skinheadxcvi asked:

No worries :) Yeah, Milan was great although ended staying in Paratico on Lake Iseo. If you visit, make sure to come to Glasgow! :) Thanks for the list, I really like Ennecibbi, Bull Brigade and Bloody Riot :D What do you think of Nabat, Rough, and The 80's?

of course i’ll come to glasgow! ahahah ;) 
uhg i love Nabat and i really like the 80′s… but i’ve never listened to Rough! my bad! 

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13/05 - L'angolo dei 33 Bar - Trento
14/05 - Malacarne Barassociazione - Verona
15 /05 - Arci Virgilio Club - Mantova
16/05 - Ulisse Barnum - Firenze
17/05 - Belleville Rendezvous - Paratico (BS)
24/05 - Musica Nelle Valli - Festival indipendente Di Musica - San Martino Spino (MO)