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U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, right, commanding general, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve and XVIII Airborne Corps, visits tactical assembly area Hamam al-Alil, Iraq, Feb. 22, 2017. Paratroopers of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, deployed in support of CJTF-OIR, moved a force into Hamam al-Alil to continue support to the Iraqi federal police during the offensive to liberate West Mosul. The Falcon Brigade enables their Iraqi security forces partners through the advise and assist mission, contributing planning, intelligence collection and analysis, force protection, and precision fires to achieve the military defeat of ISIS. CJTF-OIR is the global Coalition to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Jason Hull)


150226-A-DP764-054 by The U.S. Army
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A team of paratroopers assigned to the 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, practice a tactical halt with the brigade’s new Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle on Fort Pickett, Va., Feb. 26, 2015. The 1st Battalion, 325th AIR developed tactics, techniques and procedures for tactical movement with the new LTATVs. The battalion is currently assessing the LTATV as a platform to provide a rifle company with rapid mobility in support of airfield seizure operations.

A Hero in every sense of the word..

Levin immigrated to Israel from Philadelphia in 2002 and joined the Paratroop Brigade. He fought in the Second Lebanon War, cutting short a vacation to the US to rejoin his comrades.

On August 21, 2006, a Hezbollah sniper killed Levin in the southern Lebanese village of Ayta a-Shayeb. He was 21 years old.

In 2009, The Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin was founded by a group of former lone soldiers (soldiers in Israel without close relatives) and Tziki Aud, a Jewish Agency worker who supported new immigrants and was close to Levin.

Aud said Levin told him he dreamed of a center for lone soldiers where they could receive meals, support and advice during their IDF service.

May his neshama have an aliyah in Shamayim…


Sky Soldiers in the trees.

U.S. Army paratroopers assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, conduct squad level live-fire training near Tapa, Estonia. The paratroopers of Company C are part of approximately 600 paratroopers from the brigade training with NATO allies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, as part of an unscheduled land forces exercise to demonstrate commitment to NATO obligations and sustain interoperability with allied forces.

[Pictured are (2) Sergeant John Sheets; (3) Private First Class Robert Bryn; (5) Sergeant Timothy Helsel; and (6) at right, U.S. Army Capt. Dwayne Steppe, company commander.]

(Photos by Sergeant Anthony Jones, 145th MPAD, Oklahoma Army National Guard, 9 JUN 2014.)

Paratroopers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division and the 16 Air Assault Brigade await guidance from the jumpmaster and U.S. Air Force personnel before boarding the aircraft for a combined jump on Fort Bragg, N.C., April 13, 2015. Over 2,000 paratroopers exited 20 aircraft, which initiated Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise 15-01, the largest bilateral exercise held on Fort Bragg in almost 20 years. (Photo by Sgt. Flor Gonzalez, Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Bodies of US paratroopers lie near a command post during the battle of An Ninh, 18 September 1965. The paratroopers, of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, were hit by heavy fire from guerrillas that began as soon as the first elements of the unit landed. The dead and wounded were later evacuated to An Khe, where the 101st was based. The battle was one of the first of the war between major units of US forces and the Vietcong

A 173rd Airborne Paratrooper, left, waits with a Canadian Paratrooper to board the UH-60 Black Hawk for a jump exercise, as a part of persistent presence, at Adazi Training Area, Latva on June 22, 2014. Paratroopers from 173rd Airborne Brigade are training with NATO allies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, as part of a land-forces exercise to demonstrate commitment to NATO obligations and sustain interoperability with allied forces. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by: Staff Sgt. Brett Miller, 116 Public Affairs Detachment/ Released)


German soldiers with the German Armed Forces United Nations Training Centre and U.S paratroopers with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, fire U.S. M4 carbines during a weapons qualification range at the Infantry Training Area in Hammelburg, Germany, Jan. 28, 2015. 

U.S. Army paratroopers with 173rd Airborne Brigade and their German hosts trained on several light-infantry weapons systems during a two-day combined exercise to enhance interoperability. 

Paratroopers with dogs are roping from a helicopter during a troop-exercise on June 7, 2006 in Merzig, Germany. German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung visited soldiers of the paratroop brigade 26 which will be sent for a German-led EU military mission to Congo to oversee the country’s elections in June.

(Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)


  A veteran of the Vietnam War showed incredible night photos, when US troops opened fire on the Viet Cong sniper who was shooting at the army camp . James Hensinger was then a 22-year-old paratrooper in the173rd Airborne Brigade in April 1970, when the Viet Cong sniper opened fire in Phu Tai, near the coastal city of Da Nang.

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