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Spiritworker PSA

Recently I’ve heard several stories of people having issues with a certain goetic demon (number 39 or Mlphs). I honestly didn’t pay any attention to it due to the fact that I 1). Don’t work with goetic demons 2). Know that it’s common for people to assume all demons are evil. 3). Work with demons and try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt

However, I learned the hard way that the stories going around about this entity were not being overly dramatized. I don’t want to give too much detail as some of the information is not mine to share but what happened is:

I was doing a reading for someone when he showed up. He demanded that information be passed on to the person I was doing the reading for, and has harassed them before (I did not know this at the time). Although he did far more than just make demands and mess with my pendulum. He drained me of my energy to the point that I had a hard time moving for at least 10-15 minutes after he left. To make matters worse he also left a gigantic, nasty parasite in my energy system. It took the help of a god to yank the parasite out and I am still recovering from it.

This demon showed up of his own accord, I did not summon or call for him, in order to not just mess with me but the person I was doing a reading for. He made demands, tried to use me to harass the person I was doing a reading for, drained my energy, left me with a huge parasite problem, and threatened my companions.  ON TOP OF THAT, he later intimidated another spirit I knew but did not work with into delivering a message along the lines of “hey I can really mess you up, work with me or else.”

Guys please, I’m not telling you who you can and cannot work with, but if this spirit shows up check yourself for parasites, cleanse yourself & your space, if you can call for help, and put up as many wards as you can. He shouldn’t be trusted and does NOT have your best interest in mind.

Healing: Energy Systems

This is a post on how to actually go through an energy system and remove/deal with blockages/anomalies. For information on how to actually read energy systems, refer to this article.

This isn’t a strict guideline of course, you are free to edit the method as you see fit. This is just a recommendation based on my own methods, with an explanation as to why I do each part.

Note that this should NOT replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue/mental. Doctor/psychiatrist first, magic second.

Pre-Requisite/Related Info:

Onto How to Actually do the Healing: 

1. Obtain permission to read and heal the person’s energy system. Permission is obviously very important because of consent. It also gives a person a chance to set their wards and other protections to allow you through.

2. Gather information on your patient’s energy; what energies they do and don’t work well with. The quickest way is to just ask them, most people know what energies they do or don’t mesh well with. This is important to know as some people react badly to certain energies, while on the contrary, energies they do work well with can ease the healing process even more. If your recipient doesn’t know what energies work well with them, you may have to do a general reading of their energy and/or use your intuition.

3. If you’re going to have something to help supplement your energy, get it now. “Supplements” are things that help to provide energy, so you’re not using too much of your own, or for the purpose of providing the element of the supplement. Some examples would be candles for fire energy, a charged bowl of water, etc. You can do a healing without a supplement but they do help, for both reasons listed.

4. If this is a distance healing, cleanse and ward your “connection”. This means cleansing your phone/laptop if using those, and/or cleansing the chat you’re using to talk (such as Tumblr IM, Discord. Usually just uploading a cleansing gif or two works wonders.) This can prevent gunk in the connection from interfering with the reading and healing. Not a strict requirement but it does help. Warding is necessary to prevent parasites and/or negative energy from coming back and sticking to you.  

5. Cleanse them or ask them to do a cleansing of themselves. Have them cleanse their environment (if distance), and cleanse the environment you will be performing the healing in as well.  This will help clean out any “interference” with the reading and make it easier to read their energy. It can also help to loosen blockages/anomalies a bit. This also isn’t a strict requirement BUT I do find it to be very helpful.

6.  Read the energy system. If distance, having a map is very very helpful. Additionally for distance, I recommend sending the actual energy through your communication device (phone/laptop/whatever) but using the map to “aim” the energy (and of course you will be using the map to read the energy system as well.) Details on how to make and use an energy map are available in this post.

7. Gently accustom the receiver’s energy system to your energy, or whatever energies you will be using. This is to prevent “startling” or “shocking” the energy system; to make sure your energies do not hit it too hard, and so that a person’s subconscious magical defenses don’t activate. I accustom the receiver by slowly sending a small amount of energy to each point, beginning with the Heart Point, moving down, then getting the points above the heart point.  

8. When you find a blockage/anomaly, figure out what you need to do to heal it. These are just a few examples; what blockages/anomalies you see and the methods to heal them are not limited to these few; also these are short summaries; for more detailed information, refer to this post. And of course, you can also communicate with points to help ease the healing process.

    • Rocks: Remove them, slowly and gently.  If the rock simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system. 
    • Leakage/Cracks in the point: Seal them up.
    • Toxic/Negative energy: Slowly remove it while adding in beneficial energy to replace the loss.
    • Blocked/closed valves” to points. Why is it blocked or closed? Are the valves calloused shut? Or are they blocked by something? Or are they shut with no apparent cause?
    • Shrunken energy point/point too small: Slowly add in energy to stretch and open up the point. Also check for blocked entrances that flow into these points. *
    • Point too large: This is usually because energy is not exiting correctly, the point is producing too much energy, or both. *
    • Calloused point: This is usually accompanied by a layer of negative energy. Remove the negative energy while “washing” the point; gently scrub and massage away the callous. If the callous simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system.
    • Parasites: Remove them from the body, then capture and kill it. Be EXTREMELY cautious as the parasite could just jump into your energy system instead; have your wards and other protections up.
    • *Tip for all of these: Always check if there is something else in the system that is causing the blockage/anomaly.  

9. Finish up. Methods may differ, but I like to close with an all-over healing and full body cleansing. Let your recipient know that you are finished with the healing.

10. Cleanse yourself. You want to make sure you didn’t pick up any of the recipient’s negative energy.

*Remember that energy systems are very relative- determining if something is unhealthy is based on strange, noticeable differences. For example, if someone has gigantic points in general, and their hand points are super large as well- then those hand points are probably healthy. However, if the hand points were small while the rest of the system has rather large points, then those points are highly likely unhealthy.

This is not an end-all-be-all guide; this merely contains suggestions based on my experience and my own method. Remember, this should not replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue or mental issue.  

I hope this helps and inspires some of you to learn advanced healing work! And remember, you have to practice, practice, practice, to git gud. 

windandsails  asked:

I'm curious as to what your take on the Venom symbiote is? More recent media has unanimously had the symbiote make Peter more aggressive while wearing it, ruining his attitude and giving him a reason to try to ditch it, but I don't remember that being the case in the original comic run, I only remember it making him tired since it would possess his body at night while he slept to patrol the city, and the aggression and anger of Venom came from Brock. Will you be having the symbiote

(message continued) enhance Peter’s aggression, or is that too spoilery to ask? (Personally I think it’s an unneeded plot point and that Peter not wanting a clingy alien bonded permanently to him is enough, and that the alien symbiote having no negative effect on him besides a parasitic draining of energy actually provides more impetus for its rejection-fueled future hatred of him, but that’s just my opinion.)

‘Clingy’ is definitely the operative word when I think of the symbiote. The general vibe that I get is that it should follow the mood of a damaged and manipulative relationship.

Don’t know how much I’ll delve into Black Suit stuff in comic form, so I don’t mind sharing expanded thoughts on it here:

This version doesn’t necessarily make him more aggressive, but he does find the symbiote at a time when he is emotionally vulnerable. Rather than making him stronger, (and since it feeds best when the host is forthcoming), it dampens his inhibitions, making him take more risks, pull less punches - gets him the feeling like the suit has levelled him up.

But, it is a needy and jealous creature, that begins whispering doubt and distrust into his mind about his friends, so it can have him all to itself. It doesn’t possess his body during the night, but makes it harder for him to fall asleep - attempts to push him further and harder, overstepping its boundaries and exhausting him more and more. That’s when Peter reconsiders, and has to say ‘this isn’t working out.’ He tears it off, ending their relationship.

In comes Eddie Brock - the rebound. His relationship with the symbiote is far more toxic. Hurt by Peter’s betrayal, it uses Eddie entirely as an outlet for its rage and pain. What I wanted to showcase in ‘Together’ was Eddie having no personal grudge against Peter - in fact, they’ve never even spoken before. The symbiote forces Peter’s traits and memories onto its new host, trying to recreate what it had, while simultaneously projecting its own feelings through him. Eddie becomes the indoctrinated rebound and the vengeful ex both bundled up in one body.

As more of Eddie is eaten up, the symbiote starts taking charge, and Venom emerges.

So yeah, the aggressive side of the symbiote is a result of its connection to Peter, rather than a contributing factor!

edit: also, I dig your breakdown! Thanks for taking the time to write out those thoughts :D


Hello From Reno!

Mar. 17, 2017

Blue skies and failing chemtrails greeting us this morning, as expected, after the intense warfare we participated in yesterday.  It doesn’t look like much, just two people in the car throwing orgonite out the window, but on an etheric level, what was going on was about the heaviest weather warfare we have engaged in thus far.  Nevada is a new territory for us, and is a very advanced desert in need of healing.  Etheric warfare takes more than just making devices and putting them out in the world.  An incredible amount of psychic energy is needed to expel the parasites, and humans have been so weakened mentally, physically and spiritually from the constant poisonings of tainted food, air and water.  We need to cleanse ourselves, stop our wallowing, and remember who we are.  We are infinitely powerful creators of our world, and my world has no room for parasitic asscorn chemtrail sprayers with their stupid frequencies designed to mind control us.  Their plan doesn’t work anymore when we realize what’s actually going on energetically.

Detecting And Dealing With Energy Parasites

Energy Parasites are spirits that nonconsensually feed off of your energy. It is almost always harmful. This is a guide for detecting and dealing with them, as they are often challenging to detect and deal with.

Why are they difficult to detect?

They are often difficult to detect as they are usually highly skilled in energy work, and can thus mimic your own energy signature to disguise their own. They also emit very little energy themselves, which adds to the difficulty in detection. The smarter ones are capable of sensing if you are searching for energy parasites, and will pause in their feeding so as to go undetected. Many of the parasitic spirits, especially those smaller that are able to slip inside of your energetic system, are capable of moving around in your system very quickly, making them difficult to catch yourself.

How do I know if I may have an energy parasite?

If you have no known or possible physical or mental issues that may cause these issues, Common signs include recurring negative emotions with seemingly no cause, constant fatigue, or fatigue that sets on really quickly, especially magical fatigue, recurring leaks in the energy points, energy that seems to “ disappear” when it reaches a certain point; energy reaches that point and vanishes. Recurring negative emotions happen because the parasite uses their magic to make events that cause negative emotions or make you more susceptible/sensitive to that emotion, giving them more energy to feed off of which creates a feedback loop. Again, please make sure you have no physical or mental issues that may cause these feelings first before jumping to magical conclusions.

How can I deal with them if they are so hard to detect?

In all honesty, it is best to get an outside spirit to help deal with and remove your parasitic spirit. This is because again, those that are inside you may have mimicked your energy signature, making it very challenging to detect yourself; you will have to know your energy signature down to the very minor details. Especially powerful parasites may become fully immune to your own energy no matter how you change it, thus rendering anything you do useless (definitely go for outside help in this case). For what you could do on your own: you can try to reach an astral hand into yourself and grab the parasite, make your own energy intolerable (usually by making your energy the opposite of what the parasite feeds off of), or flushing out a large amount of your energy at once (and thus flushing out the spirit with it). Note that these methods require decent energy work skills. 


Sky Cleaning Ceremony

City of Angels, CA - Sept. 26, 2015

Orgone energy banishes the toxins.  Using a medicine wheel of towerbusters and an obolix with strong intention and prayer, the sky was cleared in 20 minutes near LAX yesterday afternoon.  The Day of Purification is here.  We fight the energy war with energy.  Ours is free and theirs costs billions of dollars.  Who do you think will win?

INTP–ENTJ Tapped Energy

INTP enters the room, exasperated, after a long day.

INTP: Hey man, what’s going on.

ENTJ: Oh, nothing much! Just about to leave to go study with some friends.

INTP: Oh, that’s cool. I’m just about to…

INTP: Die.

ENTJ: Aha! Tough day, huh?

INTP: Yeah, this one always is. So I’m just gonna…

INTP: *drags feet* sorta…

INTP: *slumps over on his desk*

INTP: There we go.

ENTJ: Heh, I feel you, man. I’d probably be in the same place, if my day was like yours.

INTP: *Smushing face against the surface of the desk* so smooth…

INTP: This desk has never seemed so comfortable.


INTP: *plants a gentle kiss*

ENTJ: Wow, I… can’t… did you…?

INTP: omfg I’ve completely fallen apart haven’t I.

ENTJ: Heh, well, at least you don’t have any more classes, right?

INTP: *sprawling on desk* nope

ENTJ: Then I wish you a peaceful and relaxing evening of recovery… on your wooden desk, apparently.

INTP: thank you good luck with your studying

Oh man I can’t tell if Fresh just went from being the best character to the worst, or even better. 
I mean he’s still hot don’t get me wrong.
But gees… !!!!
What is Fresh like… the master or something??? And like… oh man… 
He’s just… he can’t feel. I know this. And now, thinking about it all… the fact that he can’t feel means he just… goes around, killing other parasites, sapping energy from host bodies and moving on to the next without even a single care in the world, because he doesn’t care. And honestly? This is… kinda cool, because I don’t mind… well, perhaps Fresh doesn’t know it, but he is kinda “evil”, even if part of this is to survive. I don’t really mind it, cause I know there’s gotta be some bad guys, but he also sounds like someone I’d very much rather remain a fictional character. 
Fresh sounds like the kind of guy, that if everyone knew he was real, that would make up stories about him to scare others, dress up as him on halloween, be afraid he’s hiding under their bed. That any second he would attack an innocent to sap about their energy and move on to the next - and that could literally be anyone, and they wouldn’t even know about it till their child/sister/best friend is dead… or energy sapped? That does mean dead, right? I dunno 
Point is he went from awesome to… scary cool. I still like Fresh, but if he actually existed? If Parasites actually existed? I think we’d all be terrified. 

…. @alainaprana