paratha roti

Don't worry! It's supposed to look like this!

We’ve been blown away by all the comments on bread from everybody’s countries and cultures! In Monday’s post we mentioned that bread is something that almost every country and culture in the world can relate to in some way and you guys really proved it with your feedback!

Something that we just don’t often think of when it comes to bread is steamed buns, but of course they’re massively popular elsewhere in the world, but not often seen over here. The problem is… they’re delicious! We’re just going to have to make a steamed pork bun recipe sometime. It’s the only way! 

A more familiar bread to us is Indian breads. Everything from Naan to paratha to roti is fairly widely available to us, but whether it’s authentic is a different matter! We actually tried making a few of our own Indian flat breads for the curry chapter of our eBook, and they turned out to be pretty good. We didn’t have a tandoor oven but we made the most of a very hot grill :D

So now that we’ve got you interested, what’s the best bread to start with? A white bloomer is always a safe bet, and flatbreads are a great place to start, but honest… start with what you’re most interested in! Loads of people seem to be interested in learning how to make sourdough from scratch, which needs a bit of love and attention, but really isn’t difficult at all! 

In fact check out these photos; there’s already a few sourdough starters going (hopefully inspired by the blog!). All you need is flour and water… the wild yeast that is all around us will do the rest! 

Are you going to give bread making a go? How about making your own sourdough starter? Send in photos to Instagram using #sortedfood if you do and we’ll check them out!