Lance: I want that on my tombstone.

Hunk: Nah, I already got that picked out.

Lance: What is it?

Hunk: In like really small letters so you have to be standing right on it to read, it says: “step off, homes.”

Lance: That’s good, let’s stick with that.

Highlights of the Block B concert in Amsterdam last night:

- Taeil saying (his legendary) “My name is Taeil” introduction
- Zico talking about how accepting the Netherlands is & Jaehyo deciding to start petting Ukwons butt (???)
- Jaehyo saying “stroopwafel”
- P.O. giving a lap dance to kyung
- Kyung being greasy as usual and talking about how there are so many pretty girls in the audience (+the other block b members cringe)
- them naming famous Dutch products and Taeil just staring into the void until grabbing the mic and screaming: “Cheese!”
- Zico saying “Block B Amsterdam, baby!” a million times
- them speaking English 33
- Whilst naming famous places in Amsterdam Ukwon saying “the Hilton Hotel” making Zico giggle like a hyena (???) meanwhile Kyung just dodging the question by simply saying “I love you”

um hi so i’m (just under) 50 away from 2k and it’d be ya know kinda cool if i could get there sometime (soon)… and yeap that’s my story (thanks for listening reading) (*shuffles off stage ur screen*) 

So um… I was just drawing a a random facial expression today, then the hair, and it started to look like America, so I kept going… This started during my first block which was science class, and I remember getting a comment on how good my art is… If only they had seen how this turned out XD. Basically Alfred’s a trendy boy, and is the coolest kid on the block. He got that Capri Sun and that mood ring that you get confused about, because right now it’s green so he’s romantic??. He’s also got those weed socks his persuaded his mom to buy, and them crocs with those socks of course. Trendy ass basketball shorts and Nike shirt (most common thing guys wear around my area). Slap Bracelets which every kid has gots to have. Temporary snake tattoo he got out of a 75 cent machine that’s at the front of the store, with a boss necklace that cost 25 cents at that same store in that same area where all the little toy machines are. This boy right here, is the perfect definition of a fuckboi in the making, around age 10 at least. (Honestly not joking around when I say this, but this is what a “cool kid” looked like during my younger years and as of now…I only like the Capri Sun and a Slap Bracelets xD) in conclusion this is the Coolest Kid on The Block. As @ask-random-lovely-characters it is my duty to create some sort of art, so I guess this counts.

A L F R E D   I S   A   C O O L   B O I