2016 Capoeira Workout Plan

Here is a theory that I share with my students during their conditioning for the first half of our classes. The theory started with the question that my second Capoeira teacher asked me once after class. He asks “How does a lion take naps all day, but remain the king of the jungle?” I am well aware that lions roam the savannas but the question is still valid. He goes on to say “because everything else is on autopilot.” I thought about this quote for a long time since then, and further developed it for myself as, “How is a lion so strong, and all he does is sleep? or how is any animal as fast as they are and they don’t workout?” 

The answer is more obvious than it seems, the animal simply lives it’s life with passion and purpose. When it runs, it always runs as hard as it can, for as long as it can. When the animal eats, it eats as much as it needs, when it needs it. SIMPLE. Just like I like it.

So this year I am crafting a Capoeira Workout plan based on this theory. What would make a Capoeira more efficient at playing Capoeira? Creating that muscle memory of repetition to craft a solid technique, and simultaneously include explosive and isometric exercises for muscle development? 

So this workout plan has been in construction for a year, it’s still in BETA; however, I thought I would share what I have so far in hopes it could improve other Capoeiras in the world, like it has for me, that lack access to classes, so you don’t lose your health and abilities.

Capoiera’s Workout Plan 

Warm up

100 Burpees            > 8   m

20 Mile Bike             > 30 m

(These exercises are interchangeable based on how busy your schedule is)

Calisthenics - Interval Style

Hand Stand Pushps     15 reps     2 sets

Pullups                         15 reps     2 sets

Pushups                       50 reps     2 sets

Leg Raises                   60 reps     2 sets

Squat Jumps                30 reps     2 sets

Back Cruntches            50 reps     2 sets

(The maximum break between the exercises should only be 30 seconds. This builds your endurance, and muscle development. This section is primarily for your performance muscles, so knock these exercise out quickly with proper technique.)

Calisthenics - Super Slow Style

Leg Raises          Max reps       6 count     2 sets

Pull ups               Max reps       6 count     2 sets

Squats                 Max reps       6 count     2 sets

(This is a mixture of full range and isometric training that allows similar benefits found in isometric training and develops the muscles in their full range. This exercise is tough so I do these exercises before bed)

Capoeira Drills

Esquiva Pra Trás | Esquiva De Frente          

25 reps    1 set

Cocorinha >>> Esquiva Pararelo                   

15 reps    1 set

Kick Drills (practice all basic kicks, one at a time)       

 20 reps

Controlled Au (perform an au slowly. 3 count)             

15 reps

(These reps are set to each side so double the reps should be the total of each exercise you do. If you are not tired by now, you are superhuman at this point. A few more things to do though.)

Capoeira Chair Training

Benguela                       6 m

Sao Bento Grande         6 m

(If you do not know what the chair training exercise is, have no fear, a video is here!!! Also the game styles mean the speed and style you should play with your chair, or object to focus on of your choosing. I normally play with my backpack if I don’t have a chair.)

In conclusion, the beginning of me starting this workout plan came from an idea I received from my engineering teacher. He said for every hour you spend in this class you should spend the same amount of time studying at home. So if you came here for 30 mins, you should study for at least 30 mins when you go home. He only requested this as the bare minimum. I saw that as a great way to think of training for martial arts. If you go to class for an hour? Spend at least an hour at home perfecting that class. 

I do this workout plan 6 days a week, and I also teach class so it doubles. I don’t do this exercise on days I travel 21 miles one way to work though.

Axé e Salve 


eu sou todo um universo

um universo pararelo

cheio de espaços temporais

e você, uma galáxia

que junto à mim, forma um mundo inteiro

me fazendo entender a existência da vida

e quando juntos

somos um só.