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Aaaaa my heart. Thank you so much for writing two versions of your book!! I'm almost crying right now because I used to read a lot of books but then I started getting more and more fed up with unneeded sex scenes with no emotional interactions at all and I just- I keep reading all the stuff you're saying about the fluffy version and my heart hurts with how much I need a book that doesn't depend on sex. Thank you. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day!! Imma go cry now

And reactions like yours are exactly why I am doing it. 

As I have said in the past, quite a few times now, actually so you’ll forgive me if I copy paste and paraphrase from previous replies about this: 

I never want to exclude anyone from my writing simply because I have a kinky streak the length of the A1 (other British folk know what I’m talking about). At the end of the day, I’m ultimately writing about people and love. And you don’t need sex to write about either of those. You don’t need sex to be in a loving relationship. You don’t need to want sex to be human.

Or a vampire. Or a werewolf. Or whatever else you might be.

Sex is not the definition of humanity. It is not the zenith of our existence in this world.

So yes. I will keep writing smutty fun novels, but I will also always write sex free fun versions of the books as well. Always. Because that shit matters. It matters a lot and I am determined to try and do it right so I’m going to have to ask for patience while I do it because it would be just so easy to rip the sex scenes out of the book and offer it up. But that’s not good enough. And it’s not the story I am telling. 

So yea, I’ll just be over here, writing two versions of the manuscript in tandem. Feeling very out my depth and overwhelmed because holy shit you guys, this started just over a year ago as a shit post about paranormal romance tropes. A shit post


this was one of my favorite songs from this season’s soundtrack. this was the clip right after isak first found that video of even where he mentions his love of baz luhrmann, the fact that he makes epic love stories and that a love story has to have one of its main characters die in order to be epic. and this was when quite a lot of the viewers started to wonder if isak and even’s story was going to end in tragedy. and this was when the romeo and juliet references began, and this right here was the first one

in the romeo and juliet movie, talk show host is used as a background song when romeo is introduced. in skam, it’s not used when we first see even on screen, but that moment when he walks in slow motion and he and isak lock gaze still feels like an introduction, because it’s the first time isak sees him after he learned his name, it’s the first time he sees him after we finally get to know more about him, and i think it’s also the first time isak truly sees him as someone he could want to be with - you can see that click. in the movie, that scene says this is romeo, and in the show, that scene says this is even bech næsheim. and at this point, we’re not exactly sure what role even is going to play in isak’s life. we’ve only seen a full episode and a few clips, and we do understand that he’ll probably become a love interest, but we don’t know at this point the extent of the impact he’s going to have in isak’s life. is even simply going to be a love interest? is even going to be isak’s lover, his romeo?

in skam, talk show host is not only used as a reference to the movie, it’s also used because the lyrics we hear (and which we don’t hear in romeo and juliet) fit isak’s situation perfectly

i want to be someone else or i’ll explode

isak has been pretending to be someone he is not for too long. he’s feeling the pressure of masculinity standards and internalized homophobia, he’s trying so hard to be someone he isn’t. and he confirms it at the very end of the season, when he talks to eva and tells her how his life was fake and boring before. and it was never something he was happy with, no one can be truly happy living a life where they can’t be true to themselves, where they feel like they have to hide not only from others but from themselves. living like this suffocates you, it makes you feel like you’re going to explode

so yes, this was a reference to luhrmann’s romeo and juliet. and at that point some people still speculated that isak and even’s story might be like romeo and juliet’s. but throughout the season, they’ve distanced themselves from romeo and juliet’s narrative. and in the end, even wasn’t isak’s romeo, and their story didn’t end in tragedy. even became so much more than a love interest. this wasn’t simply a love story. it was the story of how isak learned to accept himself for who he was, it was the story of how he slowly managed to get rid of that feeling of wanting to be someone else or he’ll explode. and even helped him in that regard, not actively because self-acceptance is something that has to come from within and isak is the one who went through that journey, but there’s no denying that even’s presence in his life acted as a catalyst that helped him reach the point where he is now, where he feels like his life is finally real. it was also the story of isak overcoming his prejudice against people with a mental illness, understanding and knowing and feeling like someone’s mental illness doesn’t prevent him from loving them, it doesn’t prevent him from wanting them in his life 

this was the role even played in isak’s life, his long lasting impact. and this is why no matter what happens, to paraphrase what isak himself said, he will never hate even, and he will always be insanely happy he met him

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best piece of dialogue advice i ever got, i'm not sure from whom, but i loved it. They said, and i'm paraphrasing "You don't need to write how people actually talk. Have you ever listened to people actually talk? It's boring, they repeat themselves, often times conversations go nowhere. What you have to do is write how people /think/ people talk, and hold the audience's attention with that."

An excellent tip!  Thank you for sharing it.  <3

“What would ‘Burn’ be like if sung from Laurens’s perspective?” asked no one.  Yet here I am with my answer anyway.

So this has nothing to do with the Reynolds Pamphlet.  The scene is Laurens alone in his quarters on August 26, 1782.  Featuring actual quotes/paraphrases of Hamilton and Laurens’s correspondence.

I fudged around with the lines a bit so it won’t match up with the original verses syllable-for-syllable, but the tune is basically the same.

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Cait the interview. Interesting to me, she says (paraphrasing) any time you keep secrets it creates a distance. And haven't shippers noticed a distance in this portion of fandom from S/C from past interaction with each other and shipper fans. Distance. Secrets? Inadequetly stated but I think you know what I mean.

I actually caught that and thought the same thing. I’m sure that she wasn’t thinking about the fandom when she said it, but it’s a generic action that happens when you’re keeping a secret. You’re less engaged due to fear or guilt surrounding that secret.

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Please don't feel obligated to answer, but you've recently talked about your mental health struggles & I wanted to ask you for advice. I've had issues w/ depression & anxiety for ages, but I've never actually talked to anyone about it. How'd you start that conversation with your doctor/parents? I keep wanting to, but then I wonder if I don't actually have it and wouldn't that look dumb, & I know that's probably the anxiety but gah. Sorry for the odd ask, but I'm trying to commit to getting help.

Obligatory disclaimer that I’m not in any way a licensed mental health professional and can only talk from personal experience. 

I don’t actually remember what exactly pushed me into first bringing up my desire to see a therapist with my parents - I was pretty young at the time (seventh grade was a hell of a year!). But I think I basically said just that: “I want to see a therapist.” 

Well, this being me I probably hedged a lot more and said something like “I think I’d maybe like to see a therapist.”

You know that quote about “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he doesn’t exist” (I’m paraphrasing)? That’s what mental illness is like, a lot of the time. Your brain will tell you “oh, I’m just making something out of nothing, everyone feels like this but they can deal, I’m just weak for not being able to cope.” I’ve been in therapy for, uh…ten years, and on medication for maybe nine, and I still periodically go “okay but am I really depressed or am I just faking it or something” (remember that time someone told me I was hanging onto my depression as “part of my identity”? I DO!) Honestly, that sense that you’re “faking it” is indeed a part of and probably manifestation of your mental illness.

What you’re feeling is real. What you’re suffering is real. It’s very important to remember that, to validate your own feelings.

The fact that you’re looking for help is a big deal. And it’s hard, especially when your brain is trying to convince you that you don’t actually need it. But trust your instincts. Go ahead and ask.

I watched a pbs documentary on netflix last night about the story of a white guy from the states–William Morgan– whomst helped out Castro during the revolution

And it was going good until the us did an interview with Morgan.

“The cuban people are not nor will ever be communist. They do not believe in communism, but democracy.” – paraphrased from Morgan.

And then the documentary went to his wife and she said “i dont know anything about communism or socialism, but we all felt so betrayed when Castro signed an alliance deal with the USSR.”

What??????? You…both fought in the revolution??? Did Castro or any of his allies ever once mention a demand for socialism??? Morgan actually met with Castro a few times and even helped plan to foil Trujillo’s counter-coup attempts??? And none of you ever once suspected that you were fighting a communist revolution???

Did Castro like keep quiet about socialism the whole time or is this some kinda psyop

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A lot of people that I've talked to about Anora have not liked her. As far as I've seen, she seems callous and self-serving, and she throws you under the bus if things don't go her way. I mean, like, I'm not trying to be rude to you or discredit your opinion of her (please let me know if it comes off that way) and you say she's loyal and clever and I genuinely want to know how her character's traits translated that way to you???

a lot of ppl dislike anora bc the game sets her up in opposition to alistair on a very superficial basis. like, oh, hEAVEN FORBID she wants to keep her crown as a super capable and supremely talented politician and ruler??!? instead of this 20 y/o kid with no experience who doesn’t want the crown???

you should really check out this post here, where the bioware writers themselves talk about anora. see here:

“Anora wants what’s best for Ferelden, which is honestly, Anora. Anora was raised to be a queen, she understands her people, she understands politics. She is not power-hungry. She is afraid that Alistair will run Ferelden into the ground.”

anora is deeply loyal – to her father, whom she loves dearly (and, as we know, was a great man and, arguably, still is in inquisition [remember threnn, the requisition officer? she was a soldier in loghain’s army and swears fealty to him intensely, saying he saved everyone’s lives after cailan fucked up and the beacon wasn’t lit on time. loghain’s treachery is largely a matter of perspective]). 

you can see her talk about him here, and there’s always this brilliant post as well, lol. anora loves her father very much, and yeah, (as the writer’s post says) she “betrays” you if, unbelievably, you say you want to kill her father. gasp!!! so unreasonable!!!

She betrays you if you rat her out to Cauthrien, if you don’t bother talking to her at Arl Eamon’s estate, and if you say you’re going to kill her dad. All good reasons to betray you, in my opinion.

voila, straight from the writers’ mouths. anora’s not some shifty self-serving bitch – she doesn’t want her father to be killed because she loves him, even though she’s willing to stand against him at the landsmeet when she realizes what he’s done??? and yet anora has to deal with her father being executed, right before her, and even gets sprayed with his blood. what the hell????? that is so fucking fucked up??????

again, anora is not self-serving, not really. she is ambitious, but only because she is (rightfully!!!) confident. she knows she’s the best person to rule ferelden, and she loves ferelden. she loves her country and its people very much, and it’s because of that loyalty and love that she wants to rule, that she doesn’t want to hand power over to this rando 20 y/o kid who likes to play with action figures and has the subtlety and political finesse of a herd of stampeding rhinos. 

i repeat: ”she is not power-hungry. she is afraid that alistair will run ferelden into the ground.” !!!! and!!! good point!!!

as anora says, “i simply believe that i am what this country needs. i will fight for what i believe.” !!!

in fact, this one user summed things up really gr8 about the whole “anora is a bitch” phenomenon here when they said:

Many players have had words to say about Anora. “Bitch” is one. “Scheming bitch” are others, also “scheming, backstabbing, manipulative, selfish, power-hungry bitch”. Arl Eamon even calls her “…spirited”, in tones that make it very clear what he actually means. “Spirited” belongs in that category of Victorian-novel style words, along with “feisty”, and “lively” that means (to paraphrase Rebecca West) “woman who differentiates herself from a doormat”, which is to say, “bitch”. As far as I can see, the whole “bitch” thing is because Anora has the temerity to think she’d make a better ruler than Alistair, and says so.

anora is also hilarious (her playful smirk as she says ”perhaps he will bend over more gracefully than i would” & tHIS INCREDIBLE SASS even though she’s afraid for her life lol my queen!!!) and playful. she giggles and laughs, teases the warden (they can be like “ha ha could i get out of this engagement now if i wanted to?” and she grins and giggles and is all “short of throwing yourself into the archdemon’s jaws? probably not.”)

anora is honest – she tells the warden exactly what she wants, she never tries to double-play them. she’s not callous  – the whole reason she can supposedly “betray the warden” is specifically OUT OF LOVE FOR HER FATHER. the problem is, again, just that players forget that truly well-rounded, fleshed out characters… their world doesn’t revolve around the player. anora’s world is completely crafted by herself and at her own disposal; she’s a queen. she’s not going to kiss the ground the warden walks on for no reason.

she’s completely honest, yeah. she even admits to being nervous about marrying a cousland warden – she’s not cold or distant. somehow the fandom has concoted this very weird perception of anora, that she’s a backstabbing power-hungry ice queen, but it’s not true, not at all.

anora is brilliant. there’s 300+ quotes in-game from people saying she’s a brilliant politician, loved by the people of ferelden, does her job beautifully, with grace, and wants to be queen because she loves her country, too. she wants to protect her people and her country; she loves her country, as she loves her father, and she just wants to do what she thinks is right. as she said, she will fight for what she believes.

when most npcs bend over backwards for the player character, anora refusing to be subdued may make her seem callous and self-serving, but she does what she does out of love. not to serve herself, but to serve her country and her people. 

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I'm sending this to both Soobaki and Caramelcheese because I want both of your opinions. I've read the meta on how S2 could be somewhat saved if they did this or that, but what do you honestly think S2 will be like? Do you think the next story could turn out *decently* despite S1's plot holes? That the writing will remain poor for popularity's sake, or go back up? Like, what are you expecting from S2 after everything that happened, good and bad? I love all your analyses, so I'm very curious!

Well, I’ve talked with @soobaki about this a lot. And I’m probably going to echo her answer (x)

After episode 12 and after all the post-finale interviews I’ve seen…I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect. I had complete trust in the writing before the finale happened and they did what they did. There’s also the fact that we’re moving from a project fueled only by love to one fueled by massive popularity and absurd amounts of cash. Best case scenario, the only thing this affects is giving the series a bigger budget and a better animation, on par with ep1 of the first season. Worst case scenario, more pandering to the fandom, narrative structure and character arcs be damned. 

Realistically, we’re in for some angst. I talked about it a bit here (x). But…YOI is a lighthearted show. It’s meant to be happy and full of wish-fulfillment unless you’re Yuuri in which case enjoy your silver and try harder. The staff is also hellbent on selling the lies story about how the finale was planned from the start and that Victor and Yuuri are 100% perfect with no problems, so there will be no acknowledgement of Victor’s decision being a 180º from episode 10 and there will be no acknowledgement of Victor and Yuuri needing The Talk. So narrative consistency be damned. Which I’m conflicted about. On the one hand I’m tired and disappointed, on the other hand I do want to see Yuuri and Victor be happy…*longest sigh in the world*

I’m particularly worried by the implication of further more seasons, as in plural, for various reasons…

There’s the matter of the skating itself. The season isn’t over, so if we stay in the current skating season the main event of s2 could be Four Continents or Worlds. Skip the nationals, which both Yuuri and Victor sweep, respectively, and jump right into one of the other two. Alternatively, trying to keep a minimum of realism, Victor doesn’t compete in the Russian nationals, because he only has two weeks to practice and come up with two new programs, but since he’s Victor Nikiforov he’s allowed to move on directly to other championships.

The problem with going Four Continents route is that Victor and Yurio can’t compete in those. While that could fix the problem/ridiculousness of Victor both coaching and competing against Yuuri at the same time, it would be putting two of our three main characters out of the game and we can’t have that. So most likely it will be Worlds.

Another problem though, is that every single character would be using the same programs. We would only get new ones from Victor. This is a problem because
1) the narrative purpose of the programs has basically run its course except for Yuuri’s because he was robbed 
2) there is a chance of the audience growing bored of watching the same programs for another entire 12 episodes.
One way to fix this would be to reanimate the programs. Have them up to ep1′s Stammi Vicino levels quality, with different angles and camera movements and proper cinematography and animation. Another would be to focus less on the skating itself and more on developing characters and relationships outside of skating. Not just our main trio, but all the secondary characters we’ve only briefly met. 

If they decide to skip ahead to the next season we would have to go through the Grand Prix process all over again and this has the same problem of potentially feeling repetitive for the audience. Though in this case we would have the advantage of new programs and new characters.

They’re probably saving 2018 Olympics for a third season. Or a movie. Please don’t let that be the only time Yuuri wins gold but do have him win gold there for the love of God

But what I actually expect from s2 at this point, ok, let’s go (pretty much paraphrasing @soobaki here though):

  • Victor retcon. It’s a must to keep this “he was never going to retire” sham. 
  • Injury storyline. I can feel it. Kubo even said that it would have happened to Victor in s1 if the anime was longer than just those 12 episodes, and it is now (x) It will hit either Victor or Yurio although with Yuuri’s luck might as well be him awww Yuuri you didn’t win gold AGAIN we need to do a season 3
  • Makkachin is old…It was mentioned in an interview that part of the reason Victor took the season off was to be with Makkachin during what might be their last year so why are you going back NOW Victor???? So…high chances that Makkachin passes away and Victuuri get a new puppy 
  • Puberty finally catches up to Yurio
  • The coach/competitor double-time is going to affect Victor and the relationship with Yuuri. Balancing the act will be one of the main conflicts of the season

Also from the Deep Space 9 panel yesterday: in response to a question from the moderator about “What is something fans assume about your character or their motivations that surprises you?”  Armin Shimerman (Quark’s actor) actually brought up the topic of whether there is implied antisemitism wrt the Ferengi and he said (this is paraphrased from memory, idk if there’s any recording of the panel available for his exact words) “People always ask me if the Ferengi are supposed to be the Jews– when I’m in America.  When I go to Britain they ask me if they are supposed to be the Irish, and in Australia if they are supposed to be Chinese, it’s different in other places … So I think that the Ferengi are the outsiders, whoever is the group that lives with them but that they don’t understand them”

Which I thought was very interesting, that people assume that the are group in their country that is stereotyped with the negative aspects the Ferengi have is *supposed* to be the one referenced by the show– esp since I only have the perspective of watching it as an American Jew (though the show is also American so…) Another thing was that when he said “the Ferengi are the outsiders” a few people in the audience cheered, which was surprising to me because I would rather *not* be associated with a fictional alien race that has the negative qualities that antisemites attribute to me, but maybe those audience members had a more positive interaction with them.

Jolene Purdy Goes From ‘Chut Up’ Girl in ‘Donnie Darko’ to 'OITNB’ Breakout

“Jake actually pulled me aside when I wrapped and gave me some really great words,” Purdy says. “I’m paraphrasing horribly right now, but he said, 'You have to think about the impact this character is going to have. People are going to watch this and there’s going to be someone who’s been bullied and they’re going to find a friend that understands what they’re going through. There’s going to be a bully in a theater that is watching this and he’s going to realize the way he makes other people feel.’ He just really encouraged me.”

What "growing out of ADHD" really means

So this was from a doctor I went to and I’m paraphrasing but basically here is what she said. She said you can’t grow out of ADHD BUT you CAN adapt to it as you get older. So it may look like you “grew out of it” but really you just adapted your lifestyle effectively around your disorder.

Friendly reminder that Mabel didn’t start the whole ‘making fun of Dipper’ incident.

Friendly reminder that Stan started it by making fun of the game, not Dipper.

Friendly reminder that Mabel started laughing when Stan said “buttress”.

Friendly reminder that Dipper called Stan, Mabel, and Soos “not smart enough to figure the game out”.

Friendly reminder that Mabel wanted to sleep when she finally actually called Dipper a dork (and even then it was only the language he was using, not him).

Friendly reminder that it was Dipper who brought up the fact that she and Stan make fun of him and only then does Mabel respond with actually doing it–though she never actually calls him names or makes fun of him.

Friendly reminder that Mabel overheard the entire conversation from the end of last episode and lied to Dipper about what Ford said to Stan to protect his view of the author who he has idolized this entire summer.

You know. Friendly reminder.

Grunkle Stan isn’t really Stanford Pines, or a Grunkle

But he is a Grandpa.

Or Why the Author Hasn’t Been Himself in Thirty Years

Inspired by this post

Stan really is not what he seems. Or who he seems. I think that the fandom’s been right about the original Mystery Twin’s being Stanley and Stanford, but we might have been wrong about which one’s which. And that has some pretty awesome implications about Stan’s character and his relationship with Dipper and Mabel.

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NaruHina and SasuSaku VA

From translators at VA: The only Kishi statement was from the VA’s quoting him about Sasuke and Sakura getting together.

There’s no scan talking about Kishimoto putting together Naruto and Hinata yet. That’s only from people on 2ch. We don’t know if that’s paraphrase or direct quote yet. It won’t be confirmed until there’s actual scans. The only one we have that confirms anything Kishi said is what I pointed out above.

Everything else is just VA opinions.

It should be obvious though, Hinata’s sketch was made in the earliest parts of Naruto. Not to mention Kishimoto made an interview stating that it was decided early on. I don’t understand why  people are spreading false information.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT.  CRIMSON PEAK trailer.  It’s fucking beautiful.

So yes, the sneak peak was the CRIMSON PEAK CinemaCon trailer.  Yes, this is a little delayed but I got home an hour ago & oh yeah, GOT TO MEET GULLIERMO DEL TORO!!!

So on to a few trailer things: 

• Every thing that we’ve read about the CinemaCon trailer is accurate, from the bloody snow to the crazy detailed house to the vats of bodies & blood.  In fact, there seems to be several locked vats of blood & bodies.

 • It gave more of an idea of the story & more snippets of the characters.  Edith apparently can see ghosts & has been able to for a while?

 • This movie is going to be fucking terrifying.  “Give us examples, Wolfie” you say?  Ok.  Edith is in a room & the door opens, the handle is rattling with no one on the other side.  When she starts to run a bath, bloody water comes out of the spigot.  Sharpe actually tells her she can’t go down to a certain level.  Lucille Sharpe actually tells Edith there’s nowhere for her to go & that it’s her home now.  (I’m so happy Adam the Paramedic is going to see it with me.)  

 • More of Hiddelston speaking in this trailer. He sounds as lovely & sexy as ever.  (Let’s be honest, when does he not?)

• Jessica Chastain is horrifying.  She’s got a good grip on a set of keys that’s hanging from the waist of her dress.  She’s plotting something.  & del Toro said there’s a speech she makes that he thinks is “the heart of what the film is about.” (I’m obvs paraphrasing.)

• The sex scene is going to be phenomenal. This trailer gave a new perspective - Edith’s. You see Sharpe crawling up the length of her body & he looks RAVENOUS and looks like he wants to devour her.  

• The ball scene is going to be so sumptuous.  It’s got a very romantic feel to it & will probably be one of the least creepy scenes of the movie.  

 • Get ready for probably some of the most horrifying del Toro ghosts/monsters to date.  Remember that crawling ghost in the hallway?  You get a better shot of it & its back seems to be flayed, spine & muscles for all to see.

 • What seems to be a chase/fight scene looks fucking intense. Lots of running, billowing dresses, disheveled hair.

Anyhow, that’s the stuff that stood out to me.  I’m tagging everyone I can remember that has been most interested in this film.  (Sorry if I left anyone out; I’m not trying to exclude you.)

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All right, dudes.  Everyone is being very critical of Bob Singer and his comments that he made during his panel at ChiCon yesterday, and as someone who was there, I can tell you that this is a classic case of context manipulation.  Everything he said was taken way out of context of the situation, and you know what?  He actually wasn’t an asshole, when you were there, sitting in the audience.  Trust me, I was fully expecting to be mad, but I really think he genuinely answered things and what he might have stumbled over was purely out of confusion.

For instance, the whole thing about him being confused about the consent question from episode 9x03.  The question, in my opinion, was worded the vaguest way possible.  I’m paraphrasing but it was something along the lines of “In season 9 episode 3, there are issues with consent and Cas.  Are we going to see that addressed in the future?”  I shit you not, it was that vague.  For any of us on Tumblr, we all know what she’s talking about since we’ve seen five billion posts about it, but Bob does not go on Tumblr.  He also doesn’t know every freaking episode by the season and episode number like we do.  He was asking “what do you mean by consent?” because he LITERALLY HAD NO CONTEXT FOR THE QUESTION.  He had to ask if it was an issue of someone saying yes to being possessed by angel or what, because he really had no clue what the question was.  When the person kind of rephrased the question, it still was in a very vague way that must have been confusing as shit for him.  And the question was still “are we going to address that in the future?”  So of course, to answer the question, he said “it wasn’t meant to be a continuing storyline.”  If I were given as little clarity for the question as he was, I probably would have answered the same way.

The whole “it’s just a show” comment was also blown out of proportion.  He was talking about how Bobby was probably in trouble after the stuff that had happened in inside Man, and when a lot of people awwwwww’d and sounded sad, he JOKINGLY said, “I’m sorry.  It’s just a show!”  It wasn’t someone telling him how much the meant to them or anything like.  It was meant to be an endearing joke.  It might not have come off like that, but that’s what it was.  

As far as the Charlie thing, WHAT WERE YOU REALLY EXPECTING HIM TO SAY?  He’s been answering the Charlie question the same way for months, so why would he change now?  The question, again, was not phrased in the best way, and just bringing up the Nazi issue just confused him.  He literally didn’t know what Nazi’s had to do with it, and when the person tried to explain, he still wasn’t getting it.  He has not read all of our meta and analysis of the series, people!  If you were talking to one of the fans, they would know exactly what the issue was.  But he doesn’t go online and look at every single fan theory and critical bit of wank we post.  And so you get a few bitter people in the audience posting dissatisfaction about his answers, and suddenly, he’s being reamed by everyone in the fandom.

I get that it’s good to be critical of our show runners.  I, personally, found his answers about some of the mythology to be inconsistent with what we’ve seen in the show (i.e. what happens to angels when they die, the way reapers have been portrayed in later seasons) but I have to understand that he is not connected to the fandom in the same way that the rest of us are.  Is that bad?  In some ways, yes, but are we really going to expect him to spend hours a day scrolling Tumblr to listen to all our complaints?  I think he did a good job with what he was given, and most of the crap that he is getting is because select people in the audience decided to look at his comments non-objectively and with a bias.


So Saturday night (5.30.15) I was first in line to go inside the theatre and when I went inside and when I gave my ticket to the usher and he told me “You are going to love your seat!” And i responded with “I KNOW!” Next to me on my left was a young girl and next to her was this lovely couple and both of the men were tipsy and looking forward to Darrens bulge a lot. After chatting with them for a moment I told them about my stage door experience from the previous night and the girl goes “YOURE DEHYDRATED GIRL!” And proceeded to tweet that she was next to me and two girls from behind us chimed in and said they had seen my video as well. I freaked out (“IM A THING?!”). The show started and you guys know that I know this musical more than I know my own name. Ive seen it hundreds of times. But I wasn’t going to be that douchebag that talks out loud during the show so I (what I thought was discreetly) mouthed alone with the lines and when she sits on the car and says “And if we’re driving on the autobahn when it happens can we still use the diamond lane?!” And during that line her eyes kind of found me and gave me this look. She got up from the car and said (paraphrased cause its a blur) “How do you know everything Im going to say as Im saying it? What are you? Are you a psychic? The one I called earlier cause let me tell you, youre late. Thanks a fucking lot. Its like I have a fucking puppet down there. Do you know how this show is going to end cause I sure dont. I want it to be a surprise so keep it to yourself.” It was actually pretty hilarious. And then later when the drummer does the mess up thing she’s yelling at him and points to me and says “EVERYONES FUCKING LATE TODAY WHAT IS THIS.” It was awesome. Then Sugar Daddy happens and I cant remember if it was before or after but when she picks up the mic stand and extends it into the front row it hit me in the lip and then she goes out and carwashes someone and then he sits in a guys lap and knocks his glasses off and as shes reaching down to pick them up she acts as if shes blowing him.

Then it happens.

She struts back on stage and locks eyes with me and the next thing I know she is sitting in front of me, heels on my thighs and knees at my eye level. She reaches out her hand to grab my glasses and she thumb caught my nose stud and accidentally took it out as my glasses came off. She threw my glasses down the aisle and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back rather roughly and then there were teeth and lips all over my neck and going up to my cheek and then her tongue is in my mouth and I shoved my tongue against hers and into her mouth and then she pulls back and theres a different look now, almost shocked? And she whispers “fuck yeah” and gets up and finishes the song. After the song she asks my name and I tell her and she goes monotone “I have no puns for that so let me just say its obvious that is not the first time you’ve had a hookers makeup all over your face” and I just smirked and nodded and she goes “Good thing you were wearing those glasses some people are into that” and went on with the “fit you into my agenda” bit. Curtain call came and right after he hugged Rebecca he turned around and pointed and waved at me.

At stage door (which was an awful crowd that night) i was a couple people back and when I finally got his attention I said “Darren you owe me a new nose piercing!” And he just looked at me strangely and I pointed to my nose and said “You ripped it out!” And his face goes blank and he was like “Oh my god what are you okay?” And I was smiling and nodding “Oh yeah Im all good” and he asked “How did that happen?” And I responded “When you made out with me?” And he goes “Well duh but what was it like a septum?” I said “Oh no it was a stud” “Oh well thats different” and I quickly went “Yeah still hurt though! But its all good!” And he goes on to say “Yeah I was going to makeout with the couple next to you but I couldnt resist. There was a light shining on your face and when she saw you saying the words she didnt like that very much.” And I just laughed and agreed and he went on his way and I did too. I was told right after I walked away he tried to come back and apologize and was sad that I had already walked away. Didnt get a picture with him because like I said the crowd was awful. Still a great experience though!!!

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hey i'm searching for a post and i'm like 99.9% sure you had it linked somewhere on your blog. it was a post someone wrote about how at a con Mishas answer to something triggered her and she wrote him a letter about it, gave it to him and he read it later on and apologized to her. i've been searching for the post for days now by myself but I can't find it anymore so I thought i'd ask.

I know that feel because I have gone on the same search for the same post several times myself with the same results. I’ve got all kind of iterations of “misha triggered letter fan” in my Google history now, and that’s one reason I added the links in this post because I kept forgetting to save the link to it.

It’s this post here.

LA Wilson (wileea) wrote the posts in this context:

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