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A lot of people are calling the prospect of Vikings "parasitic" design. I was just curious if R&D uses that term much with regard to creature types.

What people mean is that a brand new creature type would only care about creatures in that set if there were cards that mechanically called it out. For example, Champions of Kamigawa cared about Samurai which existed only in that set.

28.09.16 // first post! 🍂🍯

Hello! This is my first post ever! I want to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Daniela, I’m Mexican and I’m in highschool. Right know I’m a Laboratory student, who dedicates their life to parasites, bacterias, agars and all of that jazz. I love to be inspired and I hope I can inspire others too.

This is a little bit about my day! I only had one assignment so that was totally amazing, today I relaxed and went to my friend’s house to celebrate the end of our exams.

Moon’s manipulation – and his court of complicit happy cuckolds

Parasites exist from quietly sucking life resources from other entities. Unexposed, they can silently prosper while threatening the very existence of their unaware and abused hosts.

Sun Myung Moon set up the Unification Movement; it turned out to be the highest model of a parasitic institution. It exemplifies a very malign abusing system: the manipulation of idealist believers through subtle usurpation of a divine mandate. In this way it induces absolute submission to an illegitimate and false authority which promises fullness of life and everlasting happiness to those who would sincerely answer the ‘call’…

Sun Myung Moon was not a common parasite. He deceivingly claimed he was the ultimate savior of God and humankind. He did not ‘technically’ steal his devotees’ resources, talents and loved ones. He managed to have them ‘willingly’ giving up everything and everyone to him ‘by faith’. He convinced devotees that they were special, a privileged people, the fortunate ones to be the first to attend him, and to generously sacrifice to help him in his glorious mission.

His mission being cosmic, his abuses became limitless…

  • That’s how he repeatedly justified his countless adulteries “to save the world and liberate God”. His first disciples shared the privilege to be the first happy and proud cuckolds in human history. Strategically they kept – sadly more out of obedience than shame – this ‘providential secret’ carefully hidden from westerners. They knew it would definitely be unacceptable for idealistic young people coming from a Christian background…
  • That’s how he managed to amass unbelievably huge sums of money – with which to bribe political and religious leaders. Deceiving himself, he always made desperate attempts to get, at any price, some fake recognition he could boast about in front of his blind followers. However, as soon as the show had ended and the money and gold watches had been handed out, these ‘supporters’ would quickly disappear, after finding out they had just been used and tricked themselves…
  • That’s also how he developed “successful” businesses using unpaid or underpaid workers who were 100% devoted to him. Of course, even the money needed to start these businesses had been first raised by these tireless and sacrificial followers. Furthermore all the tax exempted “church businesses” were originally entrusted to the “true family”… before they finally became exclusively owned by the Moon clan.

For years, Sun Myung Moon exploited, with impunity, thousands of honest and trusting souls he kept fully mobilized with amazing zeal in the ever-postponed hope of the glorious coming of the Kingdom of God.

Sun Myung Moon was the ruler, and as such he cleverly changed the past “absolute rules” as and when needed to keep the delusion running a bit longer – and to keep the money coming in for a little while more.

But lies can’t last forever; cracks will appear sooner or later. Another lie can’t save a fake and corrupt system from falling apart like a sandcastle. The present time of splits, of collapses and of fights over power within the Mooniverse is truly a salutary period – and a great God-given opportunity for all to wake up from this nightmare that has been going on for far too long, and to cease feeding the Unification Movement delusion any longer.

The roots of the movement were rotten, and founded on lies and corruption. That is why it’s falling apart, and is beyond repair. No reform nor amendment will ever change the wickedness of an intrinsically perverted system.

Whichever the Moon or Han branch is presently in charge of the remains of this parasitic institution, the time has come for all to freely and fearlessly move forward – far away and beyond the reach of any succeeding manipulators and their loyal accomplices. Now is the time to leave behind their unjustified pressure, their endless bargaining conditions, the guilt they permanently induce on others, and to finally rediscover the everlasting and unconditional Love of God.

For too many years dedicated members have constantly shown their amazing capacity to love whole-heartedly, to give and to unreservedly sacrifice themselves…  to repeatedly hear it was never enough, and that they were so bad and so sinful, etc…

However, their amazing personal talents, their genuine generosity and undeniable goodwill can only happily bloom elsewhere – and then authentically benefit humankind who is in need, and bring joy to the heart of God.

We will then have learned the hard lesson that, strangely enough, one can be genuinely sincere and apparently happy within a corrupt and manipulative system – at least as long as one ignores the fact that he or she has been conned, or refuses to see the real situation, the true and cruel reality…

While ignorance is not a sin, the refusal to pay heed or to investigate is irresponsible, and can be seriously damaging. There are none so blind as those who don’t want to see.

May the real Peace and the Love that surpass all understanding lead our hearts, always…

Moon: “If you don’t do your job, you should feel too guilty even to drink a glass of water…”

Some thoughts on Kenneth’s question

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Okay here's some prompts: a stripey, slimy mammal; a glittering creature that moves very quickly; a parasitic plant-like creature that destroys human crops; a hollow organism that acts as a home for other creatures. And uhhhh a pet you want to own when you're 80.

I would love to own any of these critters at 80


The prototype… it’s growing!

We’ve expanded our prototype to include more rooms and enemies that you see in our trailer BUT - this second half isn’t as polished as the first half. We’ve addressed a lot of your feedback & bugs - but please let us know if you’re still running into any!


& the community level baddie winner is… the Brain Parasites! Yay!

Rudy taking a break when he probably shouldn’t… in this wickedly badass fan art from Sephiansem!

Check out the rest of our update & help us spread the word on Thunderclap -


It’s time for some cute kitten on everyone’s dash. Here is the look of Thea when I lay the towel down because she knows it is time for medicine. 

I also wanted to take time to give an update on her. She is doing really well. Finished round 1 of dewormer a few days ago, and has a week left of antibiotics. At the vet they treated her for numerous parasites she has, and it is working great. The (dead) fleas are falling off her on a daily basis, and even the vet said that is most important because the risks of them. I feel like since starting the antibiotics, her face looks a little better and eyes are brighter. She is feisty as ever, and now finally letting me sleep for five hours every night before waking me up by swatting my face and biting my toes.

The Shade abomination that’s stalking Hotoke was a person, once. She was a researcher named Mara. A few thousand years ago, she was studying the Shade and its connection to the gods. During her investigation, she became infected. The Shade rendered her brain dead within a few months.

Because the Shade parasite spent time so deeply entwined with Mara’s mind, it took on the identity of “Mara” and continued to animate her body. It acted as Mara, and kept up with her Shade research. As time passed, however, Mara’s ideas and goals grew so mangled that the Shade - an abomination by that point - had shifted its focus to gathering the Shade to revive one of the gods. This is how the Cult of Chandra began.

Hello Everyone! Mod Parasite here! I’ll be one of the two new mods joining this blog. I’ll be answering asks for Tom, Tord, Todd, and Scribble Tom. I’m not the best artist, so my responses will be a mix of text posts and art. I’ll be using this as a chance to improve. I also helped think of the event for the first motive and helped Mod Daddy get everyone involved (You’ll even see a cameo of me!). I tend to take on planning and leadership rolls, so expect more fun ideas in the future.

Okay, so a bit about me. 

You probably have seen me around the Eddsworld before, as I tend to be very close with a lot of the community, and I tend to become the mom figure to everyone I meet. I genuinely try to become friends with everyone, though you will see me fan girl over certain people.

If you haven’t guessed who I am yet, you may know me as @unitywesker or Mod Lust on @hells-incarnate-au (totally not a shameless plug, what are you talking about?)

I want to mention, I do balance school, a job, and medical problems, so because of that, I may be a tad slow to update.

So with that said, feel free to call me Mod Lust, Mod Parasite, Natasha, or Unity! I’ll answer to any and all! I’ll try my best on my blog.

~ Mod Parasite

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I can see Coulson getting his soul burned by the Rider but in an accident way and being able to survive because of him coming back to life before or the GH325

Hi Anon!

I am very curious to see what AOS’s take is with this particular power.  How exactly does it work and why in some cases does it take so long to kill its victims.  Why does the Rider only use it on certain targets?  IE he used it on the guy in the hospital but also has killed with many other methods.  Will Fitzsimmons be able to determine what it does in a scientific manner?  Like they did with Hives Parasites.  They confirmed in an EW interview yesterday that the Rider is indeed able to ‘judge’ a person and spared Daisy because she was trying to atone for her perceived sins.  She had remorse for what happened.

Coulson too has expressed remorse for what he did with Ward, admitted he was wrong to do it, and take responsibility for the consequences.  He was ready to die to make it right.  And you are right with Coulson and Daisy for that matter.  We don’t know the full extent the GH has had on them and what it will do with an Unknown like Ghost Rider’s powers.  

I do think since they made a big deal about someone getting burned and that person dying right in front of Daisy it is indeed only a matter of time before someone is inadvertently burned.  And it will likely be someone very innocent that does either a bystander or someone one the team.  

The danger with Coulson being hit is increased with the “everyone gets attached to something,” theme we’ve got going.  Daisy cares about the team dearly, she’s staying away because she thinks its protecting them, and Coulson is one of the the closest to her.  

Parrotfish sleep inside a snot bubble. Every night before falling asleep, they ooze mucous from their mouths and make a cocoon around their bodies to protect themselves from parasites. They’ve even been observed stuffing the mucous back in their mouths when they wake up in the morning. Source Source 2