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First sample of unused text in PE1

This is possibly the biggest news to hit the Parasite Eve fandom since The 3rd Birthday: I’ve just found tons of unused text in Parasite Eve 1!!!

I have a little game modding know-how, so lemme break it down for you. There are 20 “banks” of text, and each bank can have up to 255 different “strings,” or pieces of dialogue, but not every bank has that many strings. Some banks are actually rather tiny! The important thing about this, though, is that one of these banks–get this!–is entirely unused.

Here’s the relevant dialogue from Bank 15.

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Parasite Eve 30 day challenge!

Hello, everyone! I’m here to share a 30 day challenge I just made for the Parasite Eve series. For those unfamiliar with 30 day challenges, you’re basically supposed to answer one new question every day by posting it on your blog. Feel free to pass this around! :)

DAY 01 - What was your first introduction to the Parasite Eve series?
DAY 02 - Tell us your favorite memory of Parasite Eve.
DAY 03 - Who is your favorite character?
DAY 04 - Which character is your least favorite?
DAY 05 - Which Parasite Energy or Over Energy of Aya’s do you like most?
DAY 06 - Who is your favorite antagonist?
DAY 07 - Which game do you think did Liberation better, Parasite Eve 1 or The 3rd Birthday?
DAY 08 - Which song in the series really speaks to you?
DAY 09 - What do you think about the references to other fandoms in the Parasite Eve games? (e.g. the Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade in Parasite Eve II, the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Farron costume in The 3rd Birthday, etc.)
DAY 10 - What’s your favorite character pairing?
DAY 11 - Do you think it’d be cool if Aya was in different Square Enix games as a cameo or playable character?
DAY 12 - Tell us, who is your your favorite female service member: Cathy, Jodie, or Gabrielle?
DAY 13 - Is there a moment in the games that really had you jump out of your skin or get really angry?
DAY 14 - Do you have any Parasite Eve traditions?
DAY 15 - What was one time you really screwed up while playing a game in the series?
DAY 16 - Which of Aya’s jobs (NYPD officer, MIST member, CTI agent) did you like best?
DAY 17 - What part do you absolutely dread playing through, whenever you play a Parasite Eve game?
DAY 18 - Which status effect is the most annoying to you?
DAY 19 - Which battle system of the games is your favorite?
DAY 20 - Have you read the book or watched the movie? Did you like them?
DAY 21 - Tell us your favorite boss fight!
DAY 22 - Have you shared or tried to share Parasite Eve with your friends or family?
DAY 23 - Did you ever get every Feat in The 3rd Birthday?!
DAY 24 - Let us know your favorite quote from the series!
DAY 25 - Which creature did you like the most?
DAY 26 - Spill the beans! Which weapon did you like using most?
DAY 27 - What was your favorite scene in the series?
DAY 28 - If The 3rd Birthday was the last ever Parasite Eve game, how would you feel?
DAY 29 - What systems have you played the games on?
DAY 30 - Has Parasite Eve made an impact in your life? If so, how? If not, what do you like about the whole series itself?

If you want, tag it as #Parasite Eve 30 Day Challenge so I can see it! :)


Got this one stuck in my head today!

You can run out of ammo and medicine at the NYPD #17th Precinct!

You know how in Torres and Wayne’s equipment upgrading / storage room, you can get Medicines and bullets, and then leave and come back for more? There’s actually a fixed number you can get. I don’t remember how much you can take, but I just screwed my save over on my digital copy because I thought there was a maximum for each day.

Turns out–nope, there’s a maximum period. I guess Square didn’t want to make the game too easy… The moral of this story: try to ration yourself of the Precinct’s Medicine and Ammo day by day!

Oh well, starting over means I can power-level like I was on my physical copy before my PS2 broke.

New Parasite Eve appreciation blog.

Hello, everyone. I have just started a Parasite Eve series appreciation blog called Dive into Myself. If you post any of the following from time to time…

  1. Parasite Eve 1
  2. Parasite Eve II
  3. The 3rd Birthday
  4. Parasite Eve manga (Both PE DIVA and the manga based off the book)
  5. Parasite Eve film
  6. Parasite Eve book

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Here is HCBailly’s first Parasite Eve 1 Let’s Play video. Thanks to cypsiman2 for pointing me in his direction. :)

Parasite Eve 1 - Controls for the tutorial?

Weirdly enough, the tutorial section of PE1 (Accessible from the title screen.) has its own special controls.

  • X Button - Go forward by one page.
  • □ Button - Go backward by one page. (Can even exit the current tutorial selection if you go far back enough!)
  • START Button - Pause the game.
  • SELECT Button - Exit to the opening FMV.

I mean, weird, right? I wonder why Square put in special controls for this one screen that not many will even read.

T-Rex boss EXP?

This is something that has been bothering me for a long time. Exactly how much EXP do you get from the T-Rex boss fight? The official strategy guide and a lot of online guides say 100,000 but I have never gotten that much. I was playing it today and wrote down how much EXP I needed to level up right before the boss fight. I needed 98,114 points to level up. After the fight, I didn’t level up and I still needed 63,650 more points. So that means I only got 34,464 EXP? Unless I’m looking at it wrong. But if I needed a little over 98,000 I should have leveled up after the fight if the T-Rex gives 100,000???? And EXP is a set amount, it’s not like BP where it varies by how many times you get hit by the enemy. Has anyone else tried figuring this out?

Dive into Myself adds: Oh, that is strange! I’ll have to look into it tonight. I know FantasyAnime should have PE1 memory card files, so all I need to do is transfer PE1 to my PSP again and test it out.

If anyone else has anything to add to this in the meantime, I’d be grateful! Once we get it settled, we can probably add it to #Game strategy.