In Action: M1 Carbine

A glider pilot of the British Army’s Glider Pilot Regiment firing an M1 Carbine from the first floor front balcony of the Hartenstein Hotel in Oosterbeek. The Battle of Arnhem during the Operation Market Garden saw men of the Glider Pilot Regiment fight alongside the glider-borne 1st Airlanding Brigade and 4 Brigades of paratroops. Once landed the glider pilots fought alongside the men they had carried in their aircraft. They were armed with a range of weapons including Sten guns and Rifle No.4s. The M1 Carbine was issued in limited numbers to specialist troops, including glider pilots, by the British. 

Over 1,300 glider pilots landed in two waves during Market Garden, of these 229 were killed and 469 wounded or taken prisoner. 21 Glider Pilots fought at Arnhem Bridge with Colonel Frost’s 2nd Parachute Battalion.

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Freshly liberated American paratrooper Jack Pulliam who was captured weeks before on his 20th birthday, January 7, 1945, at the Battle of the Bulge. He’s wearing a German officer cap, without the eagle, and his eyes tell us more of his story than words ever could; the haunting thousand yard stare.

But he survived the war, and lived until 1993.

Artwork commissioned from @comickergirl because supporting starving (or sockless) artists is a good thing to do!

Another ficrec, this time for “Pin My Wings” by jedijae on  The author hangs around tumblr under the alias of @thegeekogecko

In this ongoing story, Elsa is the Queen of a modern kingdom, with ice powers.  She is also very (overly) protective of her younger sister, Crown Princess Anna.  Who gets fed up with being wrapped in cotton wool, so stomps off to do her National Service in the army.  In the paratroops.

This picture depicts the reunion of the two sisters after a year of estrangement.  Elsa had forced herself to come watch Anna’s first qualifying parachute jump.

She’s so happy to see Anna again, on the ground in one piece, that the normally oh-so-perfect Queen doesn’t even mind the muddy hug.