i received a question that i’m going to answer publicly because i have no doubt that i will be asked this in the nearish future *hint hint*


Good Morning Courtney. I want free form locs and a while ago I was online looking up info about free form locs. This is the 4th or 5th time doing a big chop and now I want to grow my hair into locs. Is there anything I should be weary about? I looked up how often to wash, how to take care of it, what products to use, and what not. But I don’t have money to buy natural shampoo. Is using synthetic shampoo bad for locs?? Your locs were so pretty why did you cut them off??


this is a photo of my last set of locs just before i cut them. they were seven months old

i feel like i should start off by saying that they were not free formed. while i didn’t twist or retwist, i did section them and keep them that way by pulling them apart when the roots began to tangle with a neighboring loc. people often confuse thick locs with free formed locs. if mine were free formed i would’ve let my hair section itself naturally

i can only give you tips on how to achieve locs like mine

general tips:

  • less is more. don’t wash too much, don’t retwist too often (if at all), and don’t use a slew of products. if you’re curious, i used Dr. Bronner’s Soap for my hair and castor oil for my scalp.
  • they say not to wet your hair much or at all when you first start but thats bullshit. water activates curls and thats what you want. the curlier your strands get, the more easily they with tangle with one another. locs are tangled hair. i wet my locs with water like every other day right from the start
  • remember: the fewer locs you have or in other words, the fewer sections you create, the thicker an individual loc will be. i makes sense because each loc will have more strands of hair tangled into it. i had 46
  • consider the density of your hair before sectioning. density refers to how closely those strands are packed together on your head. your hair’s density can also be affected by your hair texture, porosity and width. everyones different. the higher the density, the thicker your locs will look overall
  • keep in mind that hair density not only varies from person to person but also, on your own head from section to section. for example, on the temples on my head, my hair strands grow farther apart from one another so as a result, its not as thick. if i wanted all my locs to be as uniform as possible, i would make the sections on my temples a little larger to compensate for the difference in thickness compared to the rest of my hair
  • in order to achieve the thickest locs possible, keep retwisting at a minimum. twisting the hair causes the hair in each loc to pack together more tightly and in turn appear thinner.  i didn’t twist at all and as result, i maintained thick fluffy locs. granted, they were young but as they matured they would’ve remained somewhat thicker than the average person which a similar hair density as mine who chooses to twist often

about washing:

  • i didn’t use shampoos because many have sulfates and parbens and extra shit that my skin and hair doesn’t need. it coats the hair with things that make it seem healthy but in the end causes buildup which can lead to damage if not quickly taken care of. not to mention the moisturizing and conditioning agents in regular shampoos that aren’t super great for locs. mine anyway
  • i used Dr. Bronners Soap in lavender but peppermint is cheaper. I invested in a 32 oz bottle of the stuff and it lasted me six or more months because i always heavily diluted it everytime i used it. you can even purchase a gallon and have that last even longer. i don’t know what your financial situation is like, but think of it as an investment. buy it once and make it last for as long as possible
  • dilution is great because you can make whichever soap you decide to use last longer and also the more you dilute it with water, the easier it is to wash out. easy in, easy out. you don’t want soap getting trapped in your locs. it can cause buildup
  • keep in mind that i had short locs, so i didn’t need to use much soap and that i wasn’t playing sports and/or sweating in a gym everyday so washing often wasn’t necessary. i also didn’t have any scalp conditions to care for

why i cut my locs:

  • because i no longer wanted them. thank you for the compliment

take these tips and adjust as needed to make them work for you. you’ll figure it out in time. good luck! :) xx