“ Tiffany slapped taeyeon’s butt multiple times during paparazzi lol ” - @ mystery_oyster

“Taeny were facing each other. Tiffany spread her arms apart, looked and walked towards Taeyeon. But Taeyeon didn’t notice her, and when they came into contact, Tiffany touched Taeyeon and left. Taeyeon then turned around and looked at Tiffany (LOL)” - @ Curiosityyyyy

“ During Mr taxi Taeny fist bump again~ but today they did it many times changing lefthand righthand ” - @ keroroshenyi

“Fany slapped Taengs butt repeatedly during Pararazzi, the part where she leans on her lol” - @ pubsquash

“ Taeny in the opening part of Blue Jeans was so cute. Taeng shook her butt again at Fany” - @ FrozenArctic

“Tiffany wiggled her butt towards Taeyeon after they did the same dance move together during MR TAXI” - @ RedSunsetXIII

“Tiffany did chest pump towards taeyeon during Mr. Taxi. Taeyeon laughed before belting out her note.” - @ Ninjafen


“Tiffany and Taeyeon made a heart together with their hands during MR TAXI!

During Blue Jeans, Tiffany lifted up a bit of Taeyeon’s hair and Taeyeon danced in a circle in response ” - @ RedSunsetXIII