parc ours

“I was with my family in the Center of the City and we were about to go to the place where the attack occured. I wanted to go, but my wife said that since it was a nice day, it would be better for the girls to play in the parc outside our home. Thank God I listened. We were three or four minutes away from the location where horrific attack happened. We got in the car and were heading home, when my phone started ringing. The family and many friends were calling me to see if were alright… The attack had happened in the exact moment.”

- Ivan Rakitic, Speaking about the attack on la Rambla in BCN, interview with “24 Sata”

To the ones who feels “concerned” for France

I’m already seeing stupid (american) posts. That what happened here was because of “open borders, stringent gun control, pacifism, and cultural acceptance” that because of that we deserved it ? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU ?
Please tumblr, be clever don’t hurt us more than we are now. Do you realise how gross this is? ? How dare you lecture us as we are mourning our deads ? How dare you ? Did we lecture you when 9/11 happened ? Why being so disrespectful ? Do you like it ? Feel powerful ? If you’re so proud to be American how it comes you forget that you owe your liberty to the devotion of OUR ancestors to your cause ? So don’t you dare start your “I don’t say but” bullshit and post it under #upthebaguette tag because I can assure you that it wont be accepted down here.