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This is the Way, Step Inside

Hannibal Big Bang Collaboration!  
Summary:  Will asks Hannibal to tell him all about one of his earlier murders. Hannibal regales Will with the story of how a young punk was astonishingly rude to him. Hannibal, being Hannibal, will go to any lengths to locate – and murder – this rude boy, even if it means dressing like a punk, going to a club to get his man. Artwork for this HBB collaboration by @x-gubins. Please be sure to stop by and say hello to them!  And visit AO3 for a playlist of music from this work.  

Dinner had been a particularly lively affair as was often the case with Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. The two settled into their study for some after dinner whiskey. While Hannibal still preferred wine to whiskey, this was one of the indulgences he afforded Will. Will hardly complained.

Lounging on the couch, Will asked Hannibal, “Tell me about one of your earlier…designs.”

“You make it sound as if I am some sort of fashion designer.”

“Well, you do fashion the most wonderful tableaus. Blood is your medium.”

“Goodness, I am rubbing off on you. Soon, Mongoose, you’ll be regaling me with glorious puns.”

“If by glorious, you mean cheesy as hell and over-the-top, then yes, I may soon be.”

Hannibal smiled and gently stroked Will’s cheek. Anaïs jumped onto the couch and curled up onto Hannibal’s lap, licking her chops before yawning once and closing her eyes.

Will pouted, “He’s mine. Don’t forget that, missy.”

“Will, that is uncalled for. I love you both equally.”


“Now, now, mylimasis. So. You’d like to hear about one of my earlier murders…”

“Yes. I bet it was sexy as hell,” Will said.

“Sexy? The act itself? No. But perhaps I was?”

Will perked up upon hearing Hannibal refer to himself as sexy, “I’m listening.”

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Here’s a little sneak peek of all the photos my Mom and I took a few days ago! I’ll be posting more once I figure out a good coloring/editing routine (if you have any good tips for me, please share!). plus we might be taking more. Most of the photos that I’ll post will be from the hips up since I don’t have replica pants or paratrooper boots (yet).

I feel like I want to name this genderbend Eugene Roe. What do you all think of Gina Roe? That’s all I got so far while thinking about it and it’s kinda perfect because my middle name is Regina! Let me know if you can think of anything better!