|airportk9 - U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City

Our #warriorwednesday shout out this week goes out to U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City as they complete their annual standardization and cerification (STAN) checks. It’s a pretty big deal every year and we wish them luck!
Pipe’s got his game face on while watching the 0-6 just before lifting against a dramatic fall sky. That’s one intrepid stare.
Semper Paratus!
Eye Pro: @rexspecsk9
Ear Pro: Mutt Muffs


DRD Tactical Paratus P762

A 7.62x51mm rifle that can easily be broken down into a few core components for ease of storage and carry. Uses a direct impingement system, a slight departure from the current market trend where gas piston seems to be the norm for tactical rifles. The Paratus P762 is on its 2nd Generation, but I’m not sure what changes were made from the Gen 1. (GRH)

The ##trophy sabers for my sith stalker are all done! The #darthvader saber on top is just a toy that I pulled the blade out of and added some weathering to it. The starkiller saber is partially a kit bashed anakin saber, PVC and sintra. The #kazdanparatus and #rahmkota sabers are PVC pipe. #darthmaul is made out of PVC pipe sintra and worbla. #starwars #theforceunleashed #forceunleashed #sithstalker #sith #sithlord #starkiller #darkside #empire #worbla #sintra #pvc #pvcpipe #lightsaber #lightsabers #saber #sabers #prop #props #cosplay #weapon #kazdan #paratus #rahm #kota #maul #vader

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DRD Paratus P762

A semi-auto 7.62x51/.308 rifle that can be broken down in a few key components for ease of transport and storage. It’s similar to an AR-15 in that it uses direct gas impingement but functions with a side charging handle located on the left-hand side of the receiver. The side-folding adjustable stock is from the ACR. Although an interesting platform, it’s price tag of around $4,750 to $6,000 puts it way out of the price range for the average gun owner. (GRH)


DRD Tactical G762

For those unfamiliar with DRD Tactical, they are the ones who responsible for the Paratus. The G762 follows along those lines, being a 7.62x51mm take-down rifle. It’s distinguishing feature however is that it uses the cheap and available H&K G3 magazine. MSRP on the G762 is around $3,250.00, which is roughly a littler over half the cost of the Paratus. (GRH)