parappa the rapper tv


I felt like there was a severe lack of Um Jammer Lammy GIFs out there, so I made some using PlayStation TV + Elgato Game Capture HD + Movie Maker + Photoshop! Enjoy and remember to NEVER USE JOE CHIN’S CHAINS FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny in C3, Sweety in E3, and Rammy in H1 for @ruby-from-ruby-quest! I hope you like it!

Please don’t send anymore requests at this time!


(I tried to post it before but didnt worked… stupid internet company)

First one is Takoyama in the dress that Touko used in my yesterday draw, @viridiansword wanted me to draw him in that dress so here you go, enjoy!!

Second one is sad Takoyama… (mental note: dont draw while listening sad music)

Third one is Guru Ant with his TV (the memeeees) also I have this headcanon, basicaly his favorite show is Sailor Moon (weird I know, but i like it)

Fourth one is mah girl Noodle… wow she grows fast (actually I did this some weeks ago, but i forgot to post it… oops)