parasite twin

The grim origin of Pinoko

I participated to a live streaming of some Jack Black episodes from the 2004 series, adapted from Tezuka Osamu’s original,, iconic work.

And during this Live, I mentioned the origin of Pinoko, the little girl assistant of Jack Black, who isn’t a little girl but actually 18 (though she behaves like a small kid for comedic purpose). Disclaimer: a bit of manga body horror.

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it’s really funny that the same people that support planned parenthood (aka black genocide and the murder of babies) are now glorifying beyonce being pregnant. this is the same crowd of people that dehumanize babies by referring to them as “parasites” or just “clumps of cells”. 

so why should we care if beyonce is having twin parasites? or twin clumps of cells? 


i feel like the pea plant wouldn’t be worth self-immolation, but several of the others, i couldn’t blame you.

This one is for my freaky gory friend, you know who you are ;)

Francesco Lentini was born in 1889 in Sirocusa, Sicily as one of twelve children. Technically, he was one of 12 and a half children. His twin brother, who consisted of a leg and a set of genitals, was born attached to Francesco’s spine. While he was billed as ‘The Man With Three Legs’, Lentini actually had four feet as a small malformed secondary foot protruded from his third leg. Thus in total he had three legs, four feet, sixteen toes and two sets of functioning male genitals.


Covetous (Friendship ender) | NerdForce (SEIZURE WARNING!)

“Covetous is a free online game about a parasitic twin living off of the cells in his brother’s body.”

 As the game progresses it becomes more and more twisted, can Kevin and Bryan stand to finish the whole thing or will they puss out? Watch and find out <3