TAB Reichenbach is important

Listen to Moriarty’s lines here:

“In the end, it’s always just you and me.”

(And the other bits that I can only paraphrase cause I’ve only seen it once okay?) “Shall we go over together? That’s what it always comes down to, isn’t it?”

And he’s right. In every other Holmes adaptation, this is always what it comes down to. A battle between a man and his arch nemesis, all alone against the falls. And in the end, they always both go over together (or so it seems). And they are alone. John is either not present or just out of reach.

But not this time. This time, John comes in to save the day. This time, they’re not sticking to “the rules” about what is supposed to happen in ACD canon. John, finally, after 125 years of watching Sherlock fall to his death, finally gets to be the one to do the honors and kill Moriarty himself. And save Sherlock from having to stage his suicide in the first place. By making this alteration to one of the most well known and revered portions of ACD canon, the writers are making a big statement.

They said they were fixing the mistakes of canon. And here we are.


“Look at me, look at me,” Glenn shouted at Nicholas as they were trapped on the dumpster surrounded by walkers.  “No, no,” he said but stared in horror as he watched the other man shoot himself in the head.  Glenn felt himself start to fall off the dumpster and quickly positioned himself so he would fall under Nicholas.  

He screamed as he watched the walkers rip into Nicholas’ lifeless body. He yet again lost someone while out on a run. After a few seconds he carefully manuvered his body to slide under the dumpster and out from under Nicholas he pulled out his knife stabbing at the walkers who tried to follow him and kicking them away.  He had to get back to Maggie, he couldn’t die out here without saying goodbye to her.

Man, let me tell you about this one guy.

This one guy wanted to do a thing right?

And he was like, “Hey! Let’s do this thing!”

And everyone just sort of stared at him.

And his wife was like, “I just don’t think that it’s going to work?”

And his brother was like, “Man, I love you, but the thing is literally the worst idea that I’ve ever heard of.”

And all of the newspapers were like, “You are a complete idiot and you are going to fail and we are going to laugh.”

So this guy’s like, “No, the thing will work.”

But literally nobody believed him.

And so this guy was like, “I’ll prove it.”

But then he ran out of money.

And nobody else would give him money.

Man just imagine how horrible he must have felt.

But then this guy was like, “Imma mortgage our house.”

And he got the extra money to finance the thing.

And it turns out that the thing was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

And the guy was Walter Elias Disney.

And the momentous success from his first full-length animated movie was enough to change cinematic history and launch the Disney company into the gigantic, successful, monopoly that it is today.

The point of this extremely paraphrased story is that Walt Disney was awesome and that you can do anything, regardless of what other people think, as long as you believe in yourself.

(Also, Disney should totally make a movie about the struggles that Walt went through to make Snow White because the story itself is just…Disney!)

Victoria 105

This post contains spoilers.

This episode felt like a watershed moment for me. It was saying goodbye to the impossible and trying to be optimistic about the future.

  • Victoria and Albert are happy and in love. *sigh* I acknowledge that I suffer from major bias here, but I still don’t feel the heat. At all.
  • Hmm…Ernest seems to be making eyes at the Duchess of Sutherland. This can only end badly. But what the hell? I seem to love climbing on board sinking ships.
  • Victoria doesn’t know how to tell Lord M that she’s engaged. It’s awkward, it’s tense, more so because he’s none the wiser. I literally clutched my chest when she finally plucked up the courage and told him. And he could not look her in the eyes. *heart breaks for the first time* 
  • Albert heads back home and everyone’s talking about money and titles. I get it. He’s poor as a church mouse and he wants some independence. I don’t begrudge him that.
  • Ernest, darling Ernest. He thinks his brother needs some experience ahead of his wedding night so takes Albert to “a house of ill-repute.” Let’s just say Victoria has nothing to worry about. The only thing Albert was interested in was taking notes. Haha.
  • Were you throwing some shade Albert’s way, Lord M? LOL
    Victoria: Do you think Albert has a mistress?
    Lord M: No, ma’am….at least not yet.
    It’s okay. We know you’re secretly in pain, Lord M. Quite frankly, so am I.
  • Penge has a romantic backstory? I wouldn’t have guessed.
  • Thanks for being a whole lot less creepy this week, Mr Francatelli. I think I’m back to low key shipping you with Miss Skerrett. But oh, there’s some drama with her, isn’t there? I need more information!
  • Albert returns and Lord M stands to the side and watches their reunion. *heart breaks again* But not long after Albert’s return, he and Victoria argue about his position at court and his finances.
  • However, with the wedding day rapidly approaching, Victoria and Albert make up once she confesses her fears about his taking a mistress. He admits to wanting only her and she promises to love, honour and obey him. They embrace and kiss. At the window Lord M watches on as Lehzen approaches. “We have been replaced, Lord Melbourne,” she says. He smiles sadly. “As it should be.” *note that at this point I’m in cardiac arrest. I have so many feelings.*
  • Is it just me or does everything still feel really rushed? Three episodes of world building where the pace is relatively slow. One could even argue that very little actually happens. Then suddenly within the span of two episodes a) Albert arrives b) they’re engaged c) they’re married. Jenna Coleman mentioned that they filmed a birthing scene so we know there’s going to be a baby or nine at the rate things are going before series end. I honestly feel like the pacing is way off. IMHO, Albert should have been introduced sooner if they planned to have a wedding by episode 5. #justsaying
  • Finally, the moment arrives and I am not prepared. Lord M and Victoria say their goodbyes. I won’t lie. I sobbed like a baby. I didn’t know what to expect, but I do love how Jenna and Rufus played it. It was heartfelt and sincere. Then this happened:
    Victoria: Do you remember telling me that someday I would give my heart without reservation?
    Lord M: Yes, I remember.
    Victoria: You were almost right. 
    Lord M: Almost, ma’am?
    Victoria: I shall never forget. *camera pans to Lord M’s face and I die.* 
  • Eyes sparkling, he asks for permission to kiss her and tenderly presses his lips to her cheek. I’m amazed I managed to see this through the waterfall of tears pouring out of my eyes. Victoria leaves and Lord M turns back to watch her. It was heart-wrenching and I was reminded of Daisy Goodwins words: Lord M was Victoria’s first love and she was his last. It was a fitting farewell, I think. Painful and bittersweet. But beautiful. 
  • The episode ends with the consummation of the marriage. I heard it described as “steamy” and so I had built up some expectations in my mind. Or maybe it’s the Julia Quinn binge I’ve been on. Either way, it seemed very tame.

I assume Lord M has now retired to Brocket Hall and will spend the rest of his days staring at his rooks. I do hope he finds happiness there because I hate to think of him alone and lonely. He deserves so much more. (Yes, I know historically he dies alone after a stroke, but I choose not to believe that, okay?) I will miss him and I think Rufus Sewell’s departure will leave it’s mark. But the show must go on and there are three more episodes before the series ends. (BTW - I was under the impression Lord M would be around until episode six. But this felt like his exit, so I don’t think we’ll see him back.) 

Side note: Rufus Sewell was PHENOMENAL in this show. He’s such an underrated actor and I hope more people sit up and take note of his extraordinary talent. 

That’s about all I can muster for now, so excuse me while I curl into a ball and sob into my pillow.


Thank you to both of these Spideys for being good sports! <3 My wish-list for Dragon*con came true! Also shoutout to the GFs who were super sweet and let me borrow their Spideys for these shots, and for taking the photos for us. If you know these Spideys, please tag them or send me a message so I can give them credit! 

Also cute exchange with Spidey #1 there:

Me: Hey, so uh… if you’re uncomfortable with this, I totally understand- but I was wondering if I could get a picture of me lifting you.

Spidey: Like, as in holding me like a baby? (I think this is what he said I’m paraphrasing)

Me: Yeah…if not that’s okay.

Spidey: Well, I’m like 120 lbs so…

Me: That’s totally fine, I’ve got about 25 lbs on you and it’s pure fat, I should be able to pick you up no problem.

Spidey: Okay!

(paraphrasing again haha- It’s been a couple of crazy days since then. But the Spideys were super cool!)

And now here is the thing I’ve been secretly so excited over for the past two and a half weeks or so! This beautiful commission from artist acedrawin who is wonderful and does wonderful work!

So thanks to spaceoperetta coming up with a crossover AU for Ace Attorney and best TV show ever Slings & Arrows, this Narumitsu idea has refused to leave my head. In short, post-disbarment Phoenix goes back to his theatre roots and ends up as a director for a struggling theatre company while dodging rumors that he’s “mentally unstable.” Which isn’t very easy to do when the love of your life won’t stop talking to you and arguing with you about Shakespeare. Especially if the love of your life is a ghost that only you can see and hear.

And one very important thing I think I need to point out here: the dialogue they’re speaking in this art is actually from Hamlet. Okay, Miles’ line is a paraphrase, but Phoenix’s is word-for-word. I am not making this up.

*Supernatural comes up at work*

Coworker: I really like Gabriel, even though he wasn’t in a lot of episodes. Castiel is pretty cool too.

Me: YES. Cas is awesome. I don’t understand the people who don’t like him.

Coworker: Yeah. I don’t understand the people who want him to get together with Dean, though. I think they’re nuts.



Me: Hello nice to meet you, I am Nuts.

So, uh, this is the cover of Science magazine this month. It’s a male-gazey, sexualized photo of three women of color in short dresses – only from the chest down, with their faces not shown – walking down the street at night. The story advertised on the cover is “Staying a Step Ahead of HIV/AIDS.” There’s a whole conversation happening on Twitter about how inappropriate, objectifying and dehumanizing it is, and one of the editors chimed in with (I paraphrase here) “But it’s okay because they’re trans women!” Not. Cool. Thoughts?

also you know what is awesome, there are so many things in life that are stressful and overwhelming and exhausting but Jesus is always right there like yo I gotchu, we got this, it’s all gonna be okay. !!!! Like why the heck do I bother letting these things stress me out when I know God has a plan?

“I gotchu, we got this, it’s all gonna be okay.” —indirect paraphrase Jesus quote that is probably somewhere in the bible

After the spoilers from the season finale, I saw some people were like “I’m Team Amy” or “I’m Team Sheldon”. 

Well, I’m Team Shamy.

And, to paraphrase Amy, it’s okay with me that they are not perfect. I love them. And I have faith on them.

I just needed to say that.

I wanted to go back and talk a little bit about this idea of revisiting the past, which I mentioned in terms of “2009″ in this post.  That post sprang from a T.S. Eliot quote that I actually first heard somewhat paraphrased (okay, a lot paraphrased) in this video, which is a sort of mini-doc about the last season of LOST.  It’s an interesting video for a LOST fan, obviously, but I also think some of the stuff that gets talked about about the importance of cycling back to the start, and looking at the beginning with fresh eyes, is really relevant to the Glee finale. 

Because it’s not just “2009.”  It’s the whole season – Rachel going back to the bottom and starting over, Kurt finding himself alone and hating it, Sue in a position of power and Will struggling to be heard.  Going back to a McKinley that does not have a glee club, that does not have that safe place, and rebuilding with those few kids that don’t fit in anywhere else, that really need it.  Eventually bringing in the club’s rivals (in this case, kids from outside McKinley rather than within it) just to make sure that there are enough kids to even compete.  The Invitational, the all-important Sectionals.  Vocal Adrenaline as their main rival.  The whole thing, from the start, was very first season.

At the same time, though, it wasn’t just a rehash.  Because those five intervening seasons did happen, and they did make a difference – not just in the lives of the new Newbies (although Spencer and Alistair will never know how much they owe to Kurt/Blaine and Brittany/Santana), but for the old characters.  Mercedes putting aside the old rivalry to give Rachel a taste of her spotlight.  Santana not only singing a duet with Brittany, but proposing at the end of it.  Becky standing up for the Dalton kids when they needed a home.  Kurt finally saying it first.  Everyone’s therapists.  And probably a whole host of other things that I missed.  It wasn’t just a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.  It was a way to use the past both as a barometer of change and also as a catalyst for new progress.

And it was the whole season.  Not just one episode, but all the way through.  The past and the future side-by-side, giving us a chance to do things differently.  Making changes we didn’t make before.  Take chances.  Reach out.  Do it again, and do it right.

And all of it brought us to the end: a stage instead of a church.  A dedication rather than a funeral.  But still a chance for everyone to come together, stand in the light together, embrace, and say goodbye.

And then move on, together.

The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people.

I guess what I’m saying is that, to me, the last season of Glee felt very much like the last season of LOST, in terms of the setup, the construction, and the payoff.  And I mean that in the most loving and complimentary of ways.

They did it right.  They really, really did it right.

Assurance; Lestrade X Reader

Requested by Anon: one shot where Lestrade and reader go out to dinner and he gets jealous over the waiters flirting
(… Okay I paraphrased that) Sorry this is so short, I really wanted to post something so I typed this up on my phone for you all. Hope you enjoy regardless!!

Greg came up behind you, gently pulling the chair out for you like the gentlemen he always was. “You don’t have to do this Greg,” you reminded him.

“Oh but I do, darling,” he smiled back at you. Greg had taken you out on a surprise dinner to repay you for sticking with him during the more… difficult parts of his career lately. Ever since Sherlock had been assisting Greg on cases, he seemed to be out and about the streets of London at every hour of the day.

“All I ask of you is that your safe Greg. That’s all the payment I need.”

Greg took his own seat across from you after placing a reassuring and calming kiss on your cheek. “I always-” Greg began before the waiter promptly arrived at your table reciting the specials and soup of the day.

“Normally I would recommend the chicken for its elegant appearance but it seems you already have a lovely woman sitting across from you,” the waiter complimented.

A smile spread across your face as did the accompanying blush. “Why thank you.”

“It is only my job to compliment the lovely ladies who I have the pleasure of serving. Now what will you be wanting to drink?”

As the waiter left, Greg looked positively agitated across from you. “I don’t like him.”

“Why ever not?”

“I don’t appreciate the way he talks to you… It makes me feel inadequate,” Greg shamefully admitted.

A gentle sympathetic smile crested on your lips. “Greg you’re the only man I ever need to make me feel happy,” you reassured him, leaning over the table to place a loving kiss on his lips. “Besides, I would pick a DI over a minimum wage waiter any day, darling. Now let’s spend some of that crime solving money.”

Stephen Schwartz Masterclass

Unfortunately, I did not get to ask a question. However, I did learn some interesting things. I do not have the direct quotes from the man himself, so I will be paraphrasing quite a lot here.

Okay, first let me start by saying, Stephen Schwartz is such a genuinely nice person. He was so laid back, personable, and humble – it was just amazing. He talked about all sorts of things, and mentioned Hunchback of Notre Dame quite a lot. Here are the highlights: 


  • He talked about the orchestra of Der Glöckner, and how they had to downsize the orchestration for the American premiere.
  • Basically, the orchestra in Germany was funded by the government, ergo he had access to this giant 33 piece (or so) orchestra.
  • In the US, the orchestra pits are not funded by the government, so Michael Starobin, the orchestrator for the film and the german production, had to reorchestrate it for a 14 piece orchestra
  • Stephen Schwartz stated that he was very impressed with Starobin’s orchestration since, according to Schwartz, it sounded like there were more that 14 players in the pit.**
    **(I’d like to hear the thoughts of people who have seen the show live, either at La Jolla or Paper Mill)
  • This isn’t really directly related to the Hunchback, but Stephen Schwartz kept talking about his belief that a show does not stop changing.
  • He used Pippin as an example since the revival underwent some major changes.
  • Basically, I would have to guess (purely my own opinion) that a lot of the changes from Glöckner to Hunchback were favored by Schwartz since he seemed to rally in support of constantly reworking shows. 
  • He mentioned he is working on a musical adaptation of The Prince of Egypt!!
  • Also, he is currently working on a musical that is set to premiere in Vienna in German that is centered around a preservation of a theatre, a backstage romance, and the creation of Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

**If you did not know this already, I am not an official source of news, so please do not use me as such**


I was lucky enough to attend the Nerdist Writers Panel today with Clark Gregg, Liz Vassey, and Dan Bucatinsky at Meltdown Comics in LA. It was a really interesting look at individuals who are both actors and writers in the film and television industry. I’m really glad there’s going to be a podcast because while I was listening, I didn’t take any notes, but here, have some pictures!

Afterwards, they stayed for a little while to sign things and take pictures, so I got a picture with Clark Gregg, and he signed my Captain America cards and I didn’t even have to get impaled! *g*

He told me my fanboy!Phil shirt was a great shirt and grinned at me, and I nearly died. He recognized a lot of the Marvel and SHIELD stuff that people gave him to sign, which was cool.

Okay, onto what I remember. I’m paraphrasing on what I do remember here, so it might not be word perfect.

He said that he doesn’t write with the actors in mind, that he writes what he wants to see. He also said, in response to a question about first readers, that he gives his wife his stuff, but that she’s “reeeeeally tough” and never likes anything he writes – he was clearly joking, so don’t attack her – and that he has a few other friends that read his stuff as well.

His advice to writers is that he feels that there’s this thought that the business is this really tall tower and that if you’re not careful the dragons will eat you and there’s orcs in the way, and if you’re not perfect about how you go about the business, you might as well not even try, and that’s bullshit. He said that they (the industry) need you (the writer) because only you can write the way you write, only you have that individual voice, so don’t believe that you have to write like anyone else.

There was an inappropriate story that David Mamet told him and Bill Macy back in school, and he was laughing to himself about it, but he said it was too inappropriate to tell the way Mamet told it. Unfortunately. He was pretty tickled about it, though.

As I’ve heard before, he’s elected not to find out ahead of time anything more about what happened to Coulson than he absolutely has to, because he feels the frustration he feels translates to his portrayal of the character.

He liked I Dream of Jeannie as a child – and he totally did the hands-crossed-on-arms-and-head-nod that Jeannie always did on the show.

In response to the question about shows he watches, he said that he watches True Detective – he mentioned it enthusiastically several times, and jokingly complained about the panel making him miss the finale. He’s still catching up on Breaking Bad, and he thinks Bob’s Burgers may be the funniest show on TV right now. He and his family watch shows like Downton Abbey because his daughter will watch with them.

And then he said he watches Agents of SHIELD with his daughter because sometimes when his character is in jeopardy, she’ll hug him, and her hugs are few and far between these days. Which got a big AWWWWW from the audience.

It was a great talk, and I’m forgetting a whole bunch of stuff, which is why I’ll be very glad when the podcast is up!