parasite eve 1

Video Game pop culture references to Aztec-Mesoamerica stuff!

The above picture is from a video game called Parasite Eve 2 made by Square Soft (Now Square Enix.) for PlayStation 1. There’s a whole section that looks like Mesoamerica and the temple shown is dedicated to Tlaloc, our favorite rain god. (It’s also a temple of time.) There’s even a rain dance and another dance you have to preform. Guides like this one help you in the game:

There’s even a clock, though it looks more Mayan than Aztec.

Those numbers look like lines or dots, but they’re used all over Mesoamerica and they’re very similar to Roman numerals.

Therefore, in order to solve the puzzles in this game you have to use the Mesoamerican numerals. Once you done that, you can perform the rain dance by stepping on the right colored panels in the right order on the top of the pyramid:

This is one of my favorite games, even before I was into Mesoamerica. I reccommend it if you’re into rpg-action-survival-horror, it combines all those elements and was made by the same team who did Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

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T-Rex boss EXP?

This is something that has been bothering me for a long time. Exactly how much EXP do you get from the T-Rex boss fight? The official strategy guide and a lot of online guides say 100,000 but I have never gotten that much. I was playing it today and wrote down how much EXP I needed to level up right before the boss fight. I needed 98,114 points to level up. After the fight, I didn’t level up and I still needed 63,650 more points. So that means I only got 34,464 EXP? Unless I’m looking at it wrong. But if I needed a little over 98,000 I should have leveled up after the fight if the T-Rex gives 100,000???? And EXP is a set amount, it’s not like BP where it varies by how many times you get hit by the enemy. Has anyone else tried figuring this out?

Dive into Myself adds: Oh, that is strange! I’ll have to look into it tonight. I know FantasyAnime should have PE1 memory card files, so all I need to do is transfer PE1 to my PSP again and test it out.

If anyone else has anything to add to this in the meantime, I’d be grateful! Once we get it settled, we can probably add it to #Game strategy.