So I originally ordered the Parasite Eve II art book along with the Biohazard guide as a set off of eBay. The seller sent me The 3rd Birthday Insider by accident. He apologized and said he would ship the correct book. I asked him if he wanted me to send this one back. He told me to keep it as a gift. Some eBay sellers are just awesome. :D Normally, I probably wouldn’t bother buying this since I don’t have the game and I’m not really interested in The 3rd Birthday, but I will gladly add it to my collection.


SHOT IN THE DARK [Award Winning]

unchained-stray asked:

Have you ever sought out other movie or shows which had your favorite Supernatural cast in them? If so which Characters and what movies/shows did you find? :)

I’ve seen House of Wax; Jared was in that and sadly was killed by the antagonist. I still need to watch the new Friday the 13th. xD I know Jensen has played in My Bloody Valentine and Batman: Under the Red Hood. I also have Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday for PSP where Jensen plays voice for the one characters. I haven’t however, seen Misha is anything other than SPN. 

 I need to watch Ten Inch Hero; Jensen with a mohawk intrigues me greatly. XD