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kissmyeyesandliemetosleep  asked:

can you advice some good tumblr blogs? :3

Ay, I’m not very good at it but i’ll tell you my fav blogs…

emmmm.. here I go..  that’s mah gurl, mah bitch, talented girl  Cissa is the nicest person on tumblr, she is sweet and cute and ay! she is amazing

underdog-13 good girl, good person, good human being.  fav bitch, nice, and she make the best chocolate cookies ever! 


They will never treat you bad, they are funny, they are just amazing

I woke up today with my mom screaming. She was screaming loudly. She was screaming that I was gonna be late for my class. And I said nothing. I never say. I’m always in silence. I try not to lose control, I keep myself thinking ‘keep control, don’t say anything’, even if  there’s a little voice inside my head saying 'tell her to stop screaming, tell her to shut up, tell her that you do not care if you gonna be late for your class or whatever’; But I keep silent. And sometimes when I hold within me all these feelings, all these words that are not spoken, it all together, inside me, makes me 'leak’. Yes, because I was not crying this morning, I was leaking. Those tears were not voluntary. I was leaking because my mother can not understand that there is so much more than hatred, stress or screams. And I certainly was in the bathroom with these tears in my eyes, but one thing you can be sure: I love myself for not losing control. I’m not like my mom that is always sending hatred for everything and everyone. And I’ll keep trying to be strong, with all my strength. 

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valerialau  asked:

hey! could you recommend some more VersaEmerge fan blogs? c: love yours.

Thanks! Here are some good ones to follow: (Which is also a Paramore fan blog)

There are probably a load more we’ve forgotten but these are some of the best.