Foros by ParaType.

Foros™ is a modern humanist sanserif font family of 8 styles. Each style contains beside many other alternatives of upper and lowercase letters a ‘unicase’ character set. Foros is a development of a modern pattern of rough geometric shapes in combination with open humanistic forms that produces a mixture of obstinacy and delicacy. Quadratic shapes of ovals bring stability and firmness, but angular terminals of diagonals in several letters together with curved junctions of bowls with verticals stems add emotions and elegance. Such variety in image make it possible to use the fonts in different kinds of display typography. Foros type family was designed by Oleg Karpinsky. Released by ParaType in 2013.

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25% Off Circe by Paratype. A humanist-flavoured geometric sans in 6, upright weights.

Something about the lowercase set that I particularly enjoy… Subjective, to be sure, but the tidy appearance w/ selective omission of ears/stems on some of the characters just does it for me I guess. Especially evident in the lighter-weights.

That lowercase “t” is pretty great as well.


25% Off Reforma Grotesque by Paratype. A nice super-condensed poster/titling sans in 4 weights.

What’s nice about this particular package is the weight coverage… Something regularly lacking in super-condensed/titling families in this price range… $23/ea. or $75 for all 4.

Could see this usurping Trump Gothic as my current go-to super-condensed.