So yesterday one of my best friends and I went to Disney World in Florida. At the beginning of the day her and I bought each bought a parasol (down below)

And of course we had to go visit Disney characters cause duh!! One of our must see’s were of course the infamous Gaston. The first time we ran, seeing a sort line and as soon as we were in his eye line he stopped taking a picture and pointed directly at my friend and I saying “Sabrina (her name) You know its not raining right?” and she sassily responded “I know. So?” and now we were even more pumped to see him but when we tried to get in line we were told he was going on break and we couldn’t enter the line and would be back in an hour, so we would come back. And walking away Sabrina and I got the idea of getting Gaston his own little parosal just to sass him back, and we got him the girliest one ever, pink with white lace and his name written on it. When we did come back the second time it was the same ordeal only this time he shouted “You’re late again” meaning he had to go on break once more and he would be back in an hour. Long story short we came back once more only this time IT WAS RAINING! And Gaston can’t come out in the rain but we weren’t leaving! So we waited and waited and got soaked until FINALLY WE MADE IT. 

We finally walked up to him and he started with “Wow you finally made it” which we responded to “Yes, and since you just loved our parosal’s we got you one” And the joy on this mans face. He broke character for .5 seconds and it was the best thing ever. He was so stoked and he responded like a perfect Gaston (Especially in the selfies) and it was the best day ever!! 

Don’t believe me?

@unhinged-mod, @lonelypoppytart, and @senpailenpai peer pressured me into making a gemsona…

Her name is Pink Topaz, she works for white diamond, and her weapon is a parasol.
Besides that I haven’t decided much…

…I still need to fully learn how humans works


Miss Lane debuted her latest Disney costume at WDW Sunday for Dapper Day. She cosplayed at the Magic Kingdom as Jane Porter (from Disney’s Tarzan) and she really had a blast and met tons of very dapper friends. :D

At the top I made a little collage of construction pics I snapped while sewing her costume. (I was up until 4am Sunday morning -four hours before we left for the park- so sadly I didn’t snap pics of some of the pieces coming together in the end.)  I started out with a bright yellow tablecloth I found at Goodwill for $4.99. The color was perfect and just screamed Jane to me. (I’ve wanted to sew her costume forever and finally did it! YAY!) I created a bustle with steel hooping for her to wear under the dress (she also had a crinoline I made out of some netting.)  The hat is from Children’s Place and I just changed out the band around it. The belt is a remnant of brown suede and the tie was a scrap leftover from the hat band material.  The little parasol was a lace one I found at a thrift store and I took it apart and sewed a new cover to make it look more like Jane’s. I ran out of time so it’s missing the tassles and a few minor details, but I may revisit it before she wears it again. I kind of just made up the pattern and draped it as I went. They really don’t make bustle dress patterns in 18-24 month sizes. ;)  All in all I’m very happy with the finished dress and she was such a trooper wearing it around the park all day. It’s was quite warm, too–but she kept the hat and gloves on the entire time, and for a 2 year old toddler, that’s saying something! :D I’m so proud of my little cosplayer.