parasol festival

Animal Crossing : Happy Home Designer - Furniture Guide Masterlist - Unlocking Furniture

Hey Guys! This is a guide for what villager unlocks what items! It’s almost 2/3rds of the way to being completed - stay tuned :)

I’ll mainly be focused on the normal 333 villagers, but also amiibo card unlocks and DLC characters/items as well!

any questions/comments/concerns, send me an ask! ^-^

i’ll be placing everything under the cut, so that it is always up to date & you don’t have a 10 page essay to scroll through, Enjoy!

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Picture of The Parasol Festival’s title screen illustration.
It took me a bit under 8 hours, from sketch to finish (that takes into account printing it and tracing it on the watercolor paper).
I had expected it’d take me 4.5 hours.

And with this, I’m finally done with Round 1 tasks! *faints*

Resuming Round 2 tasks tomorrow, I need to get some very overdue stuff done right now X_x