Shop Till You Drop | Smytheberry

Sebastian paced back and forth in his room. He was such an idiot. Why did he do all that? Avoiding Rachel, than insulting her relationship with Blaine…it would be obvious. Did he have to ruin everything? He stopped walking when he realized what he was doing. “No no no…supposed to be getting ready…” He muttered to himself. Why was he acting like such a loser? He turned to his mirror and smirked. If Rachel could see him now, she’d talk about what a huge ego he had. He shrugged to himself as he stared at his reflection. How couldn’t he? 

Then he looked at the time, the clock above his bed ticking loudly. She was probably waiting. Impatiently, at that. She couldn’t be delighted with him right about now. He walked to his closet and picked up a pair of dark washed jeans. These usually showed off his ass nicely. He’d picked up many a hot gay in these. He pulled them on quickly. He picked up his wallet and his keys, and rushed down the stairs and out the door.

The heat hit him like a wave. June in New York was a bitch. He should’ve worn shorts. He hesitated, considering changing into something smaller but then shook his head. He was late enough. A pang of worry hit his belly as he thought about how she’d be. She’d been pretty moody until he mentioned shopping. Maybe this would really be making things up to her? He hopped in the car and sped off, trying to concentrate on the road. He’d had issues with driving for a while and he didn’t want his anxiety to get to him too badly. 

When he finally arrived at Rachel’s apartment complex he sat in his car for about two seconds. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, just like his therapist had recommended and climbed out. He hurried into her building, missing his car’s air conditioning compared to the heat of the NYC sun. He got to her door, took a deep breath and painting a smirk on his face before knocking. 

Drunken Kisses || Joel

Joe shut the door of Dave’s place and with his hands in his pockets walked to Rachel’s house. They had only been dating about a week and he already felt like he knew the way to hers by heart. He was spending quite a bit of time over at hers, as an attempt to get away from his parents. She still hadn’t came over to his yet and Joe wasn’t sure if she was ready to meet the gang. She’d probably love Laker and Debby but when it came to Rupert and him in the same room…well things got a bit interesting.

Knocking on her door, he could still feel the effects of the alcohol and the joint he stole from Dave that he smoked on his way over to her place, running through his veins. It wasn’t long before she answered the door and when she did, he pulled her close to him and kissed her senseless like he wanted to all night.

Well At Least Try | Smytheberry

His fingers shook as he opened the door to the theatre, taking in a deep breath as he entered. He looked around and saw his competition, and forced a wry smile on his face. He was starting to question the entire trip here. What was he doing? He hadn’t performed in ages. Even though he still went through his daily warm ups, singing in front of others had started to seem like a foreign art to him. He grimaced as his stomach took a particularly nauseating swoop. All he’d had today was coffee, and about three cups at that. He took in another deep breath, hating  how shaky it was. 

Something about today gave him an odd feeling. He knew the pain in his stomach wasn’t the only sign. He had woken up today with a migraine, despite staying sober the night before. He knew coming to an audition in this bad a mood was a horrible idea, but he couldn’t help it. The prospect, the idea, of becoming big in NYC was too big a draw for him. He looked around, strugging to find a familiar face. He hated the idea, but he knew he needed someone to cling to before he exploded with nerves. When his eyes fell upon a particular someone, he felt his headache almost melt away, and his heart kick into fifth gear. 

Come Fly With Me || Joe & Rachel

He was slightly tipsy, from going out with Dave just hours before, as he found himself walking to the address Rachel had given him after their dinner date of sorts. He hadn’t talked to her since then and could only imagine what was running through her mind. Honestly, he wouldn’t blame her if she never talked to him again, saying he was an asshole for not contacting him sooner then shutting the door on his face. All he could do was hope that she would listen to his story about how crazy things ad gotten in his head and wouldn’t run away…of course there was always the other stuff he had to tell her too that could easily make her run.

As he waited for her to answer the knock on her door he took out a cigarette and lite it, relishing the sweet nicotine. He hadn’t been able to have one the entire week he was ‘locked’ up and was now trying to catch up in a weird way. He stood out side her door, smoking the cigarette wondering if she was ever going to answer. After he stomped out the butt, her not answering he shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave. It was probably better off this way, she didn’t need a guy like him. Shoving his hands in his pocket he walked down the steps, not hearing the door opening behind him.