Although that was probably the same as scraping the polished paint off a new car then complaining because it didn’t look pristine.

“There’s every need to stay. What has Edinburgh even got to offer?” He almost retches the name, as if it’s some kind of disgusting disease. He doesn’t know Edinburgh like he knows London, so much so it was only until yesterday he found out the city is actually in Scotland, and not Ireland. 

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Article (with exmaple pics) - Types of tape gags

Mainstream scenes gags, some are gag snobs - some want better bondage.

Gag scenes are usually lumped by families: stuff, cleave, OTM, tape, ball and etc.

Let’s talk (ironic) about gags, tape gags to be precise.
There are many types of tapes in many sizes and colors, the main things we are going to take a look at is: stickiness, size, length, number of pieces and sometimes the material itself (papery, microfoam, duct tape, medical etc.)

Now with no further introduction let’s get to the fun!


No. 1 - The loose papery

The only way this thing sticks nicely is wraparound and how many scenes like that have we seen? none.
The bright side however is that we get to see the lips, especially if the damsel has some nice lipstick on.
Look at the sides of the tape, ever rolled up few pages and later when you tried to straighten them up they refused and curled right back?
Same here with this buddy… the more time goes by the more it lets loose.
This however can be fixed if the tape is double wide because then it sticks a lot better.

No. 2 - The loose but smooth and shiny looking

So it isn’t the most sticky thing ever, it does look cute however.
Don’t count on it to do the job, but it will look nice, maybe some don’t like it for its metal plate look rather than “See those lips? they are mine! all mine! I’ll never leave them”.

No. 3 - The this is so sticky

It’s there to stay, it looks good enough to keep the damsels lips tougher and it will take some force for the damsel to open her mouth rather than just open it like the two previous types.

No. 4 - OMG! This is gonna leave a mark!

Just take a look at that… It seems the tape is obsessed with her lips, hugging them hard refusing to let go.
As said before “See those lips? they are mine! all mine! I’ll never leave them”.
Sometimes it looks like you need pliers to remove it from the damsels lips.


No. 1 - The are you cheap or something?

Look at this, it just covers the lips, edge to edge. Not very impressive or taking control.
However, it is not the worst (we will get to it in the wideness section).

No. 2 - The eye to eye

This is the first one I find satisfying, it covers enough area to look somewhat convincing.
If you look at the edges of the tape you will see that they are in direct line to the outer edges of her eyes.
Some times I find it cuter than longer pieces since we can see some cheeks and blush.

No. 3 - The between eye to eye and ear to ear

It is longer than the eye to eye and almost ear to ear, not much to say.
This is the most common of them all.

No. 4 - The ear to ear

Not very common but it does look great.

No. 5 - The over the ears but no wraparound

This is when the tape length is misjudged and ends up covering the damsels earlobes.

No. 6 - The wraparound

Even if it is not very sticky, as long as it is at least stick to itself it is still effective OTM gag, but when it is sticky it is even better doing the job in stopping clear understood speech (nothing no matter how good doesn’t stop noise, not even a 3" ball gag).
You can add to its effectiveness by mouth stuffing, another wrap from top of the head to bottom of the chin (to close the jaw in place), and a strip over the bridge of the nose that connects to the rest of the tape (you may want to bury its edges behind another wrap around the lips and head).
I might have a tape gag guide article some day (I got some creative ideas).


No. 1 - The WTF! I know this is just a movie but this is so unbelievable even for this

Basically it is a small piece that is smaller than an inch and it is barely the size of one of the lips and even if it is exactly the size of both lips it is still so stupid.
And the picture you see above is the good case scenario so you can understand how lame it is with one piece…

No. 2 - The bubble-gum wrapper tape

One level below the average 2" tape and the first one in my book that is worth collecting.
It is called bubble-gum wrapper since it resembles in color and size a wrapper opened to its maximum size.
As we can see in the picture above, early 2000’s pop star Anastacia (always loved her sunglasses and lipstick choices) beautifully wears it, we can see it covers just a little bit over each lip to a satisfactionary level.
However it is Anastacia that makes it look good and not the other way around.

No. 3 - The classic 2" tape

This is the size we are all accustomed to see, it gives an inch beneath and above each lip and seems secure enough to make ‘mmmph’ mumbles seem a bit legit.

No. 4 - The nose to chin double wide

This is the king/queen of all tapes, as you can understand by the picture above and its name this tape covers the whole lower face and sometimes it goes even beneath the chin to add more vertical mouth shutting.
If it is sticky and covers ear to ear it might be the most effective of all the good looking tape gags (never found wrap-around as beautiful just effective)

Number of Pieces

No. 1 - The simple one piece

The one piece is the quickest to use, just tear a piece and put it in place.
It doesn’t gives much to work with however.

No. 2 - The few pieces aligned the same

From two pieces and above, it may look like a double wide tape gag and therefore they are my favorites (of the few piece, My biggest fave will always be the double wide single piece).
It provides more strength since the above piece keeps the below piece in place.

No. 3 - The few pieces all over the place

In some cases it might be more effective, but they are by far the ugliest effective ones.
Or maybe I think like that because I’m such a symmetry freak.

No. 4 - The wraparound

See section Lengths - No. 6

No. 5 - The dog muzzle

I don’t think it exist in mainstream scenes, this is a wraparound with additional strip over the nose bridge that has its edges taped to the tape gag at each side of the face.
Effective? A lot.
Looks? Horrible.



Yes, there are plenty of tape types like PVC in example.
But this is not a hardware review and therefore it will not be very informative to what tape you should use to fix your sink and such.
It will be just about the way it looks and about how well it goes with lips and skin.  

No. 1 - The clear cellotape

Don’t let the picture above fool you… It looks horrible most of the time.
The damsel opens her mouth a bit and then we see her teeth, the cloudy marks left by her breathing onto the tape and the mouth moving freely.
Usually it is trash bag worthy.

No. 2 - The papery tape

Slightly better than the cellotape but has some serious sticking issues.
When it is not sticky it just folding into itself like papers that been folded for too long, maybe it has something to do with it being actual paper that is forced to stay rounded around its roll until used.
When it isn’t sticking we can see the difference in shades between the sides that are on and the sides that are off.
But when it is sticky, oh boy… We can see lips and the shade they are which is one small detail that we all seems to like.

No. 3 - Classic parcel-tape

Has all the same fabric type of the cellotape, however thanks to it not being clear we don’t run into the things that kills the cellotape gags.
It gives a nice look of how the lips are shaped, sometimes you can see the color differences of the lips sticking from beyond the tape original color.
It is not very stiff and that is why it works well with lips visibility.

No. 4 - The stiff duct tape

This tape is so stiff you can’t now if there is some lip protection below or if it’s just that much stiff it doesn’t change it looks.
Kind of look like a glued metal plate to some extent.
I happen to really like it but I know how many people hate it.

No. 5 - The nicely conforming duct tape

This is also duct tape but the difference it that it changes its shape to the shape of the damsels mouth which makes it looks one of the most effective types.
It is like the parcel-tape and stiff-duct-tape combined.

No. 6 - The electrical tape

The most mean stickiness machine out there, you might want to check if after removal it doesn’t have the damsels lips on and that they are still attached to her face.
Just look at this evil sexy thing.
It is the most sticky and most conforming, not safe for lips material out there.
Not sure if even clown makeup will protect her lips.

No. 7 - Medical tape

It is medically approved, nice and sticky and suitable for skin.
However there is a tape that is even better than this…

No. 8 - Microfoam tape

(Picture above is not the common type of microfoam which is far more smooth and shiny looking white)

Might be the best thing ever, friendly to the damsel and effective to help the kidnapper muffle her.
It is just like the medical tape, however, it has one more extremely helpful advantage, it is highly conformable and flexible.
It will stick to every part of the damsels face almost as a second skin, if she opens her mouth to try and break its hold it just stretches along with her mouth accompanying the lips on their way apart and on their way back tougher.
It is a real bitch, but not because of pain (it doesn’t, it is made for skin) it is because of the never giving up attitude that might get the captive to just accept the fact.
It is most of the time double wide which makes it better.

No. 9 - Plaster/Band-aid

One of my faves since it is so rare.
Not very effective and comes with natural lip protection (it isn’t really meant for lips however).
It is very decorative most of the time and will probably look even better with some lace clothing.


Well, ladies and not ladies, that is all for now.
If you have any suggestion to another topic that is close to my heart to do an article on just inbox me and tell me what.
I am planning a guide to tape gags that I thought about in my creative mind.

The Floating Bikeshop on Cream Street

usukisses answered your question:It was fun last time, so I’m gonna ask for your…

The floating bikeshop on Cream street

(Thanks for the suggestion!)

Welcome to the floating bike-shop on Cream Street, yes, you heard right, the only store that does not only sell the floating bikes but also floats like one!”

Alfred rapped off his speech like an automated robot. If Arthur hadn’t seen the guy around campus, he could’ve been fooled to believe he was one. It was only recently revealed that Mr Timor from the Information Science department was in fact manufactured by Ch3mstill. As their newest model, he possessed everything any regular teacher in his late forties had - including baldness, bad breath, and a horrible fashion sense. Green sweater with a red shirt? - come on.

As Alfred noticed Arthur was Arthur and not a customer, he bit his inner cheek and grimaced, “Aw, man, I still have commission to make.”

“Sorry,” Arthur said, but he showed no sign of being apologetic. He closed the door and looked through the glass-floor. Beneath them, about five feet down, everything was like usual; people walked the streets, shopped for clothes, and sipped iced lattes at the smart cafeterias in town. There were no other floating shops in sight, and no matter how practiced Alfred’s speech was, it was truthful - The Floating Bike Shop on Cream Street was truly amazing.

Alfred jumped across the counter and walked towards Arthur. He looked across their selection of bikes as he did so - he had just rearranged the store, and everything had been colour-coded. “What do you think?” he asked without further ado and gestured across the sea of floating bikes.

Arthur admired a pink tricycle bobbing up and down above his head. “Very impressive,” he said and watched Alfred smile, “if you’re into bikes.” Alfred’s smile faded a little.

“What did you come for, a test-drive?” Alfred joked and slipped his arm around Arthur’s shoulders, “just kidding, I know what you’re here for.”

“I highly doubt it,” Arthur said and followed Alfred towards the back room, “but humour me. Make a guess.”

“A parcel came for your dad.”

Arthur grimaced. “Again? I’ve told them to send it to his house, but the post office keeps redirecting it here.”

“They must think he still owns the store.”

“Ridiculous.” Arthur walked the hallways of the back with knowing steps and ended up in the office. He saw the parcel on the desk, and picked it up with a sigh.

“It’s heavy,” Alfred said, despite Arthur already holding it. “I guess it must be parts for his bike.”

“I doubt it,” Arthur said, but he didn’t make his own guess.

Alfred leaned up against the office desk and watched him. “So if it’s not the parcel you’re here for,” he said, “you’re right, I don’t know what brings you to the store today. Care to tell me?”

Arthur looked at Alfred from above the parcel and only slowly put it down on the floor. He glanced around, spotted the camera in the corner of the room, and waved towards it. “Is it on?”

“No, it’s just there to scare thieves,” Alfred said. He was rather curious about why Arthur would care for the camera.

Arthur looked down through the glass floor. “Can you cover it?”

Alfred shrugged and clapped his hands, making the floor go black.

Finally, Arthur took a seat on the parcel and took in a deep breath. He stared out into the air for a few minutes. Then he looked back up at Alfred. “Do you know why Dad sold the shop to your family?”

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Originally posted by 5americansupernaturaljedi

In an alt reality of The Price of Salt / Carol, Abby comes out to Waterloo when she finds out that Carol and Therese are being followed rather than send a telegram. Abby intercepts Tommy Tucker’s parcel of tapes because the loser shipped them on New Year’s Day. BAMF Abby busts into the post office, steals the package, then heads back to the Josephine Motor Lodge to find Carol and Therese packed and ready to roll. As they are heading out, they drive past Tommy Tucker…

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: FUCK  this got emo very quickyl i catn believe i have one more chapter left to wrap this all up lets hope i dont die 

i listened to stained glass eyes and colorful tears a Lot whilst writing this chapter as u can probably tell so if u wanna listen to it to u know . ~set the scene~ then it here 

also if u dont watch spongebob u may not recognise the box reference. oops 




Phil doesn’t disclose too much information on his encounter with Ryan, despite Dan’s gnawing curiosity on the matter. He’d got as far as a mumble of “Dan seriously, I wouldn’t have given him anything he didn’t deserve”, before the brown-haired boy sighs with defeat, slumping down on the bed and making the cardboard box full of china rattle.

He frowns at the box suddenly. “Why’s this in here?” he peers inside

Phil looks up from Dan’s bare desk. “Why’s what in there?”

“Half of my kitchen, apparently-…” he struggles with lifting it, his face screwed up with concentration on not dropping it and sending shards of expensive plates all over his carpet. “Why’s it in my bedroom?”

Phil shrugs cluelessly, giving him a helping hand because that china really does look expensive and he knows they can’t afford the responsibility for the damage. “Whoever did obviously has a generous sense of trust – I wouldn’t risk leaving anything in your bedroom,” he teases, and Dan gives him an affectionate shove.

Dan’s grin soon fades as his eyes trail around the bare room, with years’ worth of posters and clutter and photos and letters and band member signatures torn away from the walls and confined to cardboard and parcel tape. “Is that everything, then?” he sighs, his voice suddenly as sad and empty as his room.

Phil gulps. “I think so,” his eyes flicker to his bedside table. “Apart from that.”

“I’m saving that for tomorrow,” Dan says quietly, glancing over his shoulder at the four years’ worth of shoeboxed memories, ranging from pretty much the day he moved to London, to today. He glances up at Phil. “I think we should go through them together.”

Phil melts into a smile, and he presses his lips to Dan’s forehead in a chaste kiss. “I’ve always been pretty curious myself as to what’s in there,” he smirks.

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Fuck, I am so happy with this. These are the art to go with @rebornfromash ’s fic, A Sound Soul (it’s so great I am excited for everyone to read it and it just conjures amazing visuals it’s like dante’s inferno (I am not sure how to spell that) meets Tim burton meets like illustrations you find really old grim fairytale collections in my head. They are made of paper, card and two books I found in a second hand shop, lots of fire, wire hangers, glue and parcel tape. @petrichor (and I honestly have no idea if I spelled that right I’d art aswell, and I will link everything here when I find it.

A few inspirational quotes from Dan and Phil's Portal 2 Co-op video

“You’re on the precipice of annihilation!” -Dan

“One Direction.” - Phil

“Zayn would be worse at this.” -Phil

“You’re rubbing your face against the entrance.” -Dan

“Okay you dildo.” -Dan

“Do you think all my other senses are going to be heightened? …The smells are so intense.” -Phil

“Are you actually shitting on my leg.” -Dan

“My eyes are seeing a really weird blue diamond now.” -Phil

“Okay, are you having a stroke?” -Dan

“I wonder if anyone’s got a parcel tape fetish?” -Phil

“When I was a kid my favorite thing was pressing buttons.” -Phil

Merry Not Quite Christmas

Title: Merry Not Quite Christmas

Genre: Such fluff kittens will flow from your screen (not guaranteed)

Warnings: Mentions of sex (I think that’s it)

Word Count: 4235

Summary: Dan and Phil never get to spend Christmas with each other, inspiring Phil to take Dan on a Christmas Eve adventure.

Prompted by the lovely Hanna

Phil opened his eyes and saw a steady stream of light flowing through the window, and heard the soft snores coming from the sleeping body behind him.

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