How to spot Toma on the street

After found the paparazzi pic of Toma, I thought I should make a post to spot Toma in case I meet him..hehe (help me get some more tips..)

  1. Low rise pants..Mc hammer style..the man doesn’t like to wear old man pants
  2. hat hat..any types of hat..He loves hat
  3. He will wear some type of glasses for disguise purpose but he also wear them when he doesn’t wear contact lenses.
  4. Sneaker , cool sneakers, cool shoes…silver, red…
  5. Cool T-shirt or Rock band T-shirt (if you can see them under his jacket)
  6. Mask guy..although I can still spot him if he wear mask..(last November I went to Tokyo..what make me mad is that so many hot guys wearing mask taking subway..make me wonder if some of them were actually celebrities)