parasite girl

Reversed-aesthetics Magical Girl show:

The main antagonist is all sweetness and light, a perennial believer in friendship and peace, monarch of a Holy Kingdom that once was and could be again; to revive the Holy Land, she requires thirteen Sun Stones of sufficient power, which are imprisoned in the hearts of troubled individuals. Luckily, the monarch has a solution: she uses her powers to release the woes and fury of those troubled people as angelic monsters, so they can rampage and cause havoc to exhaust their issues; once they’re done, they shrink to docile, manageable forms, the Sun Stone can be extracted, and the issue is resolved and loses its power over its former owner.

Our protagonist is enlisted by the forces of darkness, who absolutely don’t want the Holy Land revived – for one thing, the process will rewrite the timeline so they never existed. They promise her benefits for destroying the angels and returning them, inert, to their owners, before they can resolve themselves via violence; for one thing, they’ll allow her to take the Sun Stones and rework them into Black Star Stones, which will grant her personal power and financial success, and she’ll also be preventing widespread devastation (since the Holy Land will need somewhere to exist, and the city will be Ground Zero for its manifestation – and, well, there’s not enough room in this town for two towns. Sacrifices will have to be made.)


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Yo yo yoooou called into our hotline and asked questions and here are some answers! Topics mentioned in this video include:

  • parasites
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Librarians, and the Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Clubs for girls in STEM
  • cichlids
  • Research, collections management
  • zombies

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Here you have Milady Smith, boss of a lab she barely care for showing of her “great power” while her two secretaries are working hardly or hardly working.

She may own the Lab but Dr.Ronger and Pupuce are the ones who really do all the leader work. Nalryu, Ruiselys, Cooper and Alu follow their order and watch over the different test subject such as KJ-T1, KJ-T2, KJ-01, TcR.53, 4 Female Plareis and more