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Mortasheen mutant generator

So yeah I did it

-No trace of eyes or even sockets
 -Long, thin, jutting teeth like an anglerfish
 -Circular ring of teeth or lamprey-like sucker
 -Huge in proportion, either muscular hulk or fat and bloated
 -Elongated, bony torso

-Protrusive lightbulb-shaped eyeballs
-re-roll, this is the actual number of eyes on head and/or body (1)
-Circular ring of teeth or lamprey-like sucker
-Extremely taught against skeleton and/or organs
Skin coat
-Twitching worm-like or root-like warts
-Transparent boils or blisters
 -Boneless and tentacle-like
-re-roll, this number is your total number of appendages (arms/legs in any mix.  (8)
-Boneless tendril-like digits
-Fetus-like parasite twin, may have own personality or be mutant’s true self

-re-roll, this is the actual number of eyes on head and/or body (10)
-Webbed, froglike or fused into one suction pad

 -eyes: Strange coloration and pupils, amphibian-like
-Mouth; Humongous overbite or underbite
-Head: Globular, lumpy asymmetrical shape
-Body; Asymmetrical, globular and lumpy
-skin texture;  Gnarled and knotted like an old tree
-skin coat;  Extra, external bones, face may be skull-like
-Extremeties;  Thin and knobbly like bird talons
-Extra internal organs harmlessly dangling outside body
-Entire form a large, amorphous blob of meat and scattered human features

limbs:  Joined in a membranous webbing

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Hello aunt scripty, this may be a really dumb question because it may or may not exist, but has there been a case of anyone that lived with two hearts? If so how do you think it would work? How would it work during CPR/etc? Would having two hearts hinder anyone? Would it pump too much blood because of two hearts!? (Doctor Who, amirite?) Haha... nope, jk, as much as I'm a fan, I'm just asking out of pure curiosity.

Okay, this ask is really, really cool. Thank you for this!

So there are two ways this comes into being.

One is a birth defect. The only report I was able to find of someone being born with two hearts is a guy by the name of George Lippert, who also had three legs. (The third leg had 6 toes, for a total of 16. The things I have learned for making this blog.) At autopsy it was discovered that he had two hearts as well, which…. Sure! That said, this was all in the 19th and very early 20th centuries, so we have no idea if a) it was true or one final prank/an attempt to make some cash by his family or doctors; b) the second heart worked or, like the third leg, if it was just…. there and useless. It was never studied or even discovered in vivo, so we don’t know how it worked. 

It’s likely that he basically absorbed his twin in the womb but was left  with some, well, leftovers. This is called a parasitic twin.

The other thing I’ve heard of regarding a human with two hearts is… adding a second heart.

There are two types of transplants: orthotopic transplants, in which an organ is straight-up removed and replaced, and a heterotropic transplant, in which a weak-but-still-functioning organ is augmented by adding in an extra. Sometimes this is done with kidneys, but occasionally, we graft a second heart into a human and send them back into the wild.

So there was a phenomenal case of a guy showing up to an Italian ER in cardiogenic shock from his two hearts having conflicting rhythm. He coded, got zapped, got a new pacemaker, and left the hospital. Dude was apparently 71, which is kind of badass: 71, two hearts, and death can’t touch him. This guy is clearly an action hero in the making.

Sometimes, the person recovers enough not to need their second heart anymore.

Hannah Clark is a teenager in South Wales who had serious cardiac complications when she was just a baby, had a second heart grafted in, and then had it removed when she was 16. She was suffering immune complications from the grafted tissue, and her native heart had had the time to grow strong enough to carry her itself. She’s the first person in the UK to have a transplant reversed.

In the heterotropic grafts, it seems like what happens is that the transplanted heart’s rhythm is basically paired to the native heart’s, so that one almost paces the other.

As for CPR, it’s unaffected by the number of hearts. Like our Italian man, your character might run into trouble if the two hearts beat at different rates. 

This is an area of fiction where you can kind of make up what you want, because the two hearts idea functionally breaks the Rule of Reality. Just remember that if they were born with two hearts, they have to work together long enough and well enough to get that character out of the womb and into the world and raised to (whatever age they’re at), so however the system works at baseline, it has to work (at least until it goes wrong).

So best of luck with your story!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Well fine then let's just spill all the shit! Sadao and Junpei, I've never eaten a mango, , sometimes I sing myself to sleep, I'm actually super super upset that my ukulele got left at Hope's Peak, that's right I play ukulele, I have to admit there are some fictional characters I'd be okay fucking, I still have nightmares about the basement you guys still don't know much about, I'm also a parasitic twin and don't know what gender I am, and I'm kinda dating Naomi now I guess. ~Karma

Wh….whoa….wait. When did you and Kizakura-san start dating? That’s new.

Sadao: ….I’ve never eaten a mango either. And, like have you seen Rias-chan from Highschool DxD? I’d date her. Not have sex, but I’d date her.

Those are not the most surprising things they just said.

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do you have a masterpost of all link for shameless us (like the one for shameless uk) i cant find anywhere to watch it and my parents will know if i use netflix

Season 1
1x01: “Pilot” - (x)
1x02: “Frank The Plank” - (x)
1x03: “Aunt Ginger” - (x)
1x04: “Casey Casden” - (x)
1x05: “Three Boys” - (x)
1x06: “Killer Carl” - (x)
1x07: “Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father” - (x)
1x08: “It’s Time To Kill The Turtle” - (x)
1x09: “But At Last Came A Knock” - (x)
1x10: “Nana Gallagher Had An Affair” - (x)
1x11: “Daddyz Girl” - (x)
1x12: “Father Frank, Full Of Grace” - (x)

Season 2
2x01: “Summertime” - (x)
2x02: “Summer Loving” - (x)
2x03: “I’ll Light A Candle For You Every Day” - (x)
2x04: “A Beautiful Mess” - (x)
2x05: “Father’s Day” - (x)
2x06: “Can I Have A Mother” - (x)
2x07: “A Bottle Of Jean Nate” - (x)
2x08: “Parenthood” - (x)
2x09: “Hurricane Monica” - (x)
2x10: “A Great Cause” - (x)
2x11: “Just Like The Pilgrims Intended” - (x)
2x12: “Fiona Interrupted” - (x)

Season 3
3x01: “El Gran Cañon” - (x)
3x02: “The American Dream” - (x)
3x03: “May I Trim Your Hedges?” - (x)
3x04: “The Helpful Gallaghers” - (x)
3x05: “The Sins Of My Caretaker” - (x)
3x06: “Cascading Failures” - (x)
3x07: “A Long Way From Home” - (x)
3x08: “Where There’s A Will” - (x)
3x09: “Frank The Plumber” - (x)
3x10: “Civil Wrongs” - (x)
3x11: “Order Room Service” - (x)
3x12: “Survival Of The Fittest” - (x)

Season 4
4x01: “Simple Pleasures” - (x)
4x02: “My Oldest Daughter” - (x)
4x03: “Like Father, Like Daughter” - (x)
4x04: “Strangers On A Train” - (x)
4x05: “There’s The Rub” - (x)
4x06: “Iron City” - (x)
4x07: “A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin” - (x)
4x08: “Hope Springs Paternal” - (x)
4x09: “The Legend Of Bonnie And Carl” - (x)
4x10: “Liver, I Hardly Know Her” - (x)
4x11: “Emily” - (x)
4x12: “Lazarus” - (x)

Damon Salvatore & Kai Parker - Bad First Impressions pt.6

Prompt: Can you do an imagine where the reader (Damon’s twin sister from the “Bad First Impressions” series) and Tyler Lockwood got sent to 1994 with Bonnie and Damon and after a few days of getting to know the group, Kai Parker flirts with the reader and the reader, Tyler, and Damon get ticked off? 

Prompt: Can you do another part of the “Bad First Impressions” series and have the reader (Damon’s twin sister) and Tyler get sent to 1994 with Damon and Bonnie? For some reason, I can picture Kai flirting with the reader and both Damon and Tyler getting angry. 

Prompt: Can you do another part of the “Bad First Impressions” series and have Damon’s twin sister and Tyler get sent to 1994 with Bonnie and Damon and they meet Kai and Kai flirts with Damon’s twin sister and Damon is all like “gross. that’s my sister” and Tyler is all like “dude, that’s my girlfriend”? 

Prompt: Can you do another part of the “Bad First Impressions” series and have the reader and Tyler encounter the Heretics and when they get back to the Salvatore house, the reader says “first Katherine’s doppelganger, then the Originals, then Silas, and now vampire-witch hybrids. I am so done”? 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

 "So we’re in a prison world?“ Tyler asked, earning an eye roll from both you and Damon. “It looks like my Grams put us here when the other side collapsed. It’s basically just a carbon copy of our world without people.” Bonnie replied, explaining the situation for the umpteenth time. 

 "And in 1994.“ Damon added. You had died, for good, when Bonnie came to help you, killing by a traveller of all bloody people. Everyone pitched in to help save the town, most of them dying in the process, putting a strain on Bonnie as the other side began disappear. Stefan, Elena and the others got through again and Tyler refused to go back without you, hence the reason why you were currently in a completely empty version of the town that you had come to call home again, back in 1994. Completely empty was however, incorrect. 

 "I think we should worry less about how we got here and how we’re going to get back.” Damon stated, sitting on the counter of the kitchen in the boarding house. “Why don’t we ask the kid?” You inquired, speaking up for the first time today. “He’s been here for a while, maybe he could help us.“ 

"No.” Damon and Tyler said at the same time. You shared a look with Bonnie, who though you hadn’t been close to before, had become your only salvation in this place. “First Katherine’s doppelgänger, then the bloody Originals, then Silas the first ever immortal who also happens to be the doppelgänger of our brother and now we’re trapped in a prison world and unable to get out because my boyfriend and brother are stubborn." 

"Why won’t you ask him?” Bonnie asked, shooting you a sympathetic look. “That Kai kid is a sociopath.” Tyler replied harshly. 

“Total psycho.” Damon agreed, nodding. 

 "I heard my name. All good things I hope.“ An unfamiliar voice greeted. Standing in the doorway was a young guy with dark hair and light eyes and a slim build. He was pretty cute, that was undeniable but there was a quirk to his smile, a mischievous glint in his eyes that made you grin. "Hi,” he smiled, turning to Bonnie. “I’m Kai Parker. This is my prison world." 

"Sounds like an AA meeting.” You whispered under your breath, earning a small snort from Tyler. “Bonnie.” Your witchy friend nodded, offering an awkward grin. “You must be Y/N Salvatore.” Kai smirked, raising an eyebrow. You narrowed your eyes, about to reply when Damon interrupted you. 

“That’s enough meet and greet, what do you want, you little parasite?” Your twin snapped. “Why’s he a parasite? And I think you calling someone that is a bit rich, brother.” You responded, frowning. “That’s exactly I’m a witch but I can’t make magic, only take it from other people.” Kai explained with a small frown. Bonnie’s expression turned suspicious as she stepped noticeably closer to you. “I wonder if he’s disappointing in any other areas.” Tyler whispered under his breath, earning a small chuckle from Damon and dark glance out of the corner of your eye. “So Kai.” You began, walking closer to the little witch. “How do we get out of this place?” His face lit up almost comically. “I’m so glad you asked." 

 He spent ages explaining everything to you, from his power to how he got here and the most important part, a relic called the ascendant that would get you out of this place and back to the land of blood bags and people. You started to like Kai Parker and you found yourself smiling at the kid even if he was a sociopath as he explained to Bonnie the spells she would need to do to get you home, how he could help her. Damon sighed, popping open another beer and offering one to Tyler who shook his head, even his werewolf metabolism unable to keep up with Damon’s immortal liver. "Am I being protective or is he flirting with Y/N?” Your brother asked. “He’s flirting.” Tyler confirmed, taking a long and deliberate swig of beer as he watched Kai make a joke, you erupting into laughter at whatever he’d said, even Bonnie giggling. “Gross, that’s my sister.” Damon stated, cringing. “Dude, that’s my girlfriend.” Tyler said incredulously.

Season 1

1x03 - Aunt Ginger - Mickey wants to give Ian a beating down because he thinks he’s messed with his sister.

1x06 - Killer Carl - Mickey stealing from the Kash & Grab becomes a big problem.

1x07 - Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father - Ian goes to the Milkovich house to retrieve the gun that Mickey had stolen from Kash and suddenly, sex!

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[HQ] Shameless 407 “A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin” Promo

Lip is faced with being the Gallagher’s guardian when Fiona is released from jail and ordered by the court to remain inside the house, and Frank continues to be out of commission due to his illness. Fortunately, he gets some unexpected assistance from Amanda, his roommate’s girlfriend.

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I ended up missing the between the pines special, think you could fill me in with any important character facts said?and G4G LIVES?YESSSS


- hirsch said that we should constantly be watching the backgrounds for clues and that the crew is well aware of how intelligent the fans are

- the mystery twins’ names share some similarity


- gideon’s hair was originally supposed to be a wig to hide his parasitic deformed twin

- preston fell in love with priscilla after she won miss mudflap ‘85

- bill is a “really bad guy”

- the idea for dipper’s birthmark came from a kid who had really weird acne when alex was in middle school

- most of mabel’s crushes / even just supporting characters share the names of actual guys ariel had a crush on in middle school

- the lamby lamby dance was actually a childhood experience of one of the writers

- the multibear was originally supposed to be named bear-bear so that dipper could say “there there, bear-bear”

- mcgucket was originally supposed to sing in the second ep

- common speech patterns in the show (like chanting) reflect the atmosphere of the writing room

- mabel’s sunset sweater in dreamscaperers is meant to symbolize the show getting darker from that point on

- dreamscaperers originally involved bill going into all of the main character’s dreams, which is how they had plenty of ideas for mabel land

that’s all I can remember for now! feel free to add what I forgot!