The Incredible Medical Interventions of the Monks of Soutra Aisle

Soutra Aisle refers to a set of ruins in Scotland that were once part of a larger complex comprising a hospital and a friar. Excavations at Soutra Aisle have provided an extraordinary window into the lives of the Augustinian monks that resided there, including their vast array of medicinal treatments from pain killers, to appetite suppressants, parasite killers, labor induction concoctions, and hangover cures. With new discoveries still being made, Soutra Aisle is a very important site for the understanding of medieval medical practice.

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The Break Me Yuya/Zarc was so good! Thanks so much! X Me as Control Me? Yuya or Yu4 or revived!Zarc controlled by Parasite Fusioner? Idk why but I need angsty tomato. Probably because we're so closing to seeing Zarc outside of a flashback in the show.

/Ahh thank you (that one really took off like, didn’t expect that haha)

Leave a “X Me” in my ask, and I will write whatever it is that you wish, [specify.]

X=Control Me

I think I’m gonna go with Yuya + Parasite for this one. (Because apparently you guys like my angsty/dark stuff)

Canon divergent, the parasite created by the Doktor is stronger than the darkness and Fusion gains a new ally. Diverges during the Yuya/Yuto vs Selena/Ruri duel where the parasite is successful in it’s take over of his mind.

One moment Yuya was duelling, reaching for an action card, the next he heard a soft skittering noise and then his movements weren’t his own. He landed on the ground and held his pain as something pinched at the back of his head. Then, eveything seemed to fall away.

He wanted to scream, to walk the opposite direction, but his limbs wouldn’t respond, his voice locked up and he kept walking. The only person who could hear him screaming was himself.

(And Yuto, but he hadn’t heard anything from him since he’d literally been knocked out. Yuya hoped he was ok.)

Come to me’ the voice whispered in his mind. ‘Follow them.

The moment he lost control of his body the duel had ended, he’d forfeit, conceding defeat to Selena and Ruri as he unwillingly placed a hand over his deck.

A voice seemed to whisper in his mind and he obediently followed the girls as the turned to leave.

He walked down the twisting halls, falling in line behind Ruri, unable to deviate from the path despite his silent, futile protests.

Yuya wasn’t sure where they were going, but he felt his heart leap when he caught sight of Yuzu. Except something was wrong, she was glassy-eyed and stood stock still, like a doll. Soon Ruri and Selena did, joining her and a fourth girl at her side.

“Oh how nice of you to join us, hehehe,” cackled a cold voice, belonging to the tall, thin man that strode into his view.

This man, he had to be the one controlling Ruri and Selena. And Yuzu. Yuya wanted to do something, anything, but his body refused to respond to anything he did. It was like he was a puppet, and someone else was pulling the strings.

The mam looked at something behind Yuya and a sinister smile crossed his face.

“It seems we have a mouse on the loose. Why don’t we give my parasite a little test?”

Yuya heard the flicking of paper and his body turned on its own to look at one of the screens. His heart sank as he looked at the center most one, and the battered and bruised, blue-haired figure running down the hall.


“Why don’t we send you out to greet our little mouse? I’m sure The Professor won’t mind this, ehe, test run. Especially not on a little traitor.”

He felt the Doktor take his arm, removing his duel disk, though only for a moment, as a new one was soon in it is place, one shaped like a shield, and his deck inserted into it.

Something felt wrong, Yuya wasn’t sure what, but his deck suddenly felt, wrong.

Duel Sora Shiunin,’ the voice hissed again and there was an uncomfortable pinching against the back of his head, and once again his body began to move on its own, heading for the door. ‘Defeat him.

Yuya wanted to scream, to run. He didn’t want to fight Sora, not like this. Because if he duelled Sora now and won, Sora was a goner.

But it was futile, his body ignoring his commands as he walked out of the room, the voice whispering in his ear where to go, navigating him through the unfamiliar halls of Academia.

All he could do was scream into the silence and watch.

Sora rounded the corner, skidding across the floor as he came to a halt, panting heavily as his gaze caught sight of the figure at the hall. A smile split his face when he saw the familiar red and green hair.

“Yuya! I am glad to see you!” he called, running towards him.

By the time he realized something was wrong, it was too late.


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Some Reasons:

1. Early ballots are coming in and it feels really fucking good to get those out of the way!

2. I voted! Do it too! Peer pressurrrrrre.

3. Voting will clear your skin, water your crops, and keep dangerous orange parasites out of your home. Or at least your Oval Office.*

4. Today I got to see a picture of city judge David Keenan dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Instant karma for voting? I think so!

5. If you do it you have earned either bragging or bitching rights for the next round of political terms. You get neither if you exempt yourself from this free and important process.

6. Every time you vote a fledgling bald eagle gets a Super Feather.** They look totally badass. Support badass bald eagles.

Do the voting thing.

*May or may not do these things. Except that last sentence. That one’s legit.
**Super Feathers are not immediately distinguishable from regular feathers unless viewed in The Dawn’s Early Light. Visit your local bald eagle population to check on the status of Super Feathers and voter involvement in your area. Encourage voting if your eagles give you pitiful looks. Think of the eagles. 

Parrotfish sleep inside a snot bubble. Every night before falling asleep, they ooze mucous from their mouths and make a cocoon around their bodies to protect themselves from parasites. They’ve even been observed stuffing the mucous back in their mouths when they wake up in the morning. Source Source 2