So I originally ordered the Parasite Eve II art book along with the Biohazard guide as a set off of eBay. The seller sent me The 3rd Birthday Insider by accident. He apologized and said he would ship the correct book. I asked him if he wanted me to send this one back. He told me to keep it as a gift. Some eBay sellers are just awesome. :D Normally, I probably wouldn’t bother buying this since I don’t have the game and I’m not really interested in The 3rd Birthday, but I will gladly add it to my collection.


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Square Enix has no plans to remaster PSP games Crisis Core or 3rd Birthday
Square Enix has no plans to remaster Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core or 3rd Birthday following the upcoming HD re-release of fellow PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0 on consoles.

Game director Hajime Tabata explained how a HD version of Type-0 had “audience demand” since the PSP edition wasn’t released in the West, and called it a “very strong reason” to undergo such a project.

“This kind of project [Final Fantasy Type-0 HD] requires a lot of thought to get right and we can’t just go about remastering PSP games for the sake of it,” he told Digital Spy.

“You need to put a lot of thought and effort into this kind of thing to make it something worthwhile.

"Type-0 was remastered because of audience demand, so there was a very strong reason for us to work on it and deliver it to players.

"It’s not enough for us to simply want to do a remastered edition because we like a game, there has to be a stronger reason for it happening.”

Tabata continued: “Crisis Core and 3rd Birthday have been released around the world already, so there’s much less reason for the audience to want to see it released again.

"We always consider where the value is in doing a project like this and Type-0 had significant value where other games didn’t have so much.”

Tabata added that if there were ever any plans to revisit the two games, they would be “full remakes” rather than HD remasters.

“[We’d] go back and change everything from the graphics, to how loading works and everything else to make it fully native to the latest generation of hardware,” he said.

“That might be worth doing, but a remaster probably wouldn’t.”

Hajime Tabata also said he would consider making Final Fantasy Type-0 its own series, similar to Final Fantasy XIII.

Tabata is also director on Final Fantasy XV, the next mainline game in the series that will introduce the first female Cid and is said to be 60% of the way through development.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will come with an exclusive demo of Final Fantasy XV, and is available now.

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